The Unexpected

November 7, 2011
By Anonymous

It was cold, unexpected, and dark like an empty cave. The puddle of blood in the middle of the street that horrified me with fear in my eyes, like a sad puppy. In the street with wind whistling in and out of my ears, an ambulance and police officers woke up the neigherhood as if there was a concert being played in the middle of the night. Leaves were moving left to right and thoughts were in but out. Lights of blue and red reflected from my eyes. This was probably the most horrifying night of my life.

Walking to my home from my friend’s house in a dark foggy night around 8:30pm, to get a couple of guitar picks and my amplifier, so I and my band mates can be able to practice with music and jam to jam out. Hearing my dog bark with happiness as I come up closer and closer to the front door getting my keys out of my pockets to unlock the door. “Cookie!” I shouted to my dog to seeing her wagging her tail hitting her water bowl in the kitchen floor, spilling water everywhere. I went to the cabinet to get a couple of dog treats so she could calm down.

I went to my bedroom to get a couple of guitar picks and my amplifier. But as I was unplugging the amplifier from the outlet on the wall, I looked out the window with just some curiosity, and there was a man. A man just standing like a statue with very long white hair like Rapunzel. As I was looking at him, he was looking at me. It gave me goose bumps for quite a while, my heart was beating fast. After just a few seconds I hurried up locked the doors, and closed my blinds just if he tries to do something.

After a few minutes or so I heard the side door slam. At first I thought it was my mom but she usually comes in through the front door, and when she comes home from somewhere, she’ll come shouting at the dog with love, and happiness to get the dog in a happy and good mood. But it wasn’t. The dog was barking repeatedly with barks I never heard her do before. I can hear anger in the barks of her barking. Then I heard her squeal…. And then there was silence. As soon as I heard that, I ran right in my closet so I can hide for a little bit. I hurried upped and got my cell phone out of my pocket to call the police. “Hello 911? There’s an intruder in my house, and I think he just killed my dog. I’m scared please come.” As I was whispering in a low voice so the guy wouldn’t hear me.

“Ok sir, don’t worry we’ll send a few police officer’s to come over there to take a look.”

“Ok… And please hurry.” I was saying with tears dripping down my face leaving puddles. And as I hung up the phone, I heard heavily breathing sounds coming in, and out. The sound like what Darth Vader would do. My heart started to beat fast. Feeling like if it was going 50 mph’s. I stayed quite as I was shaking and shaking of nervousness. I started thinking that I wasn’t going to live anymore. But soon as I could think of something, I see a fist going through my closet door. I didn’t know what to do but just sit there in the corner in fear, panicking screaming.

So I hurried up and ran out of the door, with the door hitting him in the face. With little time of me getting away. But in the middle of the hallway I tripped over my dog’s dead body. And as I fell, I just had tears coming out of my eyes, confused, knowing that would probably be me next. I got back up to run out the front door, but both of the side and front doors top lock was stuck. I started to panic. And as soon as I could think of anything else I saw the man and his long knife with dark red blood all over it dripping. Then I looked at the window. A few cuts, bruises, and scratches on my face and body from me jumping through the one story window with crazy thoughts coming out of nowhere into my head.

But as soon as I got out of the window, somehow the man was already outside. That was the scariest part. I found a glass bottle next to my foot and grabbed it, and with all the strength I had left, I threw the bottle at his head with it shattering on his face…. But it seemed like he didn’t feel a thing. That was when I knew I was doomed. I started to run and run screaming with help with no one even caring for another soul. I tried to stop a car but the car just drove away like if I was a ghost. Another bright blue car came up to me and stopped. I was happy because it was my mom’s car. It stopped right in front of me. But the thing was… it wasn’t my mom that was driving. It was the man. The man with his white pal face, with his hair 2 feet long white snowy type of hair. I gave up right then and there. We looked at each other again for a few seconds. It was uncomfortable and somehow not scary. And I just didn’t care what was next. After the few seconds of staring at each other he hurried up and stabbed me right in the chest with his cold wicked knife. And then he drove away.

I was laying there hopeless in the middle of the street staring at the bright yellow light on the light pole. I was asking myself and was trying to figure out, “Who was this man? Why me?” But there was nothing that I could do or say now. I didn’t know if I was actually dead or not.

And suddenly I saw red and blue bright lights coming towards my way. It was two police cars and an ambulance truck. I noticed something, something that I should’ve been scared but just left it as I was looking at the at my gift left in my chest, and the puddle of blood next to my clueless head….. I’m dead.

The author's comments:
its something i had to write for, for my english class. we needed a scary story from a student to be putten up for the schools newspaper

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