The Witch Hunter

November 3, 2011
By Tardisgirl BRONZE, Atlantic Beach, Florida
Tardisgirl BRONZE, Atlantic Beach, Florida
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The bell rang and every child in the village went out of their houses first in a straight line based on age and height. After the children, the adults went into the same line like little toy soldiers. All the lines led to the great lake, which they called, WITCH DEATH. No one questions the name or goes near the lake except during celebrations like these.
The children sat down being quiet. Someone outside the village would say that they are all perfect little angels. The adults stood over their children, not saying a word. Each had bright blue eyes and blonde curly hair. Each person looked like a replica of the one next to him or her. They started to talk as soon as the prisoner was taken from the dungeon and was shown to the faces of those who watched.
It looked like an old woman. Yes, it was. Her face showed wrinkles and some scars here and there. Most were fresh and bleeding. They must have beaten her in the dungeon. What most people noticed was that she had filthy brown hair and mud brown eyes. What most people didn’t notice was that she didn’t look afraid. She looked proud of her hair, her eyes, her being accused of being called a witch. The villagers watched her being tied up to a chair in front of everyone’s eyes.
Mr. Blind came out of the dungeon also. He’s the town’s announcer of events. He walked quietly in front of the prisoners and started to speak, “Hello everybody. I am here to announce this year’s festival has officially begun. As all of here knows is that we start of the festival with the killing of a witch / wizard / someone who is involved with the dark arts. Now let me introduce you to your mistress, Miss. Elivia!”
All of a sudden the wind got cold and the villagers heard a big crash from behind them. A small girl, about five years old, was standing there watching them with her eyes. Her eyes weren’t like the rest of the villagers. Theirs were like a sky blue, while hers were icy blue with hardness to them. She started to walk up to the WITCH DEATH when she came face to face with the prisoner. Elivia stared at her coldly and the prisoner winked. Winked!! Elivia knew not to be disrespected like this, so she slapped the prisoner right across the face.
The old lady backed up. There was a giant mark on her face where Eliva slapped her. Elivia smiled like she just did a good deed a looked back at her villagers.
“Hello little slaves. Each year, we celebrate my grandfather ridding all the witches and making them go back to where they truly belong. Now and then, a witch comes along and tries to ruin our way of life. But we won’t let them. So let the celebration begin!” Eliva flipped her hands signaling the soldiers to take away the old lady. She started to shake her head as the soldiers took her to the WITCH DEATH. No one wanted to watch her get killed by the forces of nature, but they had to. It was a way of life.

The old lady started to talk to herself. “No, they won’t let you out. Yes they will. I will become free and no one will stop me! I will! No you won’t!”
“That old lady is mad! Kill her!” A mother screamed and others joined her. Lulu looked at her mother in disgust. She didn’t know why her friends and family wanted an innocent woman to die. So Lulu ran in front of Elivia and yelled in her face asking her why she was doing this.
“Because, what was your name, oh yes. Lulu. What a horrid name! Must have it changed. Anyway, we are throwing her into WITCH DEATH because she’s a witch. Look at her hair! Doesn’t that explain enough you little beggar.” Lulu wanted to smack her across the face. How
could she trash on a poor soul who just wanted to be part of this village. Lulu couldn’t watch when Elivia clicked her fingers signaling the end of the old woman. The soldiers grabbed her arms and dragged her to the edge of WITCH DEATH. The old woman screamed as they pushed her down the cliff. After a couple of seconds, the whole village heard a big splash and everyone knew she would die in less than a minute. Elivia grinned, now wanting to go home and eat her little cakes.
Everyone started to jump and cheer. “The witch is dead! The witch is dead!” Everyone was pleased that the old woman had died, except Lulu. She looked at everyone in a whole new perceptive. That everyone she loved was now truly evil. That old woman did nothing wrong. She just had brown hair and brown eyes. Is that so wrong?
As soon the celebrations were over and everybody went home, Lulu went to the river with flowers in both of her hands. She knelt in front of the place the solders pushed the old lady. "Let the souls that have died here rest in peace forever more. Bless them.” Lulu kissed the ground and sat there for a little while. Wondering why Elivia accused the old lady to be a witch.
After about thirty minutes of sitting they’re wondering, a load roar came from the water. Lulu looked over the ledge seeing where the sound came from. The water started to form waves and the waves got bigger and bigger until the water came up to where Lulu sat. Lulu looked upwards and saw the old lady that was killed earlier. But it couldn’t be. She died!
The old lady sat there in the air being as calm as a flower. She looked down and saw Lulu. She smiled and sank down to where she was eye level with the younger girl.
“This can not be! You died! I saw you get pushed into the river!” Lulu looked horrified.
“What you saw was the old lady dying. I’m the witch that occupied her body. And you were the only one who did not cheer for when she died. I like that about you, you’re kind and smart.” The witch looked at Lulu up and down.
“So you’re a witch? What does that have to do with me?” Lulu looked less scared but still was on her guard.
“Everything, Lulu. See I’m going to choose you as my next body. I need some form to survive. Will you do it?” The witch grinned. Her hair started to show smoke.
“No! I’m not going to let you be in control of my body. It’s wrong and unjust! No wonder that old lady was mad!” Lulu pointed at the witch’s head. “Your hair!”
“No! It can’t be. It’s starting.” The witch looked back and forth wondering what to do. She looked at Lulu and smiled. “Say goodbye Lulu.” Out of nowhere the witch kissed Lulu and the witch’s body started to catch on fire. Lulu started to shake violently. The girl fell still shaking. The witch’s body went up in flames leaving nothing but an old cloak.

Minutes passed, maybe hours, until Lulu got up. She looked at her body, like she never saw it before. She grinned, a horrible, teasing grin. She looked at where the witch’s body once was and turned toward the village. She went to the copper bell and hit it five times with her bare hands, still making the loudest sound a bell could make. She looked at her hands. No bruise, no broken bones.
All the villagers rushed out of their houses, hoping it was a feast Eliva put together. Their faces went from thrilled to disappointment when they saw it was just Lulu. Lulu climbed on the pedestal getting everyone’s attention.
“Hello, dear poor villagers. I have a little announcement. That old lady you all killed earlier is back and has taken one of your own. Now, who is missing?” All the villagers started to murmur. Some were frightened; most thought it was just a stupid joke. Lulu smiled and her teeth
showed. Her teeth were as sharp as a lion, as bloody as a demon, and as horrible as a witch.
“Look at Lulu’s smile! Her face! She’s the witch!” One of the villagers screamed as Lulu’s face transformed from a simple child’s, to a scarred face you only see in nightmares. Lulu took a lighter out of her pocket and showed it to the villagers. They all huddled together hoping the person next to them could save them.
Lulu laughed at the pathetic fools. In a flash, she went from the pedestal to the top of a house. She looked at each of the villagers faces at for one moment, pitied them. That was until an old man yelled, “Get off my roof you witch! What have you done to my daughter?” He grabbed a rock from under his foot and throws it at Lulu.
Lulu dodged the rock and stared at him with her dark, midnight eyes. All the pity that was once there, completely evaporated. She opened her mouth and little snakes’ crawled out, dozens after dozens fighting to get out in the open air. With a snap of Lulu’s fingers, all the snakes turned to the old man who threw the rock. In a line, they all jumped on the elderly man ejecting poison into his veins. Without another thought, he burst into flames leaving a little dust to where he used to stand.
People jumped back in horror screaming and trying to run away. Lulu set the house she was standing on in flames with her little lighter of joy. She did this with every house she stood one and soon enough all the houses were burning and falling. Lulu looked at the river and started to mumble.
“Efsogheoccasbaforvavgeto. Beseno!” She yelled these words over and over again and each time she said this cursed spell, the river’s waves got higher and higher. The waves were thirty feet in the air hovering above those tiny villagers. Without a thought, Lulu said her final spell, “Forgetshgdhfgdbvcsgtt!” The waves crashed and started to flood the town. Not leaving a soul behind.
“Fire, Check! Flood, check! Final step: Kill Elivia”. Lulu said these words in her mind as she smashed into a window that held a frightening sight. Elivia was lying on the floor stone cold. Lulu went up to this girl and out of nowhere, jammed her face with her foot. Elivia woke up with a start, blood running from her nose.
“So you survived then Luna?” Elivia said as she got up, pain all in her body. Lulu looked at her with hatred and saw Elivia like an ant, so small, so tiny, and so easily able to get squished.
“My name is no longer Luna, Elivia. It’s Lulu. And I want to be nice for this one second because this human wants me too before she disappears forever. How would you like to die?” Lulu asked with a tint of sarcasm in her voice.
“I think dying peacefully in my sleep is a good way to go, but knowing you, you would never choose that option. I think it’s for the best I have to die; I have been alive far too long. Five hundred years can pass by like that.” Elivia snaps her fingers. Lulu stares at her like she is remembering something lost and forgotten. “We used to be little girls trying to do the hardest of spells but ruin them completely. But know look at us now. We are no longer the same. I don’t think we ever were. However that didn’t stop me from killing you, and from you killing me.” Elivia says these words with passion and with a sorrow.
“Shut up!” Lulu screams and her eyes turned from black to dark red from fury. “I will name you witch hunter. I will name you for the real person you are! You are Elaine Death! And you are daughter of David and Kasha Death! And you will forever more, be in h*ll!” Lulu screamed these words with passion and hate.
Elaine fell to the ground and all the world seem to be a blur. Blood started to pour from her eyes and her skin started to burn, starting from her arms and up her whole body, bursting in flames. Elaine’s eyes fell out of her skull as she screamed a never-ending scream. Her body shaking as the end was near.
Lulu noticed a tear running from her eye as her old friend went into smithereens, one single wet tear. As soon as the body was gone and all that was left was ash and a few clothing pieces, she looked over Elaine’s death spot, making sure she left nothing behind. She noticed a piece of paper that didn’t die along with Elaine. Lulu picked it up and walked over to the window.
All that was left of the village were the bodies of the people and the river that she was killed at, WITCH DEATH. Nothing seemed to be left, just her. Lulu opened the piece of paper showing a letter. The letter read as follows:

Hello my killer,
If you are reading this letter, then that must mean you killed me. I am trying to write this letter as you are burning the village below. I saw that you took the form of Lulu. She was the only one here that had good will. I treated her mean because I knew she might figure out who we are. My heart is in pain as the people below my window are screaming and shouting with pain. This is why I decided to use my powers to stop us witches. We create pain and suffering. I want this to stop now! I may die today and you may live, but remember this, you have killed a thousand souls in the past. Now listen inside yourself and hear them scream. Can you hear them scream?
Our magic, what’s the use of it? We use it to kill. Are there no spells for helping people? I am sorry for this, I truly am, but you deserve this. I love you and never wanted to hurt you, but your mother and father named you LIBITINA for a reason, to kill. Well LIBITINA, I must go. Here comes my death. May you never rest in peace for you killed and so have I. See you in h*ll.
Your sister,
Elaine Death

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