Ugly Alice In Foggygallows

December 9, 2011
By gehrke BRONZE, Battle Ground, Washington
gehrke BRONZE, Battle Ground, Washington
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Once upon a time, in a city far, far away, when we didn’t have plastic surgeons, lived a damsel in distress. For she was the ugliest being on the face of this earth. One evening, after everyone stopped teasing her, throwing things at her, and ignoring her she had enough. She packed her bags, and went on a quest.
Even as a little girl she had problems with her looks. Kids would often tease her with names like “ugly duckling” because she was just… unattractive, unlike everyone else. On long, rainy nights she would crawl under her covers with nothing but hot cocoa, a candle, and her diary. Here is one of her entries:
Dear diary,
Today was the absolute worst day!!! The kids were teasing me even more. They threw mud on my face and a girl named Rose said “Hey she looks prettier now then before.” Why did I have to look like this? I should’ve been on never been born. At least you can understand me, I can talk to you and you won’t judge me or make fun of me.
The Ugly Duckling
Also Known As Alice.

After she wrote this she was found by the maid trying to hang herself by a fishing line. Her mom was so relieved that the maid saved her daughters life. Alice did not understand why this made her mother happy.

Alice now walked on a stone path that lead to a town called Foggygallows. She went there in search of help. Everyone was looking at her as though expecting her to come. They weren’t frightened of her and didn’t call her names. She found the leading man in the main cottage of the town.

“Pardon me old man, but I am in need of a miracle worker, do you by chance have one in your town?” Alice asked with haste.

“My name is Mr. Evans and in fact, we do have a miracle man. If you walk out of here, turn left, then right and there his stone cottage lies with the smoke emptying out of chimney.” Mr. Evans answered.

“But I must warn you something.” He gazed deeply into her eyes and paused.

“Yes?” She asked in interest. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a storm rolling in. Faster and faster. It started pouring outside.

“His powers are very helpful, but only to people that really need it. What are you in need of?” His eyes did not once look away from hers or blink. Lightening struck the tree just outside the window.

She told him what she wanted. It took her at least five minutes or so to describe all of the torment she’s been through. She headed toward the door while the man yelled. “He uses his powers for people in need. It won’t help you!!!” His voice was silenced by the door.
She walked over to the miracle man’s front door. She inhaled the fresh aroma of slaughtered pig as she was about to knock on the door and as a result, fainted. She awoke on a straw-filled bed with an old man breathing his alcohol infested breath over her body. His beady little eyes were just observing her. She assumed this was the miracle man.
He seemed to know exactly what Alice had come for. He simply asked her “inner or outer”. She assumed he was speaking of beauty. She spat like a wild boar “outer.” The miracle worker started mixing a few things, some of which Alice had never recalled seeing before. The potion was done. Alice hastily yanked the bottle away from the miracle man’s old broken bones we call hands. She then swallowed every last drop as if living in the desert with no water for a week.
She ran off to the nearest river without thanking the man. She lifted up her dress and bent down on her knees, to prevent her dress from getting dirty. Alice slowly bent forward to see her reflection. She was gorgeous! Her matted hair had now become wavy, vibrant, and a better color brown. Her lips were now plump, and as red as a rose. Her skin was soft, like a baby’s. She felt amazing, like royalty. Then she started her journey back to home, only to expect men drooling as she elegantly walked by.
Two days had passed and she was finally home. But she hadn’t got the reaction she had expected. Nobody noticed anything! “Maybe they just don’t recognize me” she assumed. Then she went to her house, her mom would recognize her and just cry because of how pretty and perfect her daughter was. Alice walked inside and said hello to her mom. Her mom grunted a hello back and told Alice to clean out the pig pen. Alice vomited in her mouth a little remembering the smell at the miracle man’s door. She got out of that disgusting thought and panicked. She squealed “Doesn’t anyone notice I am beautiful?!” The mom, bobbed her head back, confused, and answered back “I don’t know what you’re talking about dear, you look the same as always, same old Alice”. Now this startled Alice. She went to the miracle worker. He did the treatment, she saw how gorgeous she was, why couldn’t anyone else see it?
She went back to Foggygallows. Only this time she got there faster because anger was pushing her along. She stormed into his cottage and yelled “how come I’m not pretty!”

“Don’t you think you look attractive?” The miracle man told her.

“Well, yes. But nobody else notices anything different.”

“Maybe that’s because you were so anxious to show off your new skin to everyone that you didn’t even bother to listen to what I had to say next. You drank the potion and you weren’t supposed to do that. By doing that it gave you inner beauty, which I see didn’t work. You should’ve poured it into bath water and soaked for a half an hour to get the outer beauty you so desired.”

“This is all your fault, you selfish old man!”

“Maybe so, but it isn’t me that has the problem. You need to get the seven deadly sins off of you. For you are becoming them. And, as a result, becoming more ugly.”

“Wh, who are you?” Alice now feared for her life. There was something about him, and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. He almost seemed familiar.

“Some call me a saint. Some call me evil. Really, it’s up to the person and the events occurred in their life. Do you believe I am Jesus, or the Devil? I could have been the one to kill Jesus. I could be a primitive form of humans. I could well in fact be a monkey. I could be death. I could be life. I could be the center of the Milky Way. I may be karma. I may be absolutely nothing. You see, you ARE me. And I am you. You decide what I am as much as you determine who you are. So choose.”

“There comes that pig blood again.” She vomits. “I, I need to be beautiful. I don’t think I could handle being ugly any longer.”

“So be it. But you only get one miracle from me.” Fate then vanishes along with the storm.

Alice ran out of the room with tears streaming down her ugly face. She cried alone for a total of fifty-two hours and got up enough strength to go to her same old house. She went in search to find a person or potion to make her beautiful, for thirty years. She even tried this new thing called “make-up” but that didn’t help much. She had never found a cure for her unsightliness and died at age fifty-five, all alone. People today say they see her ghostly image rummaging through their cupboards in search for a potion.

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