Who am I

November 23, 2011
By Ruiki SILVER, Malabon City, Other
Ruiki SILVER, Malabon City, Other
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I saw her smiling as I was approaching her
Small tears formed around her round eyes
Her smile not fading even for a second
Her breath was slow and subtle
She looked at me with those eyes knowingly
As if I were a long lost friend
She opened her arms widely
Welcoming me
I approached her silently
Looking at her
Gazing at me with such intense emotions
She smiled and started speaking
I listened while not breaking away from her gaze
I touched her hand
Understanding her as I listened
I remembered some of the things she was talking about
As I have always watched her
Near or afar
She suddenly stopped and looked at the sky
I gently moved stray hairs from her face
Admiring her beauty
And most of all her innocence
I always feel calm when I am with her
As she is with me
She looked back at me
Frowning this time
She placed her hand on top of my hand
“ When will you take me?”
I looked at her intense gaze with amusement
“ Where you brought my little brother 2 years ago.”
I nodded understanding her
Gently returning the welcome she gave me earlier
She stretched her arms once again
Looking at her beautiful innocent face once more
She gave me a reassuring smile
A smile that shows her innocence and purity
I gently took her hand in mine
As we began our journey
Not even once she looked back
As I gently carried her off to the other world


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