The Broken Road

November 1, 2011
By roobear13 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
roobear13 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Ava sat quietly in the dark alley, waiting for her next victim. Not many people crossed her path. But anyone who did would soon be dead. Someone deserved it, and she needed revenge. Whoever killed her baby sister, deserved death and she deserved justice.

One night, as a victim lay dieing, he said something that would change Ava forever. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

Why he had said what he said, she’ll never know. Was he an angle? Did he know what happened? Whatever it was changed Ava’s life for the better, she was different now. After years of work, she was virtually alcohol free, she had gotten a job a fortune cookie writer for the Chinese restaurant right under her apartment and had even made some friends.

Ava[d][e] had never regretted letting her curiosity get the best of her this much.

b[f]itter darkness had already closed in around her, it was too late to turn back now. As she looked at the face of death she, flashed back to just hours before. It wasn’t a horror story then, just friends and good things.

It had all began with helping plan a friend’s party. Ava had loaded her friend’s address into her GPS. Now, a club was being held over Ava by a insane Italian man with a fancy name, Giuseppe Giovanni De Luca, to be exact. He whispered in Avs’s ear, “It’s to late to say sorry now.” Ava wanted to speak up for herself, but there was no excuse for what she did. Rather than words, countless tears streamed down her face. Drugs, alcohol, taking innocent human lives, non of it had ever given her a sense of fulfillment, what would? Qualm and self-disgust struck her like a sharp blade. “You are a disgrace to the human race” ranted De Luca.

Ava had never heard more true words. Just as she began to turn on the waterworks yet again, De Luca made a curious cell phone call. “Yes, I will have the body... Yes dead indeed.” He broke out in snorting sort of laugh. With all his strength, he held up his club and slammed it down. However, to his astonishment, it hit the ground. Luckily for Ava, he was not the brightest bulb in the batch. She could actually perform the act of rolling over while he wasn’t looking!

With a deep sigh, he lit a torch and began searching for his victim. After a few minutes, sirens blared and lights flashed . Although he didn’t know what had become of Ava, he knew what would soon become of himself. Fear struck him, regret, sadness, anger, it all came back[g] to haunt him. [h]

Life as De Luca knew had never been good. His parents had abused him, which put him into foster homes. He had spent his entire life running away from the only care he had, which was his way of dealing with difficulties and trauma. Once he turned 18, he had become proficient at life on the street. But now, it was not as easy to get free food, so he took up the only job that would hire him, a contract killer. The whole time the job felt right, he got the revenge he always wanted and got payed to do it. But now a new aspect came into his bleak brain. “Why would he abuse innocent people as his parents did him?” But the kind thought drifted away as quick as it came. Revenge was his game. His heart was as hard as the club he held in his hands. Nothing would change that. Especially now, the man who gave De Luca food and shelter wanted him to murder Ava, after all she had murdered his own father.

As for Ava, and her escape from her own death, all she had to do was crawl slightly to the left of him. The half-baked De Luca did not have the patience to look around him, just ahead of him. After he was out of her viewpoint, she scrambled toward the faintest city light. Since her car had been hijacked and her wallet (which also contained her cell phone) was stolen , Ava had no means of transportation and no way to contact anyone. As she made her way to the police station, she recalled the lives that she slaughtered, all the lies she told and how innocent people had been convicted because of it. Fear and regret filled her, tears came pouring out once again.

Just as a hurting soul had killed her baby sister, she, in her brain blowing anger, left her home, set out ready to kill. Hoping to possibly get revenge on the unknown being who had murdered her sister. Taking the life of anybody that crossed her obscure path.

She had always felt somewhat guilty about what she did, and over time, it grew, getting stronger everyday. Today the feeling of guilt became stronger then her fear of death itself. Ava had changed, her life had taken an abrupt turn.Tonight Ava would be turning herself in.

14 months later, Ava and De Luca where sitting in cells on death row. Ava would be injected today. She sat quietly. But her eyes showed no sign of anger or worry, just regret. Her prison mates where stumped by the peace she held, they didn’t understand, Ava herself was not exactly sure just where it came from. The only thing she knew was that she was loved by God, a man the chaplin had told her about, that was enough, love had changed her life. As for De Luca, he ended his own life, before the authorities could. Ava and De Luca had both had similar lives, but Ava had the willingness to change the way she lived.[i]

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