The Night

October 24, 2011
By Ro-zXD BRONZE, Des Moines, Ia, Iowa
Ro-zXD BRONZE, Des Moines, Ia, Iowa
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What is right is not always popular, but what is popular is not always right.

They’re after me, I can see them flying down the street… looking for me. My name is Clarissa Jones, and I am in danger for my life.

I can remember being a normal kid once. With a mom, a dad, and one little brother. I was in high school, with many friends who knew just about everything about me. But the one thing they didn’t know, and I didn’t know for a while is that I am being hunted.

I have always known that I was adopted, but never knew why, or who my real parents were. I honestly never thought I would ever contain that sort of information. But one day my ‘mother’ was talking to me one afternoon, we sat on my bed and she took my hands into hers. “Sweetie,” she choked out, “I need to talk to you about your real parents.” FINALLY!

“Now, you may not believe me, but-” I stopped her. “I don’t care if you said she is a martian living on Jupiter, tell me now.” She slowly and carefully started, “Hone, your real, biological, blood relative, mother was Axelle, the best vampire slayer ever. Eventually she died from the vampires return, and couldn’t hold them all off.” I looked at her with an unfathomable expression on my face. “What? Your joking right? Vampires don’t exist.” She winced, “I wouldn’t joke about this, listen-” “NO. You’ve never told me anything. Not one single word.” I have waited so long for this day and she tells me another lie. “I’m leaving this house. And NEVER coming back.” I screamed at her, and packed a suitcase.

“Clarissa Jones, get back here this INSTANT.” Mom chased me outside, and I ran. Where would I go? I had to be insane to seriously run away from home. But hey, Mom’s the insane one to tell me that vampires are real. Maybe I should believe her.... or should I? So many questions were going through my head, I didn’t even realize that a man was following me. Quickening my pace, I turned a bunch of corners, trying to loose him. There is a rock in the center of the road, and of course I trip. Over my shoulder, is not one, but four tall slender people flying, in the air right on top of me. Then a hand, on my shoulder. Shivers run up and down my spine.

Heavy breathing in my ear, then slithery words invading my ear lobe, “Speak your last word peasant!” I instinctively kicked my leg straight up, picked up the the sharpest stick I could find and stabbed one straight through the thigh, the rest back up in fear. I stood up, shook the dust off of myself, and spoke with confidence, “You want some more, come and get it.” Most shook their heads, picking up the wounded vampire, and backed into the darkness slowly. I took a long stride forward, and bellowed, “My name is Clarissa Jones, and I am here to avenge the death of my mother, Axelle Jones, the Best Vampire Slayer Ever.” The vampire I had injured whispered loudly in a raspy voice, “We’ll be back, bringing the rest of our clan with us.”

The author's comments:
I dreamed this up, all coming from my head. Then my teacher requested an essay with a topic of our choice, so I applied my dream to the essay and this is what came out of it. I plan on adding more onto this, and changing things up a bit.

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