The Light Battle

October 13, 2011
By Anonymous

~Elektra: Field of Glass~

I stared at my master, the window between us seeming thinner than ever. Soon, Helen would pass on, either to the Field of Glass, or to the Shadowland. I have been doing my very best to show my master her true, beautiful self. My enemy, the shadow Echo, tries to do the opposite; she distorts Helen and masks her face. I watch worriedly as Helen smears chemicals over the lines and creases of her aged face, frowning as she does so. I manipulated my own image, bringing more light onto what Helen saw as her reflection, and the shadows of the wrinkles faded slightly. Helen smiled.

~Echo: Shadowland~
I sneered, watching as the reflection tries to reverse the age on Helen’s hideous face. As Helen walks out of the bathroom, I undo Elektra’s efforts. I stepped into place behind Helen, deciding stretching her form to make her look spindly and lanky. I laughed aloud, thinking of how ugly Helen must think she is. Soon, she will hate her reflection, hate Elektra, and then she will die. I will take her down into the Shadowland. Lucifer will then allow me to become a ghost of my “master”, and forever haunt Helen’s friends and family.

I suppose I should tell you what could happen when Helen dies. It all depends on whether she decides that she is beautiful, or if she is deceived into self-loathing by her shadow. If she can see the beauty that my King gave her, she will come to the Field of Glass with me, and my King will let me stay in the Light. If she gives into the shadows, she will become a shade, alone forever, stuck between life and death. Then the only company she will have would be Echo.

~Helen: Earth~
I stood up from my battered old chair, sighing as my joints creaked. Every night, I pray that I’ll go back in time; my bones will jump back into place, my back will align itself, my hearing will come back, my hair will change from grey back to blonde. But most of all, I want the wrinkles to fade. It is how one recognizes a senior citizen. Sometimes, the wrinkles do not seem as deep, and others, it looks as if my face was crumpled into a ball like a piece of flimsy paper. The only thing that remained young is my eyes. They are bright blue, and still shine as if I were just born.

I smile to myself. I can hardly wait until the day when that old geezer croaks. Then I realize, I could just speed it up a little bit…

I decided to go to bed early, since I had nothing else to do. I went up to the bathroom to go brush my dentures and apply more wrinkle cream. As I looked into the mirror, I noticed something dark behind me, slowly growing larger. It was my shadow. I backed away clumsily, and trip over my own feet. The shadows settle all over me. They coat my face; it is now grey and shriveled up like a raisin. I scream and throw my hairbrush at the mirror. It shatters.

As the brush hit me, I felt intense waves of agony. Every pore in my body screamed for mercy as long cracks ran across my face, separating my limbs. The pieces rained over Helen, and I tried in vain to keep them from cutting her. Is this what it is like to die? Can an eternal being die?

As the remains of Elektra fell onto the floor, I laughed crazily. She’s coming with me. I’m going to be a ghost at last.
Shards of glass fell all over me, opening gashes on my arms and face. The shadow laughs as it pulls me into the ground. “Help me!” I yelled as loud as I could. How could a shadow even do this? No matter how much I struggle, it does nothing. As my hands scrape across the floor in a last attempt for salvation, I catch a piece of the mirror in my hand. No matter which I turn it, it always shows a beautiful, dark blue eye. Then, everything went dark.

I looked up and ran my hands over my face. No cracks. My heart leapt when I saw where I was. The Field of Glass. Someone was standing next to me. She stood straight as an arrow, had smooth, clear skin, blonde hair, and dark blue eyes.

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