Scary Story

November 22, 2011
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It all started one cold winter day in the most northeastern town in the United States, I had just moved into my new house and was in the process of moving boxes down to the basement. All my life I have been afraid of paranormal activity, it has always been the subject that freaks me out the most.

As I was bringing the last box down, I heard a sort of whispering coming from the corner, I couldn’t handle it so I sprinted upstairs and closed the door. I knew I had to face my fear sometime considering it was my house. So I brought my best friend over for support as I tried to tackle going down to the basement again.

I slowly made my way down the creaking stairs, and as I got to the last step, I heard the whispering again, I recognized the voice, it was the same voice of the man that was stalking me a couple years back, and as he tried to kidnap me a year before, the police brought him to justice in the electric chair. I couldn’t handle it, I threw myself back up the stairs, and told my friend I just couldn’t do it. She understood and went back home.

A couple months after those whole incidents happened, I hadn’t gone to the basement what so ever, and that one day I thought it was time, I was alone so I just went down and didn’t hear anything at first, then in the voice I dreaded most I heard the words “Its been a while, I’ve been waiting for you…” I didn’t have enough time to make it upstairs as I was drug to the dark end of the basement.

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