November 18, 2011
By Jwinn BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
Jwinn BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
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“Bye, Jaycee! I’m going to go to work now!” Jaycee’s mom hollered from downstairs. “Stay at home, go to sleep, and be good, alright?” Jaycee jumped into pajamas upstairs in her room and picked up the phone as her mother left. It was a windy and stormy night in the “Legends”, but the thundering weather didn’t keep 14-year old Jaycee’s mom from doing her job by protecting the community. Jaycee’s mom was one of those strong female security guards who arrest the people who defy the law at night. With Jaycee’s mom working the night shift and her dad on a business trip to New York, she could basically have the night completely to herself. Jaycee anxiously rushed to dial the numbers on her phone right as she heard the front door shut.
“Hey, Jen, it’s Jaycee. Tell the other girls to come to my place. I’m having a sleepover.” Without closure, Jaycee clicked the red end call button and lightly set the phone down. Whatever Jaycee says, goes, because she’s a bossy dictator to her friends. This beautiful clique of four mean girls is in a group; ruled by Jaycee and are always admired by everyone in the school because of their looks. These high school queen bees are named Jen, Alexandria, Hailey, Laura, and of course, Jaycee. This pack of wolves united like magnets about three years ago, despite their individual differences and is ready for anything.
Ding dong! Jaycee took her precious time getting to the door, thinking they can wait. Her warm hands twisted the cold door knob and the door creaked open. “Hey!” Jaycee greeted with a smile. Alexandria and Jen smiled back as they shivered while the cool winds blew across their faces. “Where are Hailey and Laura?”
“Who knows?” Jen quickly replies.
“Can we come in now? I’m getting wet!” Alex complained. Her cheeks were as red as a cherry and she rubbed her hands together for warmth. Her golden blonde hair looked almost frozen.
“Alright, come on in.” Jaycee acquiesced. “Go to my room while I text Laura and Hailey.”
Jaycee started to text with her fast fingers while Jen and Alexandria went upstairs. After clicking the send button, Jaycee raced up the stairs and entered her pink room, falling on her bouncy bed. Bored faces filled the room, until Jaycee suggested, “Let’s gossip like we always do to make time go by.” With a nod, Alex and Jen agreed and suddenly, the door flew open, and they’re hearts halted for a second. Laura and Hailey happily entered and the gossip continued.
“Did you guys hear what Amanda said about me?” Hailey shockingly remembered. “I just wish she were dead.”
With this, Jaycee immediately blurted out, “Speaking of dead, my six-year old cousin, Joey, has cancer and he’s gonna die soon. Oh well, he was annoying anyways.”
Everyone ignores Jaycee’s horrible statement. Everything was dead silent until Jen randomly states, “My weird uncle taught me how to do voodoo one time! Crazy things started happening to him but it’s probably not anything so don’t worry. Want to try?”
Without uttering a sound, a Jaycee stands up like a tall statue and says, “Let’s do it.” The clique followed Jaycee and did as she commanded. Laura hesitated about this but she didn’t want to disobey Jaycee’s order. Jaycee and Jen got some fancy fabric, sturdy string, magic markers and other random items to make a voodoo doll. After opening the cap of the bright red marker, Jen scribbles the word “Joey” on the chest of the doll with an evil smile. While trying to act brave, Laura, Hailey and Alexandria shiver from the cold and the chills crawling up their spines. Jaycee then snatches the doll from Jen and violently threw it against the wall and across the room repeatedly. The rest of the girls joined in, all laughing, and abusing the doll, except for Laura.
“I don’t think you guys should mess around with voodoo and ghost stuff.” Laura admonished. But no one gave Laura their attention. After stabbing and messing with the scary-looking doll, Alex sets it on the circular table in the middle of Jaycee’s room.
Hailey screeched, “Laura! Please let me do your gorgeous brown hair!” Laura got off of the edge of Jaycee’s bed and sat on the princess chair in front of the mirror.
“Hey,” Jaycee mumbled. “Me, Jenette and Alexandria are going to the restroom real quick. We’ll be right back.”
“Alright,” Laura and Hailey smiled at the same time. Hailey grinned as she gently brushed Laura’s hair. Every stroke Hailey took, Laura’s brown hair turned blonder and blonder.
“What’s wrong with your hair?” Hailey screamed.
Laura saw her fading hair and was shocked. She didn’t know what was happening. “Do you think this has something to do with the voodoo magic?!”
“I don’t know! Just wait for the other girls to come back.” Meanwhile, Jaycee, Jen and Alexandria made their way back upstairs and down the naked hallway, not noticing blood dripping down the walls. Lightning struck and the lights flickered as they opened the door. They all screamed.
“Where’s the doll?” Alexandria stutters. “Did you guys move it?” The girls gasped when they realized nobody had anything to do with the missing doll. Jen stomped over Jaycee’s closet and opened the door. The doll dropped from the closet ceiling and Jen shuts the door with a scream. Before the others could scream as well, they heard tiny footsteps on the stairs. Could Jaycee’s mom be home early? In shock, the girls huddled under the bed covers and pretended to sleep as they listened to the turning of the doorknob. CLICK! It sounded like someone just turned the knob and let go without opening the door. Jaycee bravely got up to check but nobody was in sight, except the doll sitting all alone at the end of the hallway. Jaycee slammed the door closed.
“The doll was just on the table, and then in the closet, and now in the hallway!” Jaycee shouts. “This isn’t funny! We have to do something about this because I’m really scared!”
“WE HAVE TO BURN THE DOLL TO GET RID OF VOODOO MAGIC, I think. Or talk to ghosts through the Ouija board,” Jen guessed.
“Alright, let’s do it. Anything it takes.”
Laura shrieks, “How can you guys be so brave? Weird things are happening because of voodoo cr** and you guys want to stop it by doing more voodoo cr**? Sorry, but I’m not gonna. I’m staying here. You guys can go.” Laura shakes as the goose bumps rise.
“Okay, fine you little baby. Stay up here and be scared. Let’s go girls.” Jaycee bosses. Jaycee sprinted out the door, followed by everyone else except Laura. She hesitantly reached for the doll in the corner. Her pale shaking hands clutch it and they walk down the stairs. Laura, on the other hand, remained in the room, her heart pounding like crazy.
Meanwhile, Jen tossed the doll inside a rusty old trash can in the middle of the grassy backyard as the others crowd around each other for comfort and warmth. Jen lit a fire and put the doll to the flames. The fire roared like a lion, and when Jen thought it was enough, she pulled the cold water hose and closed the fire. The only thing left in the can was black ashes, smoke and burned body parts of the doll. Relieved, the girls ran up the stairs only to find blood dripping.
“It’s coming from my room!” Jaycee hollered as she crossed over the blood and opened the door.
There, right in front of them was Laura’s dead body. “Oh my god! What happened?” Jen shouted as eyes filled with tears. Alexandria leaned on Hailey as they both sobbed. Jaycee tried to find out where this dark blood was came from. Jen lifted up Laura’s shirt and found wounds on her back. The four lettered word “Joey” was carved deeply in her back.
“Why did you have to make us do voodoo magic in the first place? Look at what happened now!” Hailey yelled at Jen. Jen felt puke rising in her throat from the scent and sight of blood.
“Well, what are we supposed to do now?” Jen yells.
“We call 9-1-1, stupid! God, Jen, you don’t know anything!” Jaycee shouts back. The girls take out their phones. “My dang phone won’t turn on!” Jaycee exclaims.
“Neither will mine!” Jen cries. Soon they realized that all of their batteries were missing.
“Well, don’t just stand here! Run!” Jaycee hollered as she headed for the stairs. The girls are down the slippery stairs, and Jaycee opened the basement door. Before Hailey could make it, she slipped on the blood on the stairs and the only thing Jaycee, Jen, and Alexandria could hear in the basement were Hailey’s screams and cries.
“Sorry, girls, but we can’t risk going out there for her,” Jen whispered to them as Jaycee turned on a portable lamp. “Can’t we use your house phone to call the cops?”
“My house phone isn’t in the basement, Jenette! If you want to use the house phone so bad then why don’t you just go get it yourself?” Suddenly, Jaycee had an idea, “Guys! My Ouija board is somewhere in this basement!”
“No way! That thing will bring bad spirits and demons in your house and make everything worse!”
“Well, at least we can actually ask them to stop!” Jen stutters.
“I’m not doing it! We can’t just keep messing with this stuff! It’s not funny anymore.” Alex sits in tears and anger as Jaycee stares her down.
“Oh, my god! Stop acting like a little baby Alexandria! Just do it! Is it that hard to do?” Jaycee commanded. Alexandria sat speechless and more tears flowed down her eyes.
“Okay, here it is.” Jaycee’s calm voice spoke as she set the board down in the middle of them. “Alright, just close your eyes, set your fingers on this piece, think about the question I’m about to ask, and just connect with them.” After all eyes were closed and all fingers were set, Jaycee started mumbling. “Um, ghost person? Can you please stop haunting us?” Magic filled the air. Alexandria’s shaking body could feel the piece about to vibrate but before it did, she yanked her finger off and kicks the board away.
“Sorry! But I can’t go on with this! I’m done!”
“You messed it up, Alex!” Jaycee screamed as she struck Alex in the face. “Now we have to do it again.”
“NO! You guys can do it, but I’m not!” Alex talked back to Jaycee for the first time. While rubbing her red cheek, she went on, “These ghosts are obviously messing with us and killed Laura! Hailey’s probably dead too!”
“Fine,” Jaycee set the board on the shelf as Alex’s back faced the girls. Alex spotted a dusty old TV in the back and reached to grab it. It was already plugged in and was probably older than dinosaurs. Jen and Jaycee stared at her in confusion as she gently pressed the “on” button. Black and white static flickered. Thunder struck and Alex attempted to turn it off, but it didn’t respond to her. They all freaked out when they heard a loud thump at the door. With the TV flickering, they ran over to the door and heard Hailey’s whimpering.
“I don’t wanna die,” Hailey pleaded. Jaycee opened the door and Hailey’s bloody self collapsed on the floor, her scratched arm read “Joey” and the deep carvings let blood run out while tears and shock were back. The TV shut off. Heads turned to take a look and there sat the burnt doll lying beside the TV.
“AH!” They all screamed. Followed by Alex and Jaycee, Jen raced out for the front door.
“How do I get this open?” Jen yelled, shaking the door knob. Shoving Jen out of the way, Jaycee attempted to unlock the door.
“I don’t know why it isn’t working!” Jaycee cried.
Meanwhile, Alex jumped over Hailey’s red body and quickly went over to the window in the living room and shrieked, “This window won’t unlock either!” Jen and Jaycee ran over as fast as they could to try it, but it wouldn’t work.
Alex, on the other hand, runs to the rest of the doors and windows in the house but they didn’t open. Alex was angry but also shocked, confused yet terrified. While Jaycee and Jen were on the other side of the house, still at the window, Jaycee smashed a chair against it and the glass shattered. They both eagerly hop out while getting cut by the broken glass. Jaycee, not worrying about Jen, made her way toward her good neighbor’s house as blood flowed down her scratched leg.
“What about Alex?” Jen loudly questioned.
“Forget about her! Let’s go!” Bloody and cold, they still managed to make it. Jaycee loudly knocked on the door a thousand times until Old Man Herbert answered the door.
“Why, hello, Jaycee. What are you doing out in this storm in the middle of the night?”
“Sorry to disturb you Mr. Herbert. But I was wondering if we could use your phone?”
“Sure, anything for you Jaycee but the storm knocked out all the electricity in the neighborhood, so it won’t work.” Mr. Herbert responded, confused about why they were there and bloody. But without asking, he just let them in.
“It’s okay. Thank you, Mr. Herbert.” Jaycee and Jen stepped in and cleaned the blood off and immediately fall asleep on his couch.
As Mr. Herbert’s 7:00AM alarm rang, Jaycee and Jen awoke from what seemed to be a really bad nightmare and leave without saying goodbye. While running towards Jaycee’s house, they noticed the front door cracked open. The window was still broken and the blood still remained. As Jaycee and Jen slowly come in, there hung Alex bleeding on the chandelier with “Joey” engraved into her left leg. Hailey lay beside the basement door in a pool of blood, and Laura was dead upstairs in a puddle of blood as well. Not only that, but the house was destroyed. Plates and dishes were broken. Wallpaper was ripped as if someone had clawed it. Blood was everywhere. Jen followed Jaycee to her mother’s master bedroom because her car parked in front. They horrified to find Jaycee’s mom in the dark corner of the room, dead. The static TV sat beside her and the letters “J” and “O” were carved on her neck. It was like someone didn’t finish carving it. Jaycee screamed and fell on the floor crying. Jen was there to comfort her until, thump! The noise came from the master bathroom and Jaycee curiously leans over to see what was there. It was Joey, pale as ever. He was sitting by himself, playing with his voodoo doll, lying in the bathtub.

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