November 15, 2011
By RaafayAwan PLATINUM, Multan, Other
RaafayAwan PLATINUM, Multan, Other
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me and my life!

"But u must understand……......I have to leave”, the lead actor conveyed his lines with perfection.

I felt myself absorbed in the drama. The complex mixture of undefined feelings was skillfully portrayed by his facial expressions. As I leaned closer to my T.V screen clutching the remote control tightly in my hands ……………..

BANG and POOF ……… now that’s W.A.P.D.A for you.

Frustrated I jumped out of the sofa which had evidently turned me into a ‘couch’ potato. Cursing the load shedding and thinking what possibly could’ve happened next, I asked myself ‘What now?!’
It was raining heavily outside and one of the transformers that provided power supply to our block went off. The loud thunder assured that no one (read: wapda employees) was going to come for our rescue…………. The future looked grim. One entire Sunday a.k.a ‘Funday’ without electricity!!!! Not so fun now eh?!

As I felt myself being sucked into the vacuum of boredom and nothingness I took out my I pod and stood in the terrace listening to my favorite music as the raindrops fell down heavily occasionally accompanied by thunder followed by loud bangs. They say broken mirrors and black cats bring bad luck………......... I disagree for I had seen neither and, as if it weren’t already bad, my FUNday just got worse. The I-pod heralded its specific ‘low battery’ tone ………..summons to damnation. I mourned over the death of my only hope and the weather worsened.

It’s funny how the most appropriate advices flash in your memory at the most frustrating times. I remember my 8th grade teacher asking me once “What is your hobby?” to which I, with the casualness of an 8th grader for whom life is all about lip gloss, replied: “I don’t have one”. The teacher with all her air of wisdom said: “then develop one, some day you might need it”. The words kept echoing in my mind with every tick of the clock.

I read once in a magazine that gardening is one of the best pass times. I buckled up my pants, rolled my sleeves up and with the next roar of thunder I realized that boredom hampers one’s ability to think straight, for I had been planning to water my plants when it was ‘RAINING’ outside.
Next up was ‘collecting stamps’. “Where is my stamp book?” I asked my self, confused and disappointed I scratched my head as the intelligent organ inside made me realize ‘I don’t have one’.

‘Aiiiiisshh!!!! I give up already’ surrendering openly I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling feeling my self getting sucked into the black hole of boredom minutes passed by stretching into hours and I entered the sweet valley of dreams. When I woke up, the day was almost over. My reflections of the day made me realize the futility of my existence.

One relies so much on these electronic dummies that one can’t even spend quality time with one’s self. Lost in the labyrinth of technological advancement, where we are ‘Friends’ with every one we forget to be friends with ourselves, we practice negligence in exploring our personalities and consequently get bored easily.

Bottom line: we should cultivate our minds in a positive way and feed our souls with philosophical thoughts once in a while. From what I experienced I conclude,
‘There is no such thing as boredom unless one chooses else wise’.

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What else can you do! :)

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on Nov. 29 2011 at 9:01 am
RaafayAwan PLATINUM, Multan, Other
23 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
me and my life!

haha obviously "MUNEEZA AZMAT" this one was written by you =D

on Nov. 29 2011 at 7:48 am
nooiiiccee very noooiiiicce
sound familiar tho 0.o
:P :D

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