Classical Monsters Anthology: Werewolf.

November 21, 2011
By ZachBrehany SILVER, Warner Robins, Georgia
ZachBrehany SILVER, Warner Robins, Georgia
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"I am going to make my life meaningful, and I do not care what you say" - Anne Rice

Official description:
Anyone who is beaten by a Wolf on a night of a full moon. The rays of the moon would interact with the body to cause a shift in the D.N.A, making it so that when the moon heightens the venom now coursing threw the veins and into your cells, you will start developing wolf-like characteristics. Common side effects include: memory loss, chronic muscle pain, and short tempers due to lack of sleep, and a deadly allergy towards silver. Can only return to normal if forced to sleep. Usually reside in northeastern European civilizations.

TO PUT IT MILDLY, I always wanted to visit Europe. I mean, you have the landscape, the people, the history, the museums, and above all else: The culture. But I was hoping I would be here on a visit and now a job from him to go and save some people. I mean, can I ever just have something go my way?
I looked around me on the plane I was sitting at. Most of everyone was quiet, no body noticing me sitting there, and some girls listening to some terrible singer that was only known due to the media claiming him to be hot and sexy. Good God why?
I went into my bag and shifted everything until I found my laptop and the disc known only as: Hell Hounds. Once into my laptop, it took about half a second for a word document to appear that would tell me all I needed to know about Wolf Men. There history, how they are perceived, and ways of how to kill them. I know that this is probably going to kill me (I have not rested from my encounter last week) and I was hoping I would not have to go as crazy as I did with that other guy last month.
As I was going through the file, I saw a note from him. Basically it said that someone by the name of Chaney is to meet me at the airport when I land. I am just hoping that he will not be like most others who see me and are shocked at what I look like.

Once the plane land, I felt sick. The air pressure coming down on me, and just crashing against my spinal cord. But, at least the people who checked to see if I was carrying weapons were kind and did not suspect anything. Why would they again? Oh yeah. Those ****ing terrorist.
The place was crowded but I knew who I was looking for. Mostly due to him holding a sign with my name on it high above his head. Yeah, keep doing that you idiot. You are going to wind up getting me killed. And would you know it: his eyes opened wide when he saw me. I walked up to him and looked him dead in the eyes.
“Listen to me now and listen to me good. Do not comment on my age or my height. And I need me some coffee. Black coffee. Just black. With darkness.” That was all I said for now as we walked to the café that was around the corner.
“May I ask,” the man said in an Irish accent (we are in Ireland if you did not know that). “Why are you such a rude young man?” I looked up at him.
“Okay, I apologize for me being rude.” I said. “Just, I do not want to be here all that much. I mean, yeah the place is great, but the job might kill me.”
“I thought your boss said that you were use to facing death? You did take down all of those other creatures, did you not?” Okay, I must admit: his accent was kind of cool. Not as much as the Italians, but close enough.
“Okay, first off: he is not my boss. He is just helping me get by. And second: just because I face death on a regular basis does not mean I have to like it. Hell, I ****ing hate it. I risk my life so all of these people can live and yet, I get no respect. Yet, some guy that can never act or do anything worth to save his life flashes his body to a bunch of girls and they worship the very bathroom he takes a piss in. It is insulting!” I went and took another gulp of my drink.
“Is that what you want? To be famous?”
“Not famous, just appreciated.”

“Okay,” the man said. “what do you know about the Wolf Men?” We were in his car, driving past these Irish fields that were just beautiful to stare at. Once my job is done, I must see them more closely.
“All I know is what he has written on the disc for me to read. Plus the note written by Chaney about me seeing him. Is there anything about the Wolf Man here that I should know about?” I could see that his gaze looked worried.
“All I will say for now is that you have met him before in another one of your adventures.” I have no idea whom he is talking about, but I have met too many people in my life, so if one happened to be a Wolf Man, then this should be interesting.
“I doubt it is anyone that I am attached to.” I layed back in the seat and stared at the sky.
“Why do you say that lad?”
“You know, you are really inquisitive for someone who is suppose to be taking me to see someone. But, I guess most people are like that so I can not blame you.” Then, I was quiet.
“Are you going to tell me?” he asked.
“Not now. First, I want to know if I can trust you. Let’s see were my adventure takes me and from there, we shall see were we stand.” We were then quiet for the rest of the journey until we reached the house of Chaney.
The house was huge at first and rather quite old. It had what appeared to be three stories on it with eight rooms across judging by the windows. The grass, a brilliant green here, just made the house seem out of place.
The inside of the house was well lit and had a rather pleasant aroma. I laid down my carrying case on the floor as I looked around. This guy was a wonderful art collector, having some works by Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, and some others I do not know, but ones I have to look into very shortly.
“If you would please be so kind as to go into the library while I get Master Chaney from his quarters.” I followed his direction to the library while he went up the stairs.
Now, this is a room that I can enjoy. The room took up three stories plus one that went underground. The stair case that lead to the lowest level was covered in black carpet and had some lights underneath each step. On the floor level, there was a rather long table that had a computer screen covering the middle part of the table and a few glasses that looked like they have been laid out for a dinner party.
I reached the lower level, putting my case in one of the chairs, and looked around some more. On this level, there appeared to be books on mythology. Everything from classic Greek tales to the most modern encyclopedias on modern horrors. I wondered if he was even aware of how inaccurate these books are. I turned around just in time to see the doors open and a man that looked like he has seen better days walk into the area.
He was an old man, a lot of wrinkles, and had a simple black staff that had a silver ball incased on top. I saw some of the scars and damage that poor staff has faced.
“I take it you are him then?” His voice was deep as it boomed across the library.
“Who were you expecting? Van Helsing? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but he is fiction.” I walked up the steps and took the man by the hand.
“Let me introduce myself,” The man said. “My name is Talbot Chaney.”
“Please to meet you. I take it you already know my name is it will be pointless to say it.” I could tell this guy is going to mean business. I think I am going to enjoy this one a lot better then the last one.
We both went and descended down the stairs and sat at the table. He took out this bottle of wine and poured himself and I a glass.
“I believe you have tasted wine before?” He looked at me, his eyes betting on my answer.
“That along with many other things I wish to never taste again.” Once said, he continued to pour my glass. Once the liquid was put up, he went and sat at his side of the table.
“I trust you know all about why I called you here.” He stated. “If you know, then tell me what my colleague in America has said.” I cleared my throat, putting down the glass.
“He said that someone I know from my past and someone you know is a Wolf Man and they need to be put to a stop before they cause any hell. Well, any more hell is more like it.”
“Anything else you know?” He asked.
“He also stated that you did once fight this creature and almost killed it. But, you ended up taking out your leg -”
“And having a silver one put in it’s place. Trust me: Never loose a limb. They hurt like ****ing hell!”
“Dully noted.” I said, finishing my drink. He looked at me, his eyes observing what of me he could.
“What?” I asked.
“I personally can not believe that this is the person so many people are afraid of. Let alone, fought all of the things you claim to have fought. How is it?” I laughed a bit.
“Quite simple: Because I am the best there is.”

We sat at that library talking about everything from the creatures I have fought to about this Wolf Man. I learned that he first became affected one night when he was out for a walk, clearing his mind. When he passed a few trees and was in a forest, he heard a strong noise and before he knew what hit him, he was back in his home with a giant wound on his shoulder. About a month later, it was reported that a creature went and caused a massacre of people in the center of a town. A creature that had wolf like characteristics but a human shape. About six hours later and some heavy work to sedate the brut, it was revealed that it was someone I did know: Bela.
Personally, I could not believe that Bela had gotten bitten by a Wolf, let alone is even related to Talbot to begin with. But, yet he was. After an hour of discussing how everything was, I was taken to see him.
In a basement underneath to the house, I found locked in a cell made out of silver bars (creative) was Bela and man, he looked terrible. Everything from his eyes to his skin tone, and do not get me started on his wounds, some of which were already getting effected. He looked up and saw me, giving me something of a smile.
“It has been a long time sense the last that we have seen each other.” His voice was terrible now. I mean, it was bad already, but this was much worse.
“I know man. I know.” I pulled up a chair and sat next to his prison. “How did you even get involved in this at all?” He sighed and leaned back.
“I never wanted to return here and father can tell you himself.” He looked at Talbot and then so much started making sense. “But, I returned when father reported that he is terminally ill. Me father is dying and his son is a monster. Why dear God did this have to be?!” He screamed the last part, bursting into tears. I sat in silence and tried to think of something to say. But, Bela took a breath and continued to talk.
“As I am sure father has told you.” He said. “Local doctors and some from the Gypsy tribes have come here to try to cure me. They have done so much to me that I am even shocked that I am alive right now. Long story short, I feel like I have been subjected to the infamous Ludovico Treatment without anyone to help me. This is pure hell I am going through. I want to die man. I want to. But, at the same time, I do not.” I looked at him in a puzzled stance.
“Let me put it like this: this is like the ultimate high. Once I turn back to normal, I feel like I can control the world. I feel so wonderful it is unrealistic. It was only until later that the beast inside of me feasting on blood is what creates this high. The high lasts for about a day then I feel this ultimate crash. It is just terrible.” He breathed heavily and leaned his head back against the wall of his cage.
“And, I am here today to see you transform into the creature and observe you while trying to find a way to turn you back to normal. I promise you Bela: You will be free from this curse. I swear to you.” I turned to his father. “Chaney, I would like to leave this room now. I have some work to take care of before tonight’s observation. Both him and I went and walked out of the room.

For about three hours after I talked to Bela, I sat with Chaney and we went over all the treatments in great detail to what they done to Bela. The one that made me raise my eyebrows at was when some people tried to inject liquid silver into his veins. In terms of science, that should have killed him. But he still lived. Something was keeping him alive. Something I want out of the picture.
As we continued to talk, Chaney said that he wanted his son to be dead. His reasoning was that Bela was in too much pain and needed to be out of his misery once and for all. I could tell that he came to this choice something of a long time ago and was already set up to see his son go. It takes balls for a father to accept that his only child and the last blood related person he has is damned. I give the guy props.

It was close to the time the moon revealed itself. All before hand, I done countless amounts of research I could on the cases of Wolf Men and how it was all done. Personally, I prefer to use actual books to do my research and not the computers. I do not know why, but I am just old fashion like that.
The man that drove me here (his name ended up being Toro), got me at around two minutes before midnight. When he saw me, he was wondering why I had on all of the silver claws on my hand plus the silver cross on my chest. I told him for personal reasons. He thought I was an idiot because of Bela’s cage.
Once in their, I saw a film projector set up, two chairs with a coffee table set up with coffee already poured into the cups. In one of the chairs, I saw Chaney sitting down, trying to calm his son down before he transforms into the creature. But, it was only a matter of time before Bela saw me and when he did, he calmed down.
I took my seat next to Chaney, him leaning closer to me so that he and I could have a few private words.
“He was worried about your protection during this entire ordeal. Now, he is glad you have all that silver on you.” He said with some relief.
“Trust me: I have one more piece of silver on me that I can never take off so I am protected at all times.” His eyes went up.
“You have lost a limb before?”
“Not quite. Now, is there anything that I need to be aware of about this before it begins?” I asked, chugging down the cup of coffee. Before I leave, I am going to need a container of the coffee beans that are used here.
“The only thing is that: Try not to freak out or scream about this.” I laughed at his remark.
“I have seen so much s*** in my life time that next to nothing scares me at all. So, it is safe to say that I am all good here. It is Bela I am worried about.” When I finished speaking, I heard it. At first, it felt like everything had frozen in time with the only sound being the whimpering and tears falling from Bela’s face.
I looked at my friend and started seeing it all. First, the scares that littered his skin started peeling open, blood spilling on the ground. When the bones started showing, I saw them stretching with muscles and nerves covering all of it up the best they could. Once his clothes started falling off, I saw coming out of his back his tail bone, breaking the skin with the same treatment that his other bones had. As for his face, I saw the skin being peeled back where his nose was as his face started turning into a muzzle.
Now, this distraught creature, was bloodied, naked, and scared. Then, he screamed again as I saw hair spurting everywhere on his body. Once he stood on his hind legs, his tail dripping on the floor and his upper paws clenching like fist did I see the hair covering his body, some of it forming something of a fake layer of skin covering the areas that had none.
When he was standing, he was about fifteen feet tall and had the odor of a old coffin. I will admit that I am impressed with our his body took to the transformation, but I was not scared of such a creature. I have seen worse in my entire life time. But, his father had his fists clenched together as he saw the monster that was his son. Toro had a look of disturbance on his face as he saw it all.
Toro went and then came back in a sheep that looked to be middle age. I will not gross you with the details of what the Wolf Man done to it, but let’s just say that it would be best not to get some animal activist groups involved with this family.
As I sat there, starring at my friend, I started wondering what else could have been done to help him. A few ideas came to mind and as I jotted them done in my notebook, I heard the most trademark of Wolf Men characteristics: The howl. Now, I know that this is rare for me, but I could not stop but just listen as he howled towards the beautiful moon. In an odd way, I loved the sound. The faces of the other two men in the room was that of sorrow.

It has been about five hours later that I was able to leave the layer and return to the library. As I sat at the table with another glass of wine in my hand, I looked up at the grieve stricken father.
“You want to know what gets me more upset then anything else in this entire world?” He asked, sitting down opposite of me. I raised my eyebrows at him as an answer.
“What gets me upset is how I see these foolish teenagers wish they were these terrible creature and think it is awesome. Are they aware of the pain it causes people? The closes thing to the pain that someone would know would be women and that would be when they have their period or child birth. At least she would say that if she was still here.” He stopped and looked at me.
“I am aware of your wife’s death and the fact that she was a Wolf Man - in this case Wolf Woman - and you lost your leg when you had to kill her to put her out of her misery.” I saw the tears swell up in his eyes.
“That is the second hardest thing a man has to do: Kill his own family. I hope and pray that you never have to learn the pain I felt when I shot her with my double barrowed shot gun. Those silver bullets I had to take her down with, it was not an experience I do not want to ever have to repeat. But, I might soon.” I looked up at Chaney.
“Why is that, sir?” He wiped his eyes as he looked at me.
“If by the next wolves-bane blooming and full moon, if he is not able to be himself again, then I must take him down myself.” And, my dear reader, that would be in a month on Halloween.

During the past few weeks, I had shipped into Chaney’s house countless films on Wolf Men and documentaries on the legends, studding them with a close eye. The books I looked through were all just the same regurgitated explanation repeated over and over again. There have been, as of now, no clear or proper way to put to an end the curse other then sucking it up and living with the terribleness. And that is something that is never an option. No matter what.
I was in Chaney’s lab with the owner himself, doing some experimenting. One thing that we decided to try was this: Take a few pints of Bela’s blood and do some test to destroy the lupine chromosomes that were now in his white and red blood cells along with his D.N.A.
A few things repelled the problem, but only for them to regenerated. Okay, to you kiddies at home, this is what we done: Inserted liquid wolves-bane into the blood samples, put silver shavings into the mixture, plus some pure blood (all I am going to say is: I am still shocked that my blood is STILL pure!). In the end: all failed. I can tell that Chaney was not happy about this at all. And who can blame him?

One of the days before the full moon, I went and spoke to Toro. From him I learned that the wolf that bitten Bela was his mother the night that Chaney killed her. That entire experience was something that scared poor Bela ever sense. I mean, imagine seeing your father take a gun and shoot your poor mother in the face right in front of you. Not pretty, is it not?
He also stated that some of the remedies that we have not tried involved a medallion of an upside down star. This simple was to prevent the transformation, but it was dismissed by Chaney when the idea was first brought up.
“Why is that?” I asked him.
“Simple: that was the same remedy that was used on his wife. It did nothing. Yeah, that one guy it worked for but that was because it was a Gypsies medallion. The Gypsies new and fought against the curse of Wolf Men for ages and they knew how to fight and change back the curse.” He said with a sigh.
“Where are the Gypsies?” He looked at me with incredulous eyes.
“You do not pay attention to world news all that much, do you?”
“Kind of hard to when you travel the world fighting numerous other creatures.” I retorted.
“Well, long story short, the Gypsies were all killed and those that practiced the craft do not do so any longer. So, good luck trying to find one that can make you a medallion.”

After about a week with no results, it became time. The bells from a near by church began to ring when the clock stroke midnight and we were all down in the basement with Bela for this was to be his final night.
He did look scared, yet had a sense of relief about him for this entire ordeal. He was naked, but mostly because he did not want to waste any piece of clothing there was and, well, we are all men here, are we not? Chaney was getting his gun ready, cleaning the barrels and getting the silver bullets sharp and ready. Toro was in his corner, just waiting patiently. About ten minutes later, with Chaney nodding his head, Toro went and said his good byes to Bela. I do not remember what was said but I do know that he did mumble a lot and had the sound of tears in his voice.
When he was done, I walked up to say my final words to Bela.
“I will put it like this: you have balls to accept your fate like this.” I told him as I put my arm around his shoulder.
“When you are face with hell and need it to end, death is a complete blessing to you.” He sounded distracted. Then he turned and embraced me. Not wanting to be an a**hole, I went and hugged him back. Then, he whispered something into my ear. “Remember what you done the last time we met back a while ago.” I went up and looked at him, but he mouthed the word ‘No.’ to me. It made no sense to me at the time.
When I walked out of his cage, he yelled out to me: “See you in the afterlife, my dear friend!”
Then, his father went into the cage to say his goodbyes. Like with Toro, I did not nor could understand a word that was said between them both. It lasted longer then his and mine put together and when it was ended, Chaney kissed his son on his check and walked out of the cage. Then, we waited until he started changing.
I am not going to restate the entire way in which he transformed, but the only difference of this versus last time was the fact that no body (meaning Chaney and Toro) had any different expressions. My only expression and thoughts on his was the same: Hopefully I can see that Bela well rest in peace and get the f*** out of here.
Once his transformation was complete, Bela the Wolf Man unleashed one of his nerve shocking roars that sounded like a bat out of hell. Chaney took the gun and cocked it. Pointing right at the patch of fur that was in the shape of a pentagram, he locked and loaded on it.
This time, the Wolf Man was furious, constantly trying to destroy his cage. My best guess was that his human brain was trying to tell him about what was going to happen and was trying to free himself. As Bela thrashed and try to destroy the silver bars (with sizzling sounds coming from his hands), I saw Chaney take his gun and shot Toro right in the heart, the area on his chest exploding on impact.
When I saw this, the only thing I could do was run towards Chaney and try to take the gun away. This ****er has lost his ****ing mind! But, Chaney then took the gun’s handle and bashed my head to such and extent that I knocked out on contact. Well, almost. I did regain consciousness and saw Chaney taking his gun and aiming it directly at Bela, unleashing a round of ammo at his son. There were two things I heard before I was completely passed out due to the pain from the blow: the first was that of Bela screaming as he turned back into a human with a hole blown threw his chest. The second was another sound of ammo being unleashed.

I have no idea how long I was knocked out for but one thing was for certain: my head hurt like a mother****er at three in the morning. I looked around and saw, along with smell, blood everywhere. The first was Bela, already dead due to the would in his chest. The second was Toro, same deal there. But, the third was Chaney, who was now dead with his brains blown out.
When I got out of the basement, I went to the door and sliced my finger so I could do my ritual. You know, if you have followed me thus far through my adventures: my fingers are now hurting every time I have to seal away the souls of those who are damned. At times I wonder why I even took this job.
I went back into the library to get my things, when I saw an e-mail from him. This is what it said:

I got Chaney’s suicide letter last night before you saw the death of the Wolf Man. I must say that this entire thing is so beautiful that even Shakespeare would be proud. Now, there are two things that you must know about this entire thing: they are being the reasons why he killed himself and Toro. The main reason, if you have not figure out, was that they were both Wolf Men themselves. Toro was able to keep his secret due to his age and also because he was able to tame the darkness within him. He said that the only way was to inject a serum that consist of Wolf bane and liquid silver into the veins. Do this daily and the effects would be at bay. The second was how Chaney kept his, which was his fake leg. On the inside that hooked to his knee stump, there was a pentagram -a silver pentagram- that constantly touched his skin. This deactivated the powers of him transforming.
Now, the reasons why this did not work on Bela was because his mother was an origin Wolf Man (or Woman. Who really cares?). One rule about originals is that they are the ones that cause the most pain. His father and his butler were many generations down. In Wolf Man terminology, a generation is the level in which a Wolf Man’s venom is transported down. Let’s say, for instants, that you got bit by an origin and you bit someone else. That person you bit would be able to find a way to stop the transformations. Chaney and Toro were about twenty generations down.
The other reason why Chaney killed himself was because he could no longer continue to live. His entire family has died due to the supernatural and when he became one, it killed him. It destroyed him when he had to kill his wife (who took his leg with her) and he could not go on living with the fact that he would have to kill his son and closes friend.
So, now you know the entire story. I expect when you get back to hand me a report on the entire case and your view point on everything about the curses of the Wolf Men. Once you hand in your report, I am going to send you out again.

I read his e-mail a few times over, just so I could understand everything. The only thing I hope was something that Chaney told me: that I never would have to deal with something like this ever in my life. With that thought, I closed my laptop and got ready to leave.
On the front door, there was a sign that told me that the police were going to be here soon to inspect that house that I need to get my house out of here. Fast. Well, my dear reader, I did not need to worry about that. I was about to jump on a plane and get out of here.

Once I was on the plane, and dealing with a few little brats that would not shut up, I opened my laptop and started working on my report. Now, when I write reports as you should now, I like to make what I write worth whiled. So, due to me seeing so many Wolf Man films, I decided on the best way to start my paper:

Even a man who is pure of heart
And says his prayers by night,
May become a wolf when the wolf bane blooms
And the autumn moon is bright

The author's comments:
*This work does contain a quote from the Universal film 'The Wolf Man'.

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