. . . And So She Walked (Back of Book)

November 11, 2011
By KateParker SILVER, Sunny Isles, Florida
KateParker SILVER, Sunny Isles, Florida
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Shattered dreams . . . hopeless nights . . . days growing tiring; nights growing longer . . . that's all I saw as I walked away from the only life I knew . . . the only life I cared to know . . . to wake up one morning and realize it had all been a lie. As if a dagger had gone right through my heart, I walked away in an attempt not to look back yet failing evermore. I felt as if everything I had lived for and thought life was worth living for had been snatched out from under me in one instance. Helpless . . . hopeless . . . regretful . . . tearful . . . heartfelt and tragic? I hoped and prayed and wished and begged all I could but we can't control destiny and we sure as hell can't fight the fate. The only thing worse than trying to grasp a hold of something that was never ours, or never will be again, is the guilt of what could've been. There is no way to fight what never was nor what never will be. I still cling on to the hope that someday everything will return to the life I once knew . . . it's a hopeless feeling. As if everything you've ever thought was real, all your hopes and dreams and expectations and goals, become untouchable and you can't help but feel that your entire life has been a fake. And there it went . . . the only life I knew. Or, well, used to know.

The author's comments:
I wrote this while having home (New York City) in mind, but it applies to my novel plot, too. Does it make you wanna read it?

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