realistic nighmare

November 3, 2011
By marshall barman BRONZE, Belleview, Florida
marshall barman BRONZE, Belleview, Florida
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Mist swirls around my feet I unloading clip after clip into these zombie. They never seem to give me a break they never let me sleep in peace. Their continuous marching is drummed into my head. That constant moaning is getting on my nerves. I decide it’s time to stop them.

All of this started after 2011. At exactly 3:25 the first sightings of zombies were reported. No one knew how the zombies were here, but they were here and needed to leave. I was a specially trained green beret and I succeeded in weapons. I mean I could use any weapon and defeat the creator of it. I could clean a gun out and put it all back together I under three minutes. I was the best of the best, no one topped me.
Wave after wave they came destroying everything and leaving nothing. Not dogs, not humans, not even precious little newborns. All was lost there is nothing left for me but revenge. My parents, my sisters, my cousins, they are all dead, and not to mention my wife and kids. After this there will be one great reunion. Oh I can’t wait, but I have to, because these zombies aren’t going to kill themselves.

These things are really getting on my nerves. The zombies obliviously could have used a touch up. The had blood dropping from their chins, when they had any, they had holes in them, probably from my doing, and they were rather disgusting, if you were able to smell there would be quite a lot of projectile vomiting. Over all I think there would be some work for the makeup crew.

I’m out of ammunition in my AK-47 and I’m running out of grenades. Oh no what do I do? Oh wait I know maybe just reach behind my back and pull out my AA12 military grade fully automatic shotgun. Yeah this is going to be a great time.
This is the last chance I have to save humanity and now I’m about maybe ten million bodies away from doing so. I see the mini mart. If I can just get to there I could be safe and finely eat after three days. This could be the place of sanctuary, but its al the way across the street, and plus I will probably run out of ammo soon. I look around and see a pawn shop. That might be a good place to look, and if I can get back to the military base I can get anything I need.
I run over there. Being harassed by a whole bunch of flesh eating things put a little pep in my step. I scramble to close the door and lock it. First I smell cheap cologne and perfume the stench hits my nose like a sucker punch. Man that is terrible. Then I think to myself. I probably don’t smell that good either, but I’m safe and I’m mildly contempt. I look around and I’m surprised to see they have a desert eagle under the counter and a few hunting rifles on racks on the walls. Alright now to get to the mini mart.
I hear a shattering sound come from the back .Then the door splits open. Oh no I think to myself they’ve breached the perimeter. I run full speed to the mini mart. I get inside, and look around. “Okay,” I say out loud, “no cold drinks no hot foods”. No cold drinks because there is no power and no hot food because it will just attract the zombies. So I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a Gatorade. Then I fill a shopping cart with canned corn, and baked beans.
I know were the military base is. Just ten blocks down and twelve to the left. I start off at a jog. Then I realize that it’s going downhill, so I jump in the shopping cart and zip down the hill counting the streets. Once I reach the tenth street I crash the cart into a zombie, I figured he wouldn’t mind, and pick it back up to head twelve blocks over.
I can see the barb wire fence with bodies strewn across it. I open the gate with my card and head inside. I grab ammunition and get ready to fly a plane all the way up to Washington, the safest place to be right now.
If this story has made you believe that the world will end in a zombie apocalypse then it did its job. If this really happened I would most definitely not be ready to take on such a thing. I’m not a green beret, but that is something I wish to be when I get older. This dream or “nightmare” occurred is when as my mom puts it” plays too many video games”. I do not believe such a lie because there is no such thing as too many video games.

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i like to play video games

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