November 24, 2011
By 5FrankieG BRONZE, Freeport, Texas
5FrankieG BRONZE, Freeport, Texas
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We go on. On and on. We don’t stop where it hurts. We turn a corner. It is the reason we are living. To turn a corner.”

He laid there still, lifeless and cold. Open eyes , his gauzy stare looked upon the heavens as there is where his soul went. Julie didn't know what to do, her herself was numb. The pure overwhelming sensation of this lifeless body, for now she would be alone in the world. Thoughts crept in her mind , suicide to be with him, the one who cared for her. Father wouldn't want that though he would want her to go on with her life. Julie then got to her knees , stroked his head and say ed a prayer. Wiping her tears, she walked away, questioning herself of why she was sad about his death. Since she had just plunged his pocketknife in his chest, and left her so-called father to rot. NO one must know of her terrible deed, only the trees were present yet they couldn't speak. From the far distance, she could still see the gleam of the knife. Like any good murder, Julie trashed the evidence and fled the scent. No more was she the daughter of Andrew Kran, the man who raped and eventually killed her mother. Bringing her up as an adopted, never releasing the true conniving coward he was. Back in her car, blaring the radio her thoughts were still. With the rhythm of her heart racing , so did the speed of the car. Julie soon realized she had no control over the car. Swerving, all she though was,"Karma is a..". The car crashed into a tree, Julie Kran died on impact. Found four days later with bloody hands of another persons blood.Also the stench of death and GUILT.

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