Avenge With Ugly

November 29, 2011
By A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
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You can't choose who you love but you can love who you choose.

The anxiety in my throat made my ears ring blindly. The phone was hotter against my face then my already blazing flesh. The words on the other end were echoing through my being. And here I am denying them. The other line is dead yet I continue repeating to the other end “I love you I love you please don’t leave I need you.” My red heels drag me toward the stairs. All I can see is faint shadows of dusty objects when I pounded my feet on the carpet. Nothing could convince my eyes not to water. Mindlessly my voice silenced to where only my mouth was moving without a hint of sound, only small breaths crawled in and out my lungs. If he’s still there maybe he’ll remember how we used to be when we were together, maybe he’ll change his mind, and just maybe he’ll love me. As I climbed each flight of stars I rammed into a flower pot. My irritation grew even more so when I reached a few doors to our hotel room. He should still be there. At the very moment I was going to look for the room key the door knob wiggled. As the door opened a young women with long honey blond hair and jewel eyes was reviled. Her youthful skin was beaming as was her white tooth smile. The light from the room still managed to caste a halo on her honey hair. With a sting in my heart and dignity I backed up and saw behind her was he man I loved more than life. His voice reached with annoyance “close the dang door Angel right this second’ her eyes met mine with a crushed expression then she shut the door. I began pounding on it frequently, “Richard, Richard! I love you I do!” my fist throbbed from the oak wood and with a sigh I leaned my back against it and slid down. Why has he changed his mind all of a sudden? I reach for my purse I flung to the ground and dig out a small compact mirror what I saw was horrific. My ashy brown hair was clinging to the sweat of my forehead; my tears had washed all my eye make-up off so that black streaks met up with my chin. Most of all the wrinkles wore mocking me with every facial expression I attempted to make myself look pretty. Nothing could make me lovely. I kept glaring in horror of my unsightly face, skeleton like qualities, and a bitter view on everything. My eyes had smoke stem from them. The angrier I got the more my skin looked like creased paper, and the more my teeth turned black. With a new found strength I stood up and ashes of what used to be my hair fell around me, I grinded my charcoal teeth. With one motion the door was snapped off the hinge and vengeance greeted my being. A cloud of smoke smoldered the dim light of the room. There was a tall yellow candle burning that flickered out abruptly with a snap. I smiled at the sight of Richards’s horrified face. Opening my mouth wide I coughed up small black creatures with qualities of a spider. With prior knowledge they headed toward Richard, as they were about to touch him they turned to a black mist. His eyes showed just how badly he wished to scream. The granite feeling in my mouth tingled like an acidic drink and with great speed my mouth began to speak words that did not belong to me; but the creature emerging. As my lips spread more the venom of my chants struck him every moment. With a jerk he was yanked to the floor. Levitating myself I was hovering almost directly above him and I tilted my head with the intention of his demise, and my words leaked perfect imitation of what he said on the phone. “If you know what’s best you’ll let me leave, stay away from the hotel room and no one will get hurt” the voice quoted in complete voice accuracy. His head shivered while he faced me and the atmosphere was only full of one feeling from me and the complete opposite for him. Vengeance pounded in my ears. He gasp, “Love?” There was a surge of demonic laughter that came from my being. My hands went toward his neck and while they were approaching nails the size of half my palm ripped out. He was all choked up; I could feel his blood pulsing through his veins. Clutching his neck there was a gurgled noise from him and the fountain of blood dripping down the corners of his mouth. When his blood touched my skin it hissed and healed the creases. Wide smiled I glanced around the room to see if anyone else saw my victory; jewel eyes met mine with a glint. In my cracked voice I said “you didn’t know, I can tell you’re innocent.” She kept making herself small and I said “I can feel you’ve been hurt, shall we pay brad a visit?” Angel stared blankly at her feet then nodded. “Answer me” I snapped. “Yes let’s” she responded respectfully. Still, I was covered in ashes and charcoal bits; I felt a new grievance forming. The desire I had to be beautiful was not as severe as this. The air had a metallic taste to it and the wind seemed to seep through me. As I was floating I felt so much power that all of a sudden angel was in the air with me. I told her to lead the way. She looked so frail while she headed toward Brad. We peered through his wide window that was open to see him napping on the bed. His face was peacefully asleep, much like a child snuggled with its favorite blanket. My eyes slid to angel and her perfectly white teeth grew longer and pointed, her honey hair began to leak blood from the roots and it went to the ends of her hair. A beautifully demonic looking woman now wrapped her hands around his. In a sweet voice she says “sweetie, wake up”. His eyes open then when the image of her is clear he screams at the blood dripping from her hair and the fangs poking out her small mouth. There was nothing but a heap of sliced meat when she finished him off.

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