It was a dark and stormy night...

November 29, 2011
By egsrox95 BRONZE, Melville, New York
egsrox95 BRONZE, Melville, New York
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It was a dark and stormy night. The sky was colorless except for dark blotches of grey and white. Teardrops fell from heaven and dropped to the icy ground. Every human being was locked inside his or her immense houses on Main Street. But there was one little house at the end of the shady road that was different from the rest. The front lawn was dry and brown but the house look neat and new. Some high school girls were staying in the tiny home. It was the last night of winter break and they thought it would be a fun night but they definitely thought wrong.

“Ohmigod!” “Hahahaha!” “That is so cool!” So many voices were going on at the exact same time. The 16-inch flat screen that was perched above the fireplace was showing an old Audrey Hepburn movie. The popcorn maker was working and a buttery, salty smell was beginning to waft into the air. The 500-dollar Bose sound system was tuned into 92.3 NOW! CRACK! CRUNCH! SWOOSH! “What was that?” One of the girls whispered nervously. Silence washed over the teenagers. CRUNCH! “Um it’s probably just a raccoon.” The trees’ leaves startled to rustle. The girls started to hear footsteps walking and Timberland boots crunching the fallen leaves. “Raccoons don’t wear boots! Someone’s there!” A girl with two blond pigtails shouted. More silence. The girls moved closer together and held each other tightly. Suddenly, there was a loud rap at the door. The girls gasped. Suddenly, the small room grew quiet. There were more sounds of boots stomping on crisp leaves. The pounding on the mahogany colored door became louder.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” The teenagers screamed in horror and terror together. “OPEN THE DOOR!” A low, raspy voice said. The girls held each other’s wrists to keep from panicking-or screaming. Instantaneously, a shadowy figure was shown on the peach velvet curtains. The silhouette showed a tall man with what looked like to be an ax. The shadow seemed to be coming closer. CRASH! The door burst opened. A man with ruby-red blood was dripping from his face. His clothes were torn and a big ax was in his scruffy hand. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” The mysterious man bellowed. “AHHHHHHHHH!” Everyone shouted. The man swung his ax in every direction, knocking over plants, breaking family photos and toppling over household appliances. “LEAVE US ALONE!” One girl with the I <3 NY t-shirt screamed. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Another girl with chocolate brown braids cried. “I WANT REVENGE!” The man replied. “I was banished from here many years ago. And now I have come back to kill everyone in this racist town!” In one quick motion he swiped the ax near the girls. What comes next you may ask? I think everyone knows what happens now. In an instant, blood was streaming out of bodies and little cries became softer and softer as the girls lay dead on the dark cherry-red stained carpet. The man then turned on his dry heels and walked out of the house, with a big grin on his dark face. What now? The little houses on Main Street may never know what happened.

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