Abandoned House

December 8, 2011
By JessicaLSimpson94 SILVER, Everett, Washington
JessicaLSimpson94 SILVER, Everett, Washington
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What was that, I wondered, as I walked past the seemingly abandoned house.
I wonder why the lights are on. All of a sudden a gut-wrenching scream shattered the silent night air. My heart jumped to my throat as I looked back at the house, for the scream had emanated from there. My body shivered uncontrollably and goose bumps ran up and down my arms and legs. Should I call 911, I thought. I stared at the window of the abandoned house, debating on whether or not I should. Another scream pierced the night air, shattering it like a piece of glass. I watched in horror as a bloody hand smacked the window, clawing as if trying to escape. A face appeared next to the hand. A woman’s face, she was mouthing wordlessly, clawing at the window. Then she was wrenched away from the window so fast, it was like she vanished into thin air.

I stood there, seemingly frozen to the spot. My body was screaming at me to run but my muscles refused to budge. Another face appeared in the window, they seemed to be scanning the street. Fear washed over me as I saw them look straight at me. In that moment I felt complete icy cold wash over me, I felt like I was about to die. Those cold and ruthless eyes told me I would never see the light of day again. My body unfroze in that moment and I turned tail and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. The street was covered in ice and I prayed to God that I would not fall. I searched for my phone as I ran, planning to call 911 as soon as I reached my house. I dared not look back, for I feared that if I did I would never make it home. My body and lungs screamed for air as my heart pumped my body full of adrenaline. I saw my house, thankfully the lights were on which meant that somebody was home. I tried to grab my keys as I ran and almost dropped them. I ran up to my front door and quickly stuck the key into the lock.

I burst into the room of my house like a hurricane, causing my mother to shriek in alarm and my father to drop his plate of food he was carrying.
“Dani, you look like you’ve seen a ghost,” said mom, “what’s wrong dear.”
While still gasping for air I told them what I heard and saw at the abandoned house.
“Someone should 911,” shouted my dad, gesticulating wildly, he seemed to have forgotten about the plate of food on the ground.
“Do you think they would believe us, I mean that house has been abandoned for years, why would somebody feel the need to use it all of a sudden,” said my mother.
“Mom that’s exactly the reason as to why somebody would use it, nobody would notice that something was happening, I don’t think the dude planned for the woman to scream,” I said.
“Well I’m calling the police and telling them right now,”said my dad.

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