November 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Everything was quiet. Too quiet. Silence filled the lonely room I was sitting in. I glanced out the window and realized the sun had set, and everything was getting darker and darker every second. I looked more closely at the woods behind my house. The trees were swaying back and forth, as if they were dancing in the wind. Behind the tree I saw something move. I thought it was the silhouette of a man, but I shook the thought out of my head and told myself it was just an animal.

I was home alone in my new house. My family had just moved in last weekend, and I wasn’t fully comfortable with such a big house. Being home alone also didn’t help the eerie feeling go away. The giant house was dark and I couldn’t help but notice a tapping sound coming from the basement. Chills ran up and down my spine. What could possibly be going on? I thought. Could I have seen someone in the forest? Were they watching me the whole time? Did they know I was home alone? Are they going to break in? Are they going to hurt me? So many thoughts ran through my mind. “It’s okay, take a deep breath. It was only the wind making a branch tap against the window, calm down.” I repeated that over and over to calm myself down. I really wanted to believe that it was only a branch making those noises, but I wasn’t fully sure that what it was.

The steps creaked as I was walking up to my room. The sound of my own footsteps made me cringe. Something was wrong, but I didn’t exactly know what. Up in my room, I blasted my music to block out the silence. The song came to an end, the silence was back. I had a feeling someone was watching me, stalking me. I approached the door. My heart was pounding with fear. I reached out, grabbed the door handle and spun it. I opened the door, just ajar. Only enough so I could peer out. Everything seemed fine. The door creaked open as I pulled it out further. I hesitantly inched down the hallway to the stairs. Everything looked okay. I didn’t hear any sounds so I decided to go back down stairs into the kitchen.

It was dark, just like it was before I went up to my room. I quietly walked to the cupboard and then to the sink to get some water to calm myself down. I stood there, observing at my surroundings. Everything was exactly the same as it had been earlier today, when my parents were home and I actually felt… safe. There was just something wrong with this house, and I didn’t exactly know what it was, or what to even think about it. Just then something slid open. Could it have been the slider door in the basement? My heart dropped. I felt the blood escape my face, and fear filled my whole body. I started shaking. I didn’t know what to do. I leapt for the phone.
Ring. Ring. Ring.
“Pick up Pick up!” My mom never answered her phone, so I tried my dad’s.
Ring. Ring. Ring. Same thing. My dad didn’t pick up either. I’ll call the operator. I punched in the numbers and the phone rang three times.
“Hello, this is the operator-“
“Hello, hi! I think there is someone in my house I heard tapping on the window in the basement and then the slider door opened.” She continued talking for a little bit, but I didn’t understand what she was saying. All that went through my head was what was what will happen next.
Tap, tap, and tap.
There it was again someone was in the house.
“I hear it again! Someone is in my basement!”
“I will call the police and they will be over soon.” The lady assured me.
I hung up the phone, and the tapping continued. I was frozen in fear. I heard footsteps climbing up the basement stairs, they were getting louder and louder as they approached the top step, then they stopped. I ducked down under the table and just waited, hoping that whoever was there was not going to come up to the main level. Suddenly I heard a creak. It sounded as if it lasted forever. The daunting noise made me petrified. Tears rolled down my face as I silently sobbed. I was scared for my life. Everything was quiet I looked back at the door and no one was standing there. Little by little I crawled out from under the table, and looked up. Standing there was a black figure, a man, standing big and tall. He held up something long and shiny, a knife. Then all of a sudden I felt a stabbing pain in my stomach. My vision got blurry, and then everything went black.

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