Zombies Take Over

November 3, 2011
By Blondediva SILVER, Hemet, California
Blondediva SILVER, Hemet, California
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I woke to the sound of an auburn branch knocking at my window. I saw what it was, and I ignored it. I realized that was a bad idea. I tried to go back to sleep; I rolled over, tucked my fleece blanket under my chin and closed the doors that shaded reality from my self-conscious. That sound just kept pushing itself further and further into my mind, until I stood up to stop the noise. I inched to my window, unlatched the cold, metallic lock to open up my window. The branch, when I opened my window, was a good two feet away from my window so there was no way it could have been a branch. I looked at the ground that surrounded the tree, and there was no way any one person could have done this. I slipped on a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, and my tennis shoes. The hallway was enclosed in darkness, and it felt like death had taken over my house.
The stairway was dark, but the skylight above illuminated it enough to the point where I could see my hand in front of me. I slowly walked down the stairs because of the dark; I didn’t want to wake my parents up, now that is a different story. I got to the landing at the bottom of the stairs, and I felt this rush of bad feelings take over my body, almost like my house was warning me not to go outside. I just blew the warning to the wind, and I opened up my front door. The creaks bounced off every wall in the house, but then it settled to the point where I could sneak out. I had just stepped onto my front porch, when I noticed something on the other side of the street. Al I could see was the silhouette but I thought they would know something about what was going on. I looked both ways on the street, and I started up a jog to get to the other side. On my way, I didn’t know what this person would say when I asked. I was a little terrified at that point.
As I came up to the curb, something stopped me in my tracks. The person turned towards me, and I noticed that this person was not a person at all, but a dead person. At first I just thought it was a costume, and then I realized the body that lay contorted in the bushes on his right side. Blood filled this “zombies” mouth, and dripped down the front of his ripped polo shirt. I saw his hands painted with this poor person’s blood, and wrapped in her guts. It was the most gruesome thing I had ever seen. He stopped what he was doing, wiped the blood, the bugs, and the dirt off his face and onto the ground, and then started to walk towards me. At that point I was so stunned I couldn’t walk, but as soon as he started to moan, I came out of my trance of confusion and horror, and bolted out of there. I screamed as high as I could as I used the street as my own racetrack. House after house lights turned on in every window illuminating the street below. People came out of their homes wearing robes, slippers, and a look of confusion. As I ran down the street, I looked back behind me to see if he was following me, and then something worse than one zombie was behind me. There were now two, and they were running now, not walking.
I tried to out run them into different places, but they just wouldn’t go. They were smarter than me. I eventually ran them to a cemetery that was just a few blocks away from our house. Bad idea. I ran there and as I stepped onto that all hallowed ground, graves started to rumble, and green hands came up from the ground. Tombstones wobbled and then fell on to the ground that was around the tomb itself. I screamed as hard as I could, but I was block away from anyone that could help. I took a breath before I ran, and then I raced out of there as fast as a race car races out on to the track. I almost fell a few times just getting out of the cemetery, but I caught myself, and I had the upper advantage. With the gravel beneath my feet and the wind in my hair I thought I was invincible, until I saw the most horrific thing that changed my entire life.
Zombies everywhere terrorizing every house on my block. Scream after scream just sent a chill down my spine and terror filled my soul. All I could think of was, “what did I do. I just caused everyone to be a zombie all you can eat buffet.” I put my hands to my head and felt my world spin into a blur and just collapse at that point. I felt as if I was to blame, and I crumpled to the floor like a limp sweater sleeve. I saw zombies around me, with blood dripping from each mouth creating a pool of blood surrounding their dead limbs. I tried to be silent but then something startled me. I thought everyone I knew was either dead, or on their way to being dead, but then my best friend Alex came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder.
“Hey!” Alex grabbed my shoulder with hesitation, and when I that happened I thought I was a dead.
“Oh my gosh!” I grabbed my chest in relief and to make sure that I was still alive. “Alex! You are still alive. But how?”
“I ran as fast as I could and I didn’t look back. I made it to the cemetery, and then I found you. When you left, I used one of the tombstone’s that was just lying on the ground and I threw it at the zombies following you. Heads fell, arms came off, bodies spun in my direction, and I raced as fast as I could. When they don’t have limbs, they don’t run that fast, they just fall. Come on. We need to get out of here.” It was too late. My girlish shriek had awoken all the zombies from their human coma. They all stared Alex and I down, like a panting in museum that seems to follow your every move.
We tried to make a run for it, but we were trapped on either side. They encircled our teenage bodies full of terror, fear, and total redemption. I felt as if my world had ended at that tie, and I was going to be a zombie’s next meal. They looked at us with hunger in their eyes, blood dripping from every crevice that was visible to the human eye. They looked at us with eyes full of happiness and anger all at the same time. These zombies were hungry and we looked pretty delicious right then and there.
The sun had finally made poked up behind the mountains that surrounded our quaint little town. It had just risen over the mountains to say hello to the world below, and we were thank full for it saying hello. With the heat of the sun, and the light, the zombies had been turned from a science experiment gone wrong to dust that is found in a fireplace after the fire has gone out. Just as fast as they started to lunge their dead bodies at us, was as fast as they turned to dust. The wind came up, and dragged the ashes down the gravel road; back to their rightful homes-the ground. Where they would spend the rest of eternity in.
The sun stopped us from being dead meat, literally, but we still felt weird that we were the only two alive. We walked down our bloody and empty street of our little neighborhood, and we saw what damage was done. We saw the houses torn open, blood strewn all over the pavement, windows broken, glass crushed on the grass, and bodies lining the street. We got into a car and drove off with the thought of that frightful and horrific night in our minds. With the sun behind us, it created a grave for our town, being that we were out in the middle of nowhere. Our little street, their grave, and our past

The author's comments:
I had read an article and it sparked this urge to right a story like this.

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