Beautiful Nightmare

November 1, 2011
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She opened her eyes, wondering what had happened. She saw everything in the world move in slow motion around her, she saw crowds of people panicking and running around through the falling cold snow. She saw across the fields of snow a giant volcano erupting molten lava slowly consuming everything in its path. She had a indifferent reaction to all of this, but felt something tugging her pants leg and looked down. A boy with a red scarf was looking straight up at her with his bright blue eyes, that were almost glowing, he uttered words that she could not understand as though in a unknown language. But then he lifted her hand and showed her a ring on her finger, the ring was glowing blue like the little boys eyes, and she looked at the boy once more to see that his eyes were now carved out bloody hollows. Seeing this she jumped back with a screech, and everything went black. She opened her eyes breathing heavily, and realized she was only dreaming. Then through the window flew in a glowing blue butterfly and it landed on the foot of her bed. She put her hand over her mouth and said,
“ No. It can't be. Go away!” she knew that if she started to see this that meant she was dreaming still, but it was too late, the door to her bedroom creaked slowly open revealing the hallway light. As the door opened it showed a giant figure smiling brightly with razor sharp teeth directly at her. She was paralyzed with fear. Then before she could utter any words the figure whipped its tongue out of its mouth and wrapped it around her fragile body dragging her across the room. She was terrified screaming hysterically and when the figure got close enough to her, it lifted her into its mouth, and she fell into its dark belly, and everything went black. She then opened her eyes again cautiously, hoping it wasn't another dream. She saw a warm face looking down on her, it was her father, it looked as though he was crying, then she realized she was in a hospital and was utterly confused so she asked her father, “ Why am I here Daddy?” he looked at her with passion, “ Because you're dead, sweetie.” Then out of nowhere the little boy from before appeared and mouthed the words spoken before, she couldn't understand, but her father knew she was wondering what he had said and translated, “ He said,
“ Creepy people doing creepy things, creepy creatures doing people things.” Then she couldn't control herself and began to say, “ Beauty is rare. Beauty is a flower that no demon can burn. Beauty is a contradiction. Beauty is pure. Beauty can kill a sinful soul. Beauty is simple. Beauty is peace to our hearts. Beauty is war. Beauty is eternal. Beauty is rare.” The boy walked over to her and took out a blue rose and cut her fingertip on the thorn and whispered in her ear, “ Beauty. Is dead.”

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