Secret Photographer

November 4, 2011
By Anonymous

It was a dark stormy, wet night. The trees whistled as the harsh winds pelted through their leaves. Amy, age 14, was walking home from a friend’s house that night. She was walking in the neighborhood known as Park Ave. Park Ave. is known as the home of four murders by the click, click, click murderer. He is known for stalking his next victims; for weeks taking pictures of them, and then he will kidnap them by using a lure. When you hear theses 3 clicks--- you know you are in for a ride…
Amy was walking down the dark ally avoiding the puddings from last nights rain. Then she heard click, click and click she wiped her long hair around looking for where the noise that it came from, all she saw was a dark figure drifting of into the distance.
The dark figures coming towards her coming closer and closer. Just looking into his one blue eye and one brown eye cringes her spine with fear. He has his camera taking millions of pictures. She keeps hearing the clicks, then all of the sudden the clicks start to turn into beeps. Beep, beep, beep, and beep. Waking up from the beeping of her alarm clock, a world wind of relief rushes through her skin.
Cyber School is the best invention ever made. Waking up, opening your laptop in your pajamas!! Just as she logged on an email popped up, an email from one of her friends. Come outside I have a surprise for you (;
She rushed down the stairs grabs my scarf and runs outside. She saw a black van roll up to the side of the road. She ran over to the van, just as she was about to knock a white hand grabbed her and pulled her into the van.
I saw Lois, my best friend with a big box wrapped up, which must have been my surprise! The screaming from the van could wake up the whole world. Nobody look, cared, or even thought twice about what just happened. He took off my scarf and threw it out the window.
He put a white cloth over her face and she fell into a deep life fading sleep. Three hours later she woke up to be rolling down the cement stairs. “GET UP” screams an angry man walking down the stairs. He opens the door to a under ground house. There were millions of locks to unlock. When the door opens she sees a room, a dark wet room. There were four girls in the corner of the dark room. They look very familiar to her by their faces. There hair was completely shaved off. They were the four girls that were supposedly murdered on Park Ave. She was frozen. She could not believe that they were still alive after so long! That only meant one thing… she could stay alive. But only listen to everything he says. But that could be deadly.
“Meet and greet or whatever just go to sleep” the white man states.
“ Umm sir what’s your name”? Amy says in a cracked voice.
“Mike, now I will be going to the store to get you guys a little but of food for the night, don’t do anything stupid or else”.
“Okay” says the 4 girls saying all at once. Just as the door shuts they all scurry to the next room just thinking of new ways how to get out.
“I’m Amy and guessing you guys are Lilly, Beatrice, Molly, and Amanda”? She says in a settle voice.
“Yes indeed we’ve been down her for over a year, trying to find new ways to get out but it seems like no possible way!”
“Don’t worry I will find away to get us out safe and sound. But if might take awhile…” says Amy drifting off.
“Just anything!” yell the four girls.
“ Ssssssssssh you have to be quiet I don’t think he left yet.” She whispers.

“Where is she, she has to be around her somewhere!” cries Amy’s mom Ann.
“Oh Ann don’t worry she’s properly 8 going on a walk with one of her friends.” States Amy’s dad John.
“Let me call there moms and make sure she’s with one of them” she’s says. “Whatever” he says.
“ Honey its been 6 hours, she always calls and lets us know where she is, know body know where she is. I’m calling the police right now!” whines Ann.
“I’m with yaw”! The ringing of the phone feels like forever, when I heard the voice operator relief rushes through my body.
“ Hello what is your emergency?” she says,
“ My girl she’s gone I don’t know where she is please help, it’s been over hours and she hasn’t called!” Ann screams in gibberish.
“ Where was she scene last I will send out 3 to 4 cars to look. She says. “Here at our house, 113 Cherry St.” she says,
“We will be right there”. Hanging up the phone was so hard to do, knowing my girl is somewhere alone.
“Do you guys here that?” Amy says.
“ Reeeeee rooooo reee rooo.” Police cars go speeding past.
“They must be looking for us!” Cries Molly.
“ Ha, Mike forgot to lock the back door, wait there never was a lock!” Yells Amanda.
“ Lets goo!” She says. Just as they get half way up the stairs they see mike with a Burger King bag. Trying to sneak by Mike, Mikes says
“ Where do you guys think your going?”
There was a dead silence. I look down, whip up my leg and kick him in holy territory. We look around and just start running. I was running so fast I didn’t know where I was going. My legs felt like cooked spaghetti. Then I tripped on a branch and went tumbling down. I hear a car door slam and looking up at the policeman felt like heaven on earth.
In a blink of time I'm laying on a hospital bed with serve head trauma. I look to my left and see my mom. I look to the right and see my dad and I say to myself “Thank you lord.”

The author's comments:
Ray Bradbury and his story The whole town's sleeping.

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Writers are a less dangerous version of the career criminal. Everywhere they go, they see the potential for the perfect crime. The difference is that writers have better self control.

There are a number of grammatical errors, as well as the misuse of certain words.


Also, be careful with your opening line. It isn't very original.


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