Lost In Europe

October 30, 2011
By Anonymous

Her tongue burned like fire was spreading across her taste buds. A few seconds later after much panting and sticking her tongue out of her mouth to cool down, the fire was put out. Rosa looked down at the broken coffee cup shattered into a million pieces on the cobblestone street.
"Ugh, great. Excuse me, sir, uh, sir, hello?"
She tapped the waiter on the shoulder and he turned around looking at her with either a look of disgust or annoyance. She pointed to the shattered glass on the street and he immediately realized his rude behavior and said,
"I'm so sorry ma'am. Was the coffee too hot for you? Let me get you another cup after I clean this up.”
You better get me another cup, she thought.
While waiting for her new cup of coffee to come, she observed her surroundings. Admiring her amazing view from the coffee shop, the grand park Champ de Mars and the grandeur Eiffel Tower. Sighing with amazement and dreaming of flying above the Champ de Mars, her trance was broken by the sound of glass hitting the table. The rude waiter came back with another cup of excruciating hot coffee this time some spilled on her new dress. She shot him a rude glance, threw down 10 Euros grabbed her bag and left the coffee shop. Walking along the road, her heels kept getting stuck in the cracks of the cobblestoned street, trying to get her heel out she thought,
At least in Italy my heels didn't get stuck.
Her conversation in her own head ended when she heard footsteps behind her, she turned around first looking north, then west, north again, then east. No sign of anyone.
That's weird.
When she turned back around she twisted her ankle still stuck in the cobblestoned street.
She fell backwards on her butt, finally got her heel out, but she dropped her bag on the way down and all of her belongings fell out. Picking up her things she realized her phone was gone!
"WOW! Way to go Rosa, you've only been in Paris for a month and you already lose your phone...stupid Rosa.”
She got her bag together, fixed her heels and turned around to walk back to the coffee shop to find her phone. Right when she turned around, she was struck on the head with a blunt object. The last thing she saw was a dragon tattoo on the wrist of her captor...then everything went blank.

"Ma'am, ma'am, can you hear me? Hello, ma'am..."
"Ugh.........” Rosa squinted her eyes not used to the luminescence of the lights in the dark cave she was in.
"Hey, look who woke up," a man with a soft voice said. "Courtney, James! Get over here!"
"Coming, just let me get that EMT kit, it's around here somewhere...AHA! Found it alright, one sec!”
She heard a very husky voice coming from a man off in the distance and a very sweet woman's voice coming closer and closer.
"Where am I? Am I in the hospital? Am I safe”? Rosa asked to no one in particular.
"You wish, lady,” a young boy exclaimed!
"Cody, be quiet! No you are not in the hospital, and you’re not exactly safe either, its...um...we are in a bit of a predicament here, all seven of us.”
"What? What kind of predicament? What are you talking about? Are you crazy, where am I? WHERE AM I, she screamed!”
Then she heard her voice echo away in the distance.
"Wait, did you just say all seven of us,” her voice was softer this time, not with relief but with worry.
"Yeah, all seven of us here. My name is Drew, I am an EMT, and James just went to get my kit so we can fix up your head. Courtney is a nurse, so she is going to stitch you up. But don't worry, you will only need one stitch, its really not that bad so don’t worry. That annoying kid over there is Cody. Aiden...is...is...somewhere, I don't know where he is or what he does, he's a mystery so be careful when your around him, some of our stuff has already been stolen and we think it was him. Oh! And Ms. Beauty Pageant over there is Mia. Mia Swan, maybe you've heard of her, she was in Breaking Swan, Lunar Eclipse, Cracking Dawn, and some other junk. So what do you remember before you got hit in the head? You took a really hard blow, so I don’t expect you to remember much...but try your hardest.”
"All I remember was drinking coffee at some coffee shop, looking at the Eiffel Tower, I was walking around and I fell, I think, and when I turned around someone hit me on the head with something, OH, and he had a tattoo, a dragon tattoo on his wrist.”
"Good, good. What is your name?”
"Very good Rosa, you are doing great. But do you remember hearing someone behind you as you were walking away from the coffee shop?”
"Actually I did, but when I turned around, he or she, was gone. How...how...did you know that?”
"Because I heard it too, we all did, right before we got hit. We all woke up in this sewer.”
"SEWER! I thought it was a cave! How do you know we’re in a sewer?”
"Because, look, right here, it is a street name but I don’t recognize it, do you?"
"No, I am a tourist, I don’t know the area very well.”
"Yeah, well I just moved here and no one else recognizes it so I don't really know where we are.”
"Drew! Stop working the girl so hard! She needs a stitch. Remember? C’mon, get out of here and go and find Aiden, my last flashlight battery is gone and he was the last one by my stuff,” Courtney exclaimed!
Courtney stitched up Rosa's head and showed her around their little camp they have set up, flashlights, food, water, sleeping bags, batteries, blankets, and a pen.
"Court, how did all of this stuff get here? And why is there a pen?"
"Girl, we all woke up in this sewer, just like you, but all of this stuff was here when we woke up, I don’t know what this creep is planning to do with us, but why give us all these survival tools. I just don’t get this guy."
"Well, we can't stay here forever do you know how we all got here? Like a way out of this sewer? If he got us in, we can find a way out,” Rosa said.
"Yeah well,” Courtney started.
"SHHH," Rosa hissed! "Listen, running water, and rats. Running water means that there is a way it is being let out, if not we'd be underwater right now. Get everyone over here, we need to start walking, we can't stay here forever. Hey! Everyone, come grab some stuff, flashlights, food, water, grab whatever you can, I think I found a way out!"
They started walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, and tripping over rats, slipping in sewage, and more walking.

"OM to the G. Bro, we need to get out of this place fast. I can't deal with this, nasty smell, no lights, and my PSP is going to die soon and I got to get Mario over that bridge or…”
"Be quiet! Cody, be quiet please," James begged, "I don't care if Mario dies, just be quiet, please!"
"Man, whatever....”
"Hey guys do you know where Aiden is, he said he had to take a bathroom break, but I can't find him anywhere.” Surprisingly, Drew looked worried, even though he didn't care much for the guy. He started sweating profusely.
"Drew, are you okay? It is freezing in here, why are you sweating?"
"I think Aiden got kidnapped."
"Yeah, we all did, Sherlock," Rosa's rudeness was expected considering their terrible predicament.
"I, I mean. I saw someone walking behind us, when I went to look for Aiden, I saw a shadow and he was dragging something, but it couldn't of been a body because it was a small sack, but, I, I got scared, and I came back. I thought Aiden was just taking a long time, but he hasn't come back yet."
"YOU SAW A SHADOW AND DIDN'T TELL US! Maybe Aiden, didn't get kidnapped, maybe it was someone coming to help us and they took the rest of our stuff, because we weren't there anymore. Maybe Aiden went with him,” Rosa screamed at the top of her lungs!
"Rosa,” Mia said, "calm down, like, he was scared don't be like so annoying, like maybe Aiden did get kidnapped, and like what if, like…like, I don't know, like, maybe he was like in the bag, and like...."
"Do you realize how many times you said the word like in that sentence,” Rosa snapped.
"UH, someone is not getting my Jimmy Choo hand me downs now.”
Rosa rolled her eyes and said, “How about we all just rest here, spend the night, calm down, and find a way out tomorrow”.
"Sounds good,” Court said.
"You guys I'm so sorry,” James tried to apologize but was cut off by the sound of sleeping bags being rolled out and the glares of disappointment by five scared, vulnerable people.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
"What the heck,” Rosa said still half asleep.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Rocks flew down from the top of the sewer, hitting Courtney and Rosa on the head.
"Ouch,” Court screamed, obviously in pain.
Everyone stood up immediately looking up at the ceiling confused of what was going on. Bang! Bang!
They all screamed trying to avoid a huge boulder coming towards their heads. Screaming came from above them, in a foreign language. Another rock fell revealing a hole in the ceiling. Then a bald man’s head popped in the hole and his eyes widened with amazement.
"WE FOUND THEM," he screamed, this time in English.
"HELP,” they all yelled at the top of their lungs!
"Don't worry you are safe now, your friend Aiden told us where to find you. We have been searching all over for you guys. Finally! The Czech Republic isn't that big, and you guys walked all around our sewers.”
"Czech Republic! We're not in Paris?”
"Not even close,” the bald man told them, “come on let’s get you guys out of here, we'll take you home.”


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