One Halloween Night

October 31, 2011
By Tyricabannana BRONZE, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Tyricabannana BRONZE, Olive Branch, Mississippi
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“Your father and I are going to the park” mom says, “how about checking out your new room.” “Whatever”, I said, I wasn’t very happy about moving. Leaving my friends, my school, and I really wasn’t happy about moving into this ugly, ABANDON house. Now this is just me but as soon as my mom told me “honey, guess what were moving into a nice, beautiful, big ABANDON house”. It scared me so much, because I like to read scary stories, and everyone knows that all ghosts live in abandon old houses .The worst part about it is that we moved a couple days before Halloween. So not cool. My mom said I should have a good attitude about moving to a new place, so I can meet new people. Now, what sense does that make. I have no friends, and I was going to go with the cutest guy to the Halloween dance. Well anyway, as I’m walking up the stairs to my room, the door bell rings. “Coming” my mom said. She opens the door to a truly glamorous woman. She looked as if she was a model. “Hello” she said in a high cheerful voice. “My name is Martha Perfect. My family and I live next door.” She said smiling,
“I thought I should welcome you to the neighborhood.” Mrs. Perfect was wearing a red sparkling dress with black ruffles on the bottom. I looked over at my mom, who was twirling her hair around with her finger (which is something she does when she is intimidated). I walked down the stairs to help my mother out. she was clearly out of words to say. “Hello Katie, this is Mrs. Perfect. “ She said, “She is our new neighbor.” “Hello Katie, I know I just met you, but do you think you could come over and baby sit tomorrow. My husband and I are going out to dinner, and we just need some time to relax.” Mrs. Perfect says. “Of course, she can” My mom said without giving me a chance to answer. It was OK because I love kids, and they always seem to like me too. I always use to baby sit back at home, but that was usually for money to buy music cards or movie tickets. “Yah”, Mrs. Perfect exclaims, while jumping up and down. (She was clearly a very excitable woman). I’m going to tell my husband. We haven’t been able to go anywhere since the Morgan’s disappeared.” (My mother made a “what did you just say” look.) “The Morgan’s, who-what, happened to them” my mother asked with a bewildered expression? “Oh well I must be getting back home, bye, bye now.” Mrs. Perfect said.


The next day before I went to baby sit at the Perfect’s house. My mom told me to go into town to get some groceries. It was a Sunday, and I usually would be dead asleep. On my way to the grocery story, I saw an old antique shop. There was a little glass doll in the giant glass show window. I opened the door, and started to look around. “Isn’t that the girl that moved into the Morgan’s house?” says the old women who was slightly taller than the others. “Umm, excuse me?” I said, “I couldn’t help but over hear you. Who were the Morgan’s?” “You mean, you don’t know.” “Be quit Susie, don’t scare her,” said another woman.
“No tell me, I want to know,” I said
“Well, the Morgan’s were a family that lived in the house your family moved in.”
“The Morgan’s daughter went missing one night, and one by one, the entire family disappeared.”

I ran out of the store and walked over to the Perfect’s house and rang the door bell. “Oh, hello Katie, I’m glad that you could make it.” She smiled at me and led me to the kitchen. There were two little kids, a boy around nine and a girl around 7. These kids weren’t like most kids. They were different. Their clothes were black and boring, but the thing that made the kids most unappealing is what they were watching. They were watching heart surgery on mute. “Do you always like watching this stuff,” I said? They both turned around nodding their heads. I walked behind Mrs. Perfect to close the door as she was leaving. As I started to turn around, I was hit with something hard that made a metallic sound. When I awoke, I was in a cage with the whole Perfect family, the ladies at the store, and a few of the towns folks. They were all there standing in front of me. The two little kids were holding knives. Mrs. Perfect walked up to the cage. She licked her lips and flashed her fangs at me. Then all at once they all said, “Happy Halloween!”

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for English Class.

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