November 8, 2011
My eyes swiftly glance from left to right. Black, wooden walls compact my body constricting even the thoughts from my mind. Dirt flossed my teeth with every attempt to scream. Knowing full well that nobody would hear me, my vocal chords were on repeat. Claustrophobia would surely start to wreak havoc on my skin. Diabolical thoughts consumed those outside of my splintered prison. Blood curdling screams continued to seep from my chapped lips.

The hair follicles that draped my arm erected themselves. Some struggled to salute with the others as crimson glue held them in place. It was similar to being completely blind. Pitch black, lying horizontally, and six feet deep. I’m sure those with hatred in their hearts surrounded this new, unmarked grave. Mourning was not taking place and I’m positive that no condolences were being said. No one on this planet deserved this, especially me.

If my mind weren’t in shambles maybe I could come to a conclusion as to why. In a bed of my own feces and other bodily fluids, I realized I may drown myself in a septic tank of my own filth. Surely the oxygen within this chamber would disperse before that happened. Vertigo filled the room. My whole body twisted. My feet struck my abdomen as my arms flailed into my head. Stomach acids took the esophagus exit and blew all over my business suit. What am I wearing? Did I have work today?

I never knew spinning in place would be so painful. Beginning to extend my fingers to make sure they were still attached, my fist forcefully said hello to the roof. Tingling traveled down my legs, numbing every appendage and muscle. From my phalanges to the flexors in my toes.

My room is getting darker. Eyelids are resisting, staying below my pupils. Mind detached from everything. Thinking clearly is the last option. Dying is the first. There is nothing I can do. The feeling of helplessness and loneliness. I bid farewell to the very Earth that I am encased in. Without hesitation, my right hand violently grabbed my left and pulled off the ring that was set on it. I placed it on my creeping heartbeat and said her name.


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