November 28, 2011
By AllyPickle SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
AllyPickle SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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I was as innocent as any other thirteen year old girl. Until I met my death. I was missing for almost one full day before anyone noticed. I live in a small town in Connecticut. I know who my killer is the only thing is, is that I have no way of telling anyone. My mom and dad are still searching for me. But what they don't know is that they are only to find a frightening sight of their dead daughter. I wish I could warn them but like I said I am dead. My death was as much of a surprise to me than it will be to any person in my town.

The one thing I wish I could tell everyone is that they are looking in the complete wrong place. This person is not any of the people in my neighborhood or my classmates. But it doesn't matter what in know anymore. So for now I will just linger around town and try the best I can to get people to hear me and see me. Get their attention that is all I want.

Today is exactly 4 days after my death. And more than a week since I went missing. I went missing on October 13, 1984 today is October 23, 1984. I turned 13 four days before I went missing. I was born on October 7, 1971. I was on my way home from school when I was kidnapped and was murdered three day after. What happened was everyday on my way home from school I take a walk through the woods and it relaxes me. It was a chilly October afternoon I had a long day at school. I had projects do and homework in every class I was not excited and wanted to take my time walking home.
But what I didn't know was that some one had been watching me for the past week. They realized that if they could get me on a long day and busy day that my parents wouldn't notice right away.

So they had enough time to get me and take me out of the town and kill me. They were right they got me on a busy day before any one would notice they got me out of the town. I can say they were smart but why me why would they choose me. The person who took me was almost six feet tall and had brown hair needed glasses only for reading and was on the quiet side. I just don't know what would lead them to killing me. I saw this person every day since I started 7th grade. They never seemed to be that kind of person.

Sometimes I got the feeling they were paying more attention to me than others. I never realized how sad she looked, and depressed her features were. She use to tell me how much I reminded her of her daughter. She lost her daughter about four years ago in a bad fire. She was my history teacher. I didn't realize that it hurt her deep inside every time I walked into the class room. She took my life the same way her daughters life was taken. I am always wondering why she took my life. I guess it doesn't matter anymore. She was a beautiful woman but she was very sad and never really seemed to be all there. I felt bad sometimes but other times I didn't seem to care much.

She read books all the time and just relaxed, it looked like her life had been sucked out of her every morning. Not one student thought she would be a violent person. But they were wrong and now they will never know. I am afraid she will strike again and take another persons life. I couldn't imagine what would happen if she took another life. She needs to be caught and that can't happen if I can't find some one who can hear me. I can not find anyone that can hear me or see me. But I do have an idea stop trying strangers and family. I need to try kids maybe friends. If only I knew where to find them all.
I know who will be able to see me, I at lest hope that she will. Today I will follow my best friend around until I get my answer. The answer to weather or not she can hear or see me. I never left her side I never wanted to leave her side. All I can do is try. I follow her from school and all the way home. Now we are all alone in her room and now is my chance. She keeps looking back when I walk behind her as is she feels she is being watched. Now I think I have a chance. I say “Hello” in her ear. She says “Is someone there?” Now I know she can here me. I tell her that its me Ginger.

She is happy to hear my voice but she is also scared all at the same time. I don't know what to do I don't want her to be scared of me. So I tell her not to be scared and she calms down just a little bit. I ask her if she can hear me just so I know I have a chance. She said “Yes I can hear you, but why can't I see you?” I am convinced now and move on to all the other things I must tell her. I tell her that I am not alive anymore. Now tears run down her face. I know that she misses me. I say “Sara its okay remember friends forever”. She is smiling but still crying. She is quiet and listening so I know she will be leaving the questions and comments for the end. I tell her that she needs to let my parents know that they will not find me where they are looking. She knows she has to do as I say if she wants to find me. She asks me why I came to her for help. I told her that she was the only one who could hear me. She doesn't understand.

Today I will meet Sara in the woods after school. We are going to tell my parents today, I am a little bit nervous. So we walk to my house and Sara knocks on the door. My parents answer and Sara ask “ Are you Ginger's parents?” they answer her with a yes. A smile appears on my face even if no one can see it. She tells them that they shouldn't worry about me anymore. They don't understand what she means, they love me to much to just let me go and not search any longer. She finally tells them, she says “This might sound crazy but you daughter is standing next to me talking to me. They don't believe her I knew they wouldn't but we have to keep trying.

I tell Sara to let them know that I am not alive any longer. So she does, they don't want to believe her and tears run down there faces and it breaks my heart to see them in this situation. So finally she says “I know where Ginger is and if you would please try to believe me and go look for her at my location your searching will be complete. So they think about it for no longer than three second and they are asking where her location is. I tell her slowly that it is, right inside of New York, In Albany.

They right down the location and I tell Sara that I do not know the house I was taken to but if you search the police records or search for a house with a picket fence and yellow siding that is the place. I was killed in the basement in a storage closet. My corpse is still lying there on the floor, burned and crumbled. They will more than likely need a DNA test to know that it is for sure me. Sara thanks them for their time and walks home. I am so glad that my case will be solved soon.

“Sara!” I say loudly, “I know what information we have to give next.” She turns around and I notice immediately that she is crying. “What Ginger what, I can not take this I just can't.” I know why she hates it and I understand perfectly well. “But Sara I need your help it is the only way I can be free. “I understand but it hurts me inside to not only tell your parents this but to have this information at all.” We stop talking and she keeps crying. Almost five minutes go by and I finally say “It was her!” She looks frightened and says “Who is her?” Almost to afraid to answer I yell “Mrs. Marshal!” Sara gasps and says “Really but how how could our history teacher do something so brutal?” I don't answer the question because I don't have the answer.

“I can't take it anymore we have to tell them tonight!” her eyes fill with tears again. She tells me that she misses me and its hard to live without me. “Sara I may have left the real world but I will never leave your side.” I stop for a moment, “I PROMISE!” I scream. Some how tears are running down my face. Sara runs down stairs and tells her mom that she is going for a walk, thank goodness her mom believes her. We walk to my house and Sara knocks on the door once more, my parents answer the door. “Hello Sara.” my mom says with a worried face. “ I have something to tell you!” My mom doesn't answer and Sara keeps talking. “I-I-I know how killed Ginger!” My parents are in shock they don't know what to say. They finally ask who and start crying, it makes me sad to see them cry. So Sara tells my parents that our history teacher killed me.

It's the day they interview my teacher, she comes out guilty. They found my body, arrested my teacher and my case was solved. My parents weren't happy but they no longer needed to worry. I was happy that it was over and they didn't have to stay up all day and night. Me and Sara are friends forever and I visit and talk to her every day. She told my parents about being able to hear me and told them that I said “Hi and I love them so much!”, I am upset that I will never be able to sit with my family again or talk to them face to face, but it was fate. It was my fate to die it was my fate to live this life. Now it time to say good bye to my life forever even though it was short and some what lonely.

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