Disobeying Death

November 2, 2011
Desirey Chidley was the perfect daughter; she had priorities and goals that would purely benefit her in the near future. That scrawny and petite young lady was actually very strong, both physically and mentally. At sixteen years of age, Ms.Chidley possessed the qualities and attributes of a great individual. Desirey was an honorable servant leader, one who was caring, responsible, and independent. She was like no other, for she was one of a kind. Loved by everyone, she was definitely special and held a significant place in their hearts.

With electric-blue colored eyes, Desirey was beautiful and captivated each and every person she encountered. Her silky blonde locks of hair rested ever so comfortably on her shoulders as it hypnotized many. Her face was flawless; it was arranged and aligned making it look like a masterpiece, a work of art. Her confidence made her the most stunning female to ever walk the surface of the earth. Everything she wore matched and complemented her attractive but delicate frame. She was indeed drop-dead gorgeous, an angel whose smile puts the sun to shame.

It was a warm Saturday morning in May when the Chidley family awoke to the peaceful and comforting melodies nature provided. Every member of the love bunch woke up in an exceptionally positive mood.

"Mother, Father, thank you for all your love and support throughout the years. I am very grateful and lucky and have two amazing people as my parents," Desirey elaborately explained as she leaned in to hug them both.

"Honey, what do you want now?" They both asked with confusion as if on cue.

"Can I please go to a dance, tonight? It is extremely safe and secure, I promise, and plus all my best friends are going!" Desirey was now begging and hoping the persuasive, infomercial tone in her voice would not be noticeable.

"No!” Her mother quickly interrupted. "You know we love you, but honey please you, especially, know that no one needs drugs and alcohol to have fun. Those dances are inappropriate and dangerous." Mrs. Chidley insisted since she was so overprotective of her only daughter, but, she did have her reasons and always stood by them.

Desirey, not wanting to argue with her mother, just allowed tears roll down her face slowly. Poor child cried with such depression, sadness, and fear. Her tears hit her like stabbings going deep inside her causing intolerable pain. Even if disappointed, she realized she could not miss up on a once in a lifetime opportunity like this one. "Nathan's going to be there", she told herself as she pondered about her complicated situation, "it was fate", she continued. She had now made up her mind.

This would be the first and only act of vandalism against her parents’ decisions. Desirey then concluded that there would be no serious consequences for her disobeying actions. Everything that day indicated happiness and success and no one, not even herself, considered anything whatsoever could ruin this. No one had a clue.

At about 10:30, Desirey snuck out her house and was on her way to the dance with Stacy, a childhood friend. It was surprising how silent she was because at a moment like that you could hear a pin drop; she was as secretive, stealthy, like a sly fox. When they finally arrived, she noticed Nathan having a drink by himself in a solitary corner as if he was being ostracized. His face expressed boredom and despair. Desirey bravely decided to approach him.

Nathan had been Desirey's innocent crush since the third grade, when they shared an apple juice pouch back in Mrs.Nguyen's class. They had grown up together and were actually best friends for a while. She really loved him. She shared how she felt butterflies when ever she even remembered his scent and how sweet it was. She stated how she lacked the courage to talk to him about her true and sincere feelings and emotions. She loved him with such passion. She explained to me she would risk her own life for the one who made her feel valued and loved. He was what she thought the one who would one day take a bullet for her, too as she would not think twice about it herself. Sadly, love made her blind. To make matters worse, Nathan never paid much attention to Desirey that way. They were practically family and he was more attracted to daredevils who had no morals and ethics; ruthless girls who are basically bad influences. Desirey was the complete opposite.

"Hey, Nathan, having fun?" Desirey asked him so kindly so that he reject and publicly humiliate her.

"Hello, Desirey. Well, I thought it was pretty lame, I was about to leave."

"Why?" Desirey questioned and hoped not to sound so eager.

"It's super boring. Now, I know how to have some real fun. Want to come with me or are you a sissy?" Nathan talked as though he wanted to bring her self-esteem down.
Nathan ended up convincing her. Of course, he did not have to do much since she was totally distracted by his handsome complexion. He took her outside where it was dark and deserted and nobody could hear them, thus providing the ideal environment with adequate amount of privacy. Then, he grabbed her hand and the warmth was pleasurable for her. He caressed her face carefully and with care.

But Nathan was not Nathan! It was obvious from the beginning; his eyes gleamed a bright shade of red with a mix of phosphorescent orange and yellow. It was almost as if he was looking straight into fire and he suddenly had a devious, dangerous smile stretched out on his face. That wonderful teenage boy, who every girl would kill to date and was completely in love with, had transformed. He was possessed.

He was a wicked creature whose identity remained and unknown. It had no face, but was what seemed like a dark, ill-mannered shadow, master of malice. Being of tremendous size, it had the ability to physically easily tear up Desirey into a million pieces. It was a beast who was hungry for human flesh and intended on tasting the body's velvety, thick, and dainty recipe for longevity that night. It somehow built up enough strength to batter Desirey until she was unconscious; she was beaten, whipped, and strangled. She just lay there, motionless, as it continued heartlessly destroying her bit by bit. It was a horrible scene, bloody gore.

Desirey's makeup had vanished and replaced by liquids, bruises, and scratches. Her Covergirl face had been rearranged and deformed. Her leg was now missing, detached the battered body. Her arm was also broken. The demon had basically killed her in less than two minutes. There was blood and puss oozing out of every pore covering her body. By this time, all cuts were infected and severely deep and scarring.

But, finally, she was home again. Was it all a dream? She was resting at last, not in her bed, but she was still at peace with the world. Had it all ended? Desirey was confused but satisfied being back home, the only place where she felt safe.

It is said that it was not until her parents went upstairs that they noticed she was not lying in her bed. They haltingly searched every corner of her horrid-smelling room, until they reached the white, six-foot closet doors. They paused. When the parents opened the doors, there was a moment of silence followed by sighs and sobbing. There sat Desirey in a puddle of a blood, not breathing and her eyes wide open. She had been skinned and hung in her home. There were visible chucks flesh and organs floating in the liquid ruby. Her chest was opened and her heart seemed like it was still beating. Ba-boom! Ba-boom! Ba-boom, it went again following its rhythmic pattern. The heart pounded crazily almost as if ensured the ending of pain and suffering and offered security. There were letters carved into her heart, engraved into her soul, together they spelled out "I'm sorry". And using Desirey's blood, someone wrote on the wall in big letters OBEY, unfortunately, it only took one of Desirey's actions to determine her fate. She chose to disobey her mother's wishes and ended up obeying Death's instead.

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