forgotten dreams

October 31, 2011
By Anonymous

The night was dark and stormy, I was having yet another fight with my mom, and things got more and more heated. But I couldn’t take it, I went towards the door and slammed it behind me, the handle broke off. I needed some air, and the light from the red-orange moon was the only thing that kept the streets visible to the human eye. Without realizing it, I started running and by ten minutes I was at an abandoned amusement park.

Once I got there, the sky was pitch black and cold breezes would pass every few seconds. The name of the amusement park was written in neon lights but they obviously hadn’t been on for a very long time. I entered the colorful wooden doors and stood there in the middle of the park, it seemed like I was the first person to stand there for years, I walked for a while, but before I knew it I was at the other end of the park. As I lifted my head, I found myself in an area with a few rides and attractions. Neglect had shown from the faded paint on the wooden pillars holding the sign and most of the wood had chipped off. The ground was filled with filth of all kind, garbage, spray paint bottles and fallen gun bullets. As I moved closer to the gate, I felt unwelcome so I didn’t dare make a sound. When I finally got to the gate a horrible smell filled the air. I barely managed to squeeze through a small crack in the thin iron door that was covered with graffiti.

Wind was blowing through the metal structure of an enormous roller-coaster and it seemed like a whisper of a long forgotten song. A piece of poster that was ripped off from an empty cashier stand a long time ago, flew like a broken kite before striking into overturned popcorn stand. The first row of empty attractions was clearly visible on a grey background that quickly turned to darkness. Rain had washed away some paint from the iron columns surface. Garbage piles were stacked in the angles of the colorless bared metal fence. There was no movement and everything looked still like a paused movie. Strangely a clean and shiny fortune telling machine stood close to the entrance of the ‘House of Horror’. The face of a dark wizard that used to predict anyone’s future was looking without any expression from behind the glass. His opened eyes were empty and starring into distance. The electric cable that normally powers the machine was unplugged lying on the filthy floor.

At first there was a clicking sound that came from nowhere, covered by the wind. It could be anything: a piece of rusted metal breaking off the empty ride’s cart or a loosened screw that finally fell from the top off the merry-go-round. But the next sound was much louder. There was no doubt. It was coming from the fortune telling machine. There was almost a smile on the face of the wizard. Until he reached out and tried to grab me, but the plastic cover didn’t allow him. I backed away from the Wizard but tripped on a rock and scrapped my arm, my elbow started to bleed. By now he had broken through the plastic and was approaching me slowly…

‘AAAAAHH’ I screamed as i woke up from my sleep, my mom ran into my room worried sick. ‘It was just a dream’ she said ‘go back to sleep’. She then left the room and I sat in the dark on my bed and tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t my elbow was hurting really badly, I covered the wound which made my hand full of blood, I decided to ignore it. I rubbed my eyes and rearranged my position to find the wizard sitting facing me with the same smile on his face.

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