Ginger Summrs

November 21, 2011
By wacth BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
wacth BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
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Once there was an adult named John Summers and he was riding a plane to Hawi to have some fun. A few hours later there was a huge rumbling sound coming outside the plane. Suddenly the intercom blasted out and said Please remain calm we just had a little wind turbulence we will be back on our course as soon as possible. As the intercom went off people started to groan because they wouldn’t make it in time. One person was so angry that they got knocked off course he opened the hatch and jumped out. Quickly as he had jumped out the workers jumped up and ran to the open hatch and was about to close it when a hand appeared out of the hatch. The workers grabbed the hand and pulled the person back in but it was not the same person. This person had blonde hair and was wearing a red shirt and some blue jeans. The workers asked the girl if she was okay and she said yes. She walked through the seats until she got to John Summer. “Is this seat taken? She asked John. “No you can sit down if you what,” John said. “Thank you,” said the girl as she sat down. “By the way my name is Ginger Summers what’s yours,” she asked. John thought for a moment was he really going to give this girl his name because they just met. He finally said “my name is John Summers nice to meet you Ginger,” he said as her held out his hand. Ginger stared at him until John put down his hand and what is something wrong. “Yes John there is something wrong with you,” Ginger said as pulled out a long knife. “What the heck why do have a knife on the plane Ginger there could be an accident,” said John. “Well Lets hope then for your own sake,” said Ginger as she brought her knife forward and sliced off three of John’s fingers. “Owww Why’d you do that you Ginger that hurt,” cried John as he held his bleeding hand. “Because maybe I wanted to,” said Ginger as she brought her knife up again for another blow. She brought the knife down but John knew it was coming so he jumped up and dodged the moving knife by an inch. “What,” Ginger yelled in alarm? As she said this her knife flew to the ground and landed at John’s feet. John picked the knife and ran towards Ginger and closed his eyes and threw the knife with all his might and he heard a cutting sound and someone dropping to the floor. John opened his eyes but to his horror he saw that Ginger had caught it with ease and had stabbed a innocent bystander to trick him to think that she was dead. John thought to himself that was not impossible that Ginger could have caught that it was going probably 50 miles per hour because when he was young he could throw a wicked fastball. As Ginger walked towards John she told him “is that all you got? John mumbled out the words “you are inhuman no one can catch a knife at that kind of speed,” Well I guess you were just Dead Wrong,” she screamed as she plunged the knife into John Stomach. John fell over and screamed at the knife in his belly. Ginger walked over and bent down and smiled and whispered in John’s ear “do you know “I know everything about the stomach if you bend it this way it can kill you right away,” she said as she gripped the knife in John’s stomach and turned it. John screamed and kicked Ginger in the stomach and Ginger flew out the hatch along with her knife! The next day on the news they found 100 people dead and one person surviving on a plane it crashed down in northern Texas. The person who survived his name is John Summers but he has a hole in his stomach but thankfully he’ll live. But he has gone a little bit cuckoo because he keeps saying Ginger is going to come back and kill him. So he will have to spend the rest of his life in a Hospital for the insane.

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