Revenge and Justice

October 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Blue and red lights flashed before his eyes. Sirens pounded in his ears. Dogs growled at his feet. Eric was trapped. The only way out was through six lanes of traffic and across a bridge. He made a mad dash through the cars and onto the bridge. Eric tumbled onto the bridge. He jumped over the edge and dropped into the water where the currents would carry him away.

Earlier that month, Eric had cheated on his wife, Rebeca. The day Eric hadn’t come home until late that night, she knew her marriage was over. It was over months before that; but now, it was final. There was no taking back what he had done to her.
“Get out,” Rebeca said.
“Can’t we talk this...”
“I’m not leaving. If you don’t want to see me, you go. Run away to mommy’s house.”
“At least, now, I know you don’t love me, that you never even cared about us.”
Rebeca ran to her room, grabbed a bag of her things, and sped to her mother’s house where she spilled everything that happened that night. The next day, when Eric had gone to work, she went back to the house, grabbed the rest of her things, and left a few messages for Eric to find. He would see them the minute he walked into the house, for Rebeca spray-painted them on the wall. She also smashed their wedding pictures and took some of his favorite things with her.
Eric came home that night to find the messages and all of Rebeca’s things gone. He found the wedding pictures smashed, along with the television broken, the fridge disconnected, and his laptop and computer gone. At that moment, when he took in all the destruction, he was devising a plan of getting even with Rebeca. First, he would take what was most important to her. Then, after a few days, he would go to her house, and make her get back together with him. If she refused, he would drag her to his car, tie her up, and rape her. He would have a gun to end it all after he was done with her.
Rebeca hadn’t gone to work the rest of the week. She called in sick and stayed home. For the entire week, she lay on the couch and watched sad movies. At the same time, Eric wasn’t going to work, either. Instead of going to work, he was plotting revenge on Rebeca for leaving and trashing the house.In the basement of his house, the one place Rebeca left alone, he sat at a table and started writing up his plans.
It was Friday, and Rebeca had finally found the strength to go back to work; Eric stayed home. He went over his plans making sure that if he did kill Rebeca, the police would never find him or possibly know it was he who killed her. Rebeca didn’t know it, but this would be the last time she ever went to work.
The next day, at about five in the morning, Rebeca woke suddenly to what sounded like a mirror shattering. Eric had broken into the house. Where Rebeca lay is where the crime would take place. She stayed quiet, clinging to the sheets and straining her ears to hear what was going on downstairs.She heard a click and then the sound of boots on wooden floors. The sounds of the boots became louder and louder. Eric headed up the stairs. Instead of turning left toward Rebeca’s room, he turned right and walked straight into her mother’s room. There was a sudden shriek and then silence. Eric had taken a knife and stabbed her in the heart, killing her instantaneously. After about a minute, Rebeca heard footsteps again. They came closer. As a tear rolled down her cheek, Eric barged into the room with an evil look in his eye. The look was murderous. At that moment, Rebeca knew she wouldn’t be alive for much longer.
“What are you doing here? Please go home. I will call you later. Eric, you need to go.”
“No Rebeca, I need to be here. You destroyed my house. “
“Eric please, I beg you. Go home.”
Eric approached her and threw her on the ground. He tried to jump on top of his ex-wife, but she resisted him and tried to push him off. Tears ran down her face and she fell to the carpet. He slapped her face and tried once more to get on top of her. This time, he was successful. He pulled off her shirt and slapped her.

“Please Eric, stop it. Leave me alone. Go home!”

Rebeca defended herself, but Eric overpowered her. He slapped her repeatedly causing blood to run from her nose and lips. Eric pulled her to her feet and rammed her into the bedroom wall. Glass shattered on the ground, and Rebeca was thrown on the bed. Her pants and the rest of her clothes were ripped off, and Eric leaped on top of her.

“Stop! Please. Eric stop!”
“Shut up! Relax, everything is fine. Just shut up, Rebecca.”
“Eric, get off me. Please stop. Please!”

He started kissing and harassing her. Rebeca was punching him, but it was like he didn’t even notice. She punched Eric in the nose causing him to cry in pain. Anger rushed through him. Rebeca was no longer breathing. Blood ran from a wound in her chest, and it started to pool on the bed. The knife was gripped in Eric’s hand.

After the blood stopped flowing from the lifeless body, Eric grabbed her and her mother and stashed them in two different duffel bags. He took the sheets and put them in a separate bag. Then he put new, clean sheets on the bed, cleared up all of the blood, and vacuumed up all of the broken glass in the bedroom and by the front door. After he took care of the crime scene, he grabbed the bags and the knife and carried them all to the car. He drove to a nearby river and took the bodies into the surrounding trees. He went back to the car, grabbed the knife and a shovel. After that, he went back to the bodies and started to dig a 10 foot hole. He threw the bodies in first and then the sheets. He filled the hole most of the way with dirt but planted a plane over the bodies to conceal the spot of the grave. Eric then dropped the bloody knife into the river and watched it drop to the bottom where the sand engulfed it completely.
That night, Eric lay awake thinking of everything that could go wrong now that he had killed the two women. He did everything he could to make sure he wouldn’t be a suspect. Everything was quiet for the next three days. Eric had thought that he was home free when ear-piercing sirens pounded from his house. A voice outside said, “Come out with your hands up! We have you surrounded!” He was panicking now. He had to run. Eric slipped out the back door, ran across his yard, and jumped over the fence. He was running now, across streets, into the town, and now onto a bridge. The police cars were right behind him. The only way out was to jump into the raging river below. He took one more look behind him and then plunged into the water below. Eric first felt a cool sensation and then the feeling of being dragged and drowned at the same time. He took in mouthfuls of water. Once he was able to swim to the edge of the river, he dragged himself out and lay on the ground. Night came fast. Everyone thought he was dead; and the truth is, he was very close to death. As night fell, it became colder. The temperature dropped below 40 degrees. Eric fell into a deep sleep. He never woke up because hypothermia had taken over his body and killed him. The family got closure but never justice.

The author's comments:
I hope that pealpe realize, children and women are raped everyday. Some are even murdered during all of this. I wrote about a young woman who was cheated on by her husband. She left him, but because he didn't want to be known as a cheater, he murdered his wife and mother-in-law. He wanted his name cleared and the events that happened behind him.His goal was a clean slate, but it looks like he lost his chance.

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DiamondD said...
on Nov. 4 2011 at 7:21 pm
Fast moving, I like it!

on Nov. 4 2011 at 7:13 pm
I loved your opening, it made me want to keep reading!

Kaitlyn Ko said...
on Nov. 4 2011 at 1:40 pm
Kaitlyn Ko, Arlington Heights, Illinois
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment
this is the best story ever!!!!! such a thriller!!!!! keep writing!!!! 

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