Halloween terror

November 2, 2011
By PDbandgeek BRONZE, Cathedral City, California
PDbandgeek BRONZE, Cathedral City, California
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There was 14 year-old girl named Joanna that lived in a small town named Rancho Mirage and lived with Her mom, brother and little sister. They were a very happy family that were very close and did everything together but soon that would change. One day one of Joanna’s friends invited her to her Halloween/Costume party that was going to be next week and Joanna was very excited to go. But when she got home she begged and pleaded her mom to go but her mom said that she couldn’t because she was going to be working late that day and was going to hire a babysitter for the night. She was furious with her and ran to her room and was disappointed. So then she got a very devious idea.

So the week passed by week and the more and more day that passed by the more the she thought about her plan. So the day came of the her party and day turned to night as her babysitter walked through the door their mom said that if she had any problems to call and the babysitter said okay no worries the kids will be fine as she left, Joanna said “I don’t feel good I think ill just go to sleep” and the babysitter said “ okay want any medicine”. “No thanks I think ill just rest” replied Joanna. “Okay feel better” replied the Babysitter. Then Joanna went upstairs and got ready for her party. She put a pillow under the covers so if someone would check-up on her they would only see a shape and think she was there. So in a split second she opened her window and climbed on the tree next to her room and climbed down.

Joanna knew exactly when she was going and even mad a map from her house to the party. She arrive in about 15 minuets and was ready to go inside but something stopped her. Before she got there she felt that someone or something was watching her and staring at her. And she looked around but didn’t see Anything. But heard rustling and just though it was a breeze but knew deep in her head that she knew it was something else. She rand the door bell and saw all her friends greeting her and felt good again. She was excited to see her friends as witches, vampires, goddesses, and princesses. She didn’t want to wear a costume but still didn’t feel out of place. She danced with her friends and felt good about it. She didn’t want to leave but if she stayed she would get in big trouble. So she said bye to all her friends and went on way.

So she went our the door and went her way back home. So she went our into the darkness and went her way to her house. Since she had so much fun at her party she forgot about the incident that happened earlier. While she was walking she had been so happy she was skipping back. But then she heard noises and remembered of the incident in a flash and all of a sudden saw some red eyes and ran for her life but the thing caught up and the girl screamed and screamed and screamed but no one heard her.

It got late and the mom found out that she wasn’t there so she figured that she sneaked out to go to the party. And the mom was a little mad but was more worried so she went to the house of the party that it was hosted at. She asked of Joanna was there but they said that she had said she was leaving and now the mom was frightened to death and searched all the streets from the party’s location to their house but found nothing. Day by day week by week month by month the police were searching for her but found nothing. Not even a trace the 14 year old Joanna has not been heard since.

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