In The Night

November 1, 2011
By Anonymous

“Seriously though, I don’t think we should go. Arianna, I don’t trust him at all.” Zane proclaimed as if it were one of the Ten Commandments. In a wistful voice Arianna replied “Zane please trust me on this. Please. I have known Josh since we were kids, and he’s not as bad as the rumors say. He’s just another case of stereotyping. Please believe me on this Zane.” He pondered her words for a short time. Defeated in this conversation he exclaimed “Fine. But only ‘cuz it’s you, and you’re begging me. I’ll trust you, and I’ll trust him.” Full of glee Arianna jumped around yelling “Yay! Yay! Thank you so much Zane.” “You ready to go? We should most likely bring some jackets; it’s supposed to be colder tonight than it was all week.” Zane said. In reply Arianna voiced her opinion “Yea I suppose, there’s nothing else we need?” Zane replies “Na I think we’re good with just jackets. I’ll go warm up the car you grab your jacket ok?” “Aye aye Capitan” says Arianna in a joking method. She grabs her jacket, turns off the light, and locks the door on the way out, then calls Josh to let him know that they are on their way.

Josh says to Danny after hanging up his phone “Bro; Zane and Arianna are on the way, we should get this fire started already. It’s freezing.” Danny replies “I’m workin on it man, this wood’s all kinda damp though. Kenny you got the lighter fluid bro?” “AGH; I knew I forgot something. It’s cool though, I’m pretty sure I got a little bottle of it in my car let me check real quick.” Kenny says as he begins walking off to his car. “I’ll go get Jarppi (pronounced YAR PEE) and HP, you take over the fire, deal?” Danny asks. Josh jumps in reply “Will do. Oh and do me a favor and bring my stereo over here?” “Sure thing.” Danny walks away in the cold biting wind as Josh does his best to light the kindling. Danny walks up behind Kenny and grabs his arm and yells “RAAAHHH!” Kenny freaks out and trips over a medium sized rock. “OH MY GOD! Don’t do that bro. Not cool. At all.” In reply Danny says “Sorry but it was hilarious. I gotta go pick up Jarppi and HP, I’ll be back in like 20 minutes. Oh and when you find your lighter fluid bring Josh the stereo so we can listen to some music.” Kenny brushes off his skinny jeans and nonchalantly says “Yea yea, I got it, just hurry up already.” Danny gets in his car and slowly drives away leaving Kenny alone by his car. “Ahhh found it. I knew it was in there somewhere. God, I should really clean out my car.” Kenny says to himself. After he shuts his door he opens Josh’s door and grabs the boom box stereo from the backseat, and a few cd’s from the dashboard. Kenny proceeds to make his way back to the camp area where Josh is trying to start the fire. Back at camp Kenny realizes josh has made no progress whatsoever on the fire, so he tosses the lighter fluid at josh. Josh barely catches a glimpse of the lighter fluid out of the corner of his eye and makes a snatching motion right as the bottle of fluid is about to hit him. “Thanks” Josh adds. As he is setting up the boom box Kenny says “Yea no problem bro. I brought the stereo, CD’s. Whatcha wanna listen to? I grabbed Devildriver, Metallica, Slipknot, Amon Amarth, and Static X. Take your pick.” Josh looks like he is in deep thought right about now and suddenly blurts “Static X. I could go for some Static X.” “Excellent choice my good sir.” Kenny retorts. Kenny inserts the CD and the music is only beginning to play as they both see headlights pulling up to the camp area.

Zane grumpily gets out of the car and slams the door at the site of Josh, whereas Arianna hops out of the car and barely remembers to shut the door before running to Josh and pummeling him with a hug. Josh laughs and yells “WOAH. Calm down Arianna, don’t smother me.” Arianna reluctantly lets him go and softly says “Sorry, I totally freaked a little bit.” In reply Josh just says “Yea, it’s cool.” He walks over to Zane “Hey man, what’s up?” and offers his fist to Zane. Zane grumpily greets Josh’s fist with his own “Nothing much, I approve of your choice of music though.” Josh replies “Thanks, let’s go sit down I almost got the fire started.” They walk over to some small boulders surrounding the fire pit and sit down while Josh continues to light the logs in the fire pit. Kenny is looking through the songs on the CD’s and everybody is calm and relaxed.

Jarppi jumps at the sound of something slamming on his door. He starts walking to the door but stops. There is something pooling under the door with the thickness of spaghetti sauce. He couldn’t quite see the color of the liquid but he knew what it was instantly. Blood. He grabs something from the wall and yanks it from the sheath. His replica Viking sword, honed very finely into a razor sharp double bladed sword. He rips the door open to find HP, standing there with a machete in one hand dripping a liquid with a foul stench, and a large hammer in the other, over some kind of hideous mutated body reeking of decaying flesh and oozing puss and blood. Its head separated from its body. “LET’S GO. There’s some weird mess goin on here, we gotta leave NOW” Right on time Danny shows up in his car and as he is about to knock on the door it is roughly yanked open and he is shocked to see HP’s chest covered in blood with Jarppi right behind him. “Nice costume” he says. HP’s cold words bite into Danny as he says “This is no costume. Something weird is going on and we need to leave ASAP” He hops into the front seat of Danny’s Mustang as he tosses the machete to him. Jarppi gets in the back seat behind HP and Danny pulls out of the driveway heading back to the camp. “Tell me what’s going on HP. I need to know what we’re dealing with.” Danny suddenly blurts. In reply HP just sits there quietly as if thinking how to answer. Danny yells “TELL ME!” HP snaps out of his thinking and just says calmly and sadly “Okay okay, I’ll tell you guys when we get to camp.” Danny just continues driving with a grimace on his face; he is scared out of his mind.

Josh stands up pulling the old shovel out of the huge furry beast’s face. The camp was riddled with bodies like this and like the one at Jarppi’s house all dripping and oozing blood reflected by the light of the now blazing fire pit. Falling in exhaustion Zane drops his knife in the dirt. Kenny lays defeated by exhaustion in the dirt as Arianna wiped the blood from her face. “That’s all of them” Josh says. Right then Jarppi, HP and Danny pull up. As they are getting out of the car they hear an odd screeching sound and an even weirder moaning sound, and as soon as they realize what it is they see the eyes all around them. They are surrounded...

The author's comments:
I will post a more "finished" version of this eventually, but for now, enjoy. Or not. It's your choice.

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