Inside the mind of his subconscious...

November 24, 2011
By ilYk2bdiFfErenT BRONZE, Warrenpoint, Other
ilYk2bdiFfErenT BRONZE, Warrenpoint, Other
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dont cry for me as i am already dead

I looked at her smiling almost wishing she knew how much I was enjoying this moment alone with her. My eye twitched slightly and I felt a rush of power come over me, I looked at my hands with the blade of steel in them, tilting it to see my reflection then tilting it away again quickly slightly scowling at myself almost intimidated by my own ferocity....afraid of what I had become. I turned my thoughts back to her, Adelia, my angel. The blood trickled down her cheek and I dabbed it with my sleeve then submerged my room in music, classical of course, I had to set the mood. Her hands bound by my strong rope that was now chafing at her ankles and wrists, I stroked her cheek and smiled at her but she had be given so much drugs she could have hardly knew I was even in the room let alone flinch or respond in any manner. I took my trusty knife and held it steadily across my wrist and slid it across and let the blood flow at a steady rate. I held Adelia’s face up and rubbed my wrist across her soft lips smearing them with blood. I kissed her blood red lips thinking an ironic thought of mindlessness. I stood back and looked at her smirking and slightly blushing. “Gorgeous” I murmured she lay in an angel like pose with her hair clinging to her face, probably from the heat and sweat on her body. Her hair was straggly and chestnut in colour with a slight shimmer of it. Her clothes hung tattered round her ripped and torn with dirt all over them. Her face smeared with blood and grim and yet she still looked like an angel.

The author's comments:
it's just something that came into my head, im planning on finishing it as a novel but I just wanted to see what you all thought

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