Under the Thunder

November 30, 2011
By destinyfelicia GOLD, Studio City, California
destinyfelicia GOLD, Studio City, California
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pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

In my dream, she always turns into a monster.

Her voice, isn’t the voice I remember… it’s different somehow, echoed with the sadness of her death.

She calls to me every night under the rainbow beneath the storm, but before our hands touch, I’m yanked out of my slumber by my older brother. Like he knows, like he knows, our sister is talking to me. He knows she is trying to tell me something.

I can tell, there’s something hidden in his eyes he doesn’t want me to see. That’s why he shakes me with such violent force - the look in his eyes silence me to nothing when I cry. I am afraid, he will do something to me, I never thought was possible.

I want to scream.

It’s raining outside, and my brother isn’t home tonight. He snuck out, forced me to keep my tongue shut and won’t be back until morning. I really don’t think mommy cares, she’s never thought twice about Alex. I close my eyes and lay my head to the pillow - the one that will carry me to her world. Finally, I can see my sister. And she’s there. As promised.

Holding her hand out beneath the storm.

“Anthony.” She whispers so delicately, just like I remember; when the rain would thunder. I run to her, and she takes me into her arms.

“I’ve missed you Anthony.”

“I missed you too.”

“Do you know why I died?”

And that’s when her voice changes with the sound of the reaper. I stare at her, and her eyes bleed black. her teeth sharpen like knives, showing that the smallest cut could kill.

She stares at me, and I’m frightened for my life.

This isn’t my sister.

This is a monster.

She stares at me. Through and through. As if she’s listening for my soul.

Her pale face reminds me of the snow I saw once diseased with the color of blood. And when she puts her lips to my ear, I can feel the razor sharp edges of her fangs.

In my dream is where I will die.

Then she whispers something so soft, I swear I only imagined I heard it.

“Alex murdered me.”

Alex. Alex. Alex.

Our older brother.

“Kill him,” She whispers, “for I am incapable of extracting revenge. Kill him for me Anthony. He deserves to die.”

And that is when I, turn into the monster.

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