November 21, 2011
The thoughts flow through my mind. I try to sort them out but they keep attacking my self-conscious. They keep insisting that I change my mind but I will not be placed last in this. He’ll be here any moment I must be ready I think to my self. “My friend will be here soon is the table set?” I ask my servant in a harsh voice “yes Mr. Gregory the table is ready for Mr. Tom’s arrival” he replied in a calm voice. He was an elderly man with a full head of short Wight hair he was wearing the standard black servers suit. “Good, have the chefs prepared the meal?” I asked showing my frustration by knocking over one of my mother’s vases “yes sir they have and they have also left the manner as you have asked” he said still in a unagitated voice “good you may retire for the night Robert there is nothing more that I need your assistance for” I said and got up to go change but was stopped a the stairs “are you sure sir?” He asked a little concerned. “Yes I am sure I must do something and you don’t want to be here” I said and went off to my room before he could object.
When I got up to it I took of my shirt and threw it on my bed. “What shall I do he’ll be here at any moment my stage is set but what shall I place as my pieces? What shall I use to finish the job should I wait till after dinner or act when he arrives ahh what will I do I must get revenge for you my father” I scream aloud to nothing but the empty room and walls I walk into the bathroom and turn on the water. I cuffed my large dry hands and place them into its flowing stream of. I splash my face with the cold unforgiving liquid. “Am I going insane?” I say to my self “I think I must give him a chance to fix his wrongs.” I toss out the thought s and quickly get dressed in one of my best suits.
As I head down stairs the ring of the doorbell echoes through the hallow halls and I quickly rush to the door. “Ah, Tom I see you made it” I say in a friendly voice “yes I made it do you see me as a liar I never go back on my word I said I would be here and so here I am” he said in an agitated way. Tom was a large man he barely fit in to the green suit that he was wearing his face was up hauling and unbearable to my eyes. His breath smelled of cheap liquor and wine. He him self smelled of dead rotting fish. He had almost no hair except for a small half circular area that rapped around the back of his fat pudgy head. “Yes I apologize, shall we go to the study then” I ask “what ever, it doesn’t matter where we go as long as we speak about you buying back your fathers company” he said pushing past me. That company is rightfully mine you conned my father out of it on his death bed you thief I thought but didn’t say out loud “hmm here I brought this as a gift hoping we could have a nice drink” he said shoving a half rapped bottle of wine into my hands. “Thank you very much” I replied. There was a short silence between us as we roamed the halls. “Here it is right in here,” I said opening an old set of double doors. In the room on the back wall there was a large fireplace with a huge fire blazing in it and in front of it were two large chairs one was red the other was green. “A very old time look” tom said as he stepped in. “yes this was my dad’s favorite room. Here come on lets have a seat,” I said gesturing to the two chairs. I waited for him to sit before I sat down my self. “Hmm where is all your staff” tom asked curiously. “Oh I gave them the night off they work hard and I had no use for them” I said calmly. For a long time we sat there starring at each other trying to strike upon a common interest. “Lets get down to business shall we,” I say with a little smile. “ Yes lets” he said watching me carefully. “How much do you want the company for?” I ask. “ Well I have decided not to sell I hold it very dear to me because it was given to me by your father ” he said smiling at me. I couldn’t hold back a small smug “ you got to consider my position” I said holding back my anger “my father has passed away not so long ago and the company rightfully belongs to me”. “ I see your arguments and I note them well but as I said I very much hold it dear I am willing to make you an advisor if you wish” he said with a smile stretched across his fat ugly face. “Well shall we go have dinner before we make our final decisions?” I say trying to hold back my anger. “Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt,” he said still smiling. I hate his smile I thought to my self “great before my cooks left they made us a nice dinner it is in the dinning room come let us go” I say walking towards the door and once again we plunged into the hallow halls of my father’s home. When we arrived at the dinning room I once again opened the door and waited till tom had sat down before I did. The dinning room was large and had a large table as well. The food was at the far end of the table I sat at the head and tom sat beside me. In the middle of the room there was a large portrait of my father sitting in the green chair that was in the study. We ate in silence. I watched as he gorged himself in the food as if it was his first in a long time. “Yes you have excellent cooks Gregory” tom said sitting back in his chair placing his hand in his bulging stomach his mouth covered in food. Do you have no self-control you fool I think to my self. “Yes they are wonderful aren’t they and what not better then to end this with the lovely bottle wine you brought” I say popping the top off it. I grabbed two wine glasses and poured each of us a small amount I handed him of the glasses and placed mine down in front of me “well before we toast lets finish our business I said a little frustrated “I can pay you what ever you would like its no problem if that’s what your worried about” I ask. “No and I told you that I’m not selling you ungrateful little brat you got all his money and this mansion I was his number one advisor you should be honored just to be in my presence and I am sure you don’t have what it takes to run a business anyway. Now I am leaving help your self to the wine” he said and stood up to leave. My anger now swelled up inside of me he must die I thought he must die now “were not done yet” I scream and pick up one of the knives that were on the table. In a rage I stab at him I could feel the knife tear through his flesh. Tom’s last words were direct and satisfied “I will see you in hell” he screamed I ignored him and kept stabbing his body. I could barely lift my hand when I was done. Blood was everywhere and it was stained all over my suit and the knife. I walked back over to the table and grabbed my glass of wine. “Now we can toast to my good business and my health” I say in a hysterical laughter and I chugged the wine. “I will see you in hell tom but not for awhile” I say to his distotorted body. And I start towards the door. I stagger a little and the room starts to spin. My head feel as though it may explode. I cough and grab my throat “what have you done to me ” I scream and rush towards the door but I trip over one of the chairs “why, I can’t die this way” I scream. The room starts to fade and the life escapes my body as I breath my last breath. It was rightfully mine why did it have to end.

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