October 30, 2011
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The night grew cold as she gazed nervously around. 'Are they watching?'
This was the ever present question in her mind. She knew we were, because they are always watching her. No matter how hard she tries, she can never escape them. She hates what they make her do, but she has no choice. If she tries to escape, she would die.

Grabbing the bag with her left hand, and holding the knife with her right, she sprints down the path and into the woods. She blinks hard, trying to wash away what has just happened.

'I killed a man.' She whispers to herself as she finally finds the small trail that will take her to the abandoned cabin. After walking for several minutes, she arrives at the cabin. Glancing to her left, then to her right, she determines it safe to climb the ladder that leads to the second story window of the cabin. She slides soundlessly through the open window and onto the cold, wooden floor.

“You're late.” The loud voice booms throughout the small room. She looks around and spots him in the far left corner, with a gun aimed at her. Sadly, this has happened enough times that it doesn't even faze her. She looks at him with cold eyes, eyes that she doesn't even recognize anymore. Eyes that used to be soft, warm, welcoming, even vulnerable. So many things have happened to her that now they are like ice.

“You didn't tell me that I would have to kill him! You said to get close to him, you said to get to know him. You would have got what you wanted without me killing him, but he's dead. I hate you for this. I will never forgive you. Take your money. Don't contact me again.” She threw the small bag at his feet.

He smirked, “Did you really believe that you would get out this easily?” He took a step towards her, “You'll never be safe, as long as I..” His last word never had the chance to fall from his tongue, as the knife she was holding flew from her hand and into his chest. He fell to the floor, eyes open wide, as he breathed his last breath.

'And now I've killed two.' Her hatred for the man left her no remorse for her actions. She picked up the bag of money laying by where he once stood and slid through the window. She hardly touched the ladder as she made her way to the ground. Once on the ground she took off at a sprint, in the opposite direction of the way that she had come, hoping beyond hope that somewhere she could find sanctuary.
Though she had killed him, she knew that she would never be safe. Running out of breath, she fell to the ground. Looking up at the sky, she let one tear fall from her face. This wasn't the life she had chosen for herself, yet it was the one thrown at her by fate. Hearing a noise behind her, she turned around, only to see a glimpse of a man running back into the woods.
She would be discovered. She would be killed.
It was only a matter of time.

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