October 23, 2011
By Anonymous

A sudden series of chills covered me as i stepped out of the warm house and into the
darkness of the cold, november night. Me and chrissy, my dog were setting out for our
evening walk. The new frost that lied across the dark green grass sparkled in the dim
lights of the streetlamps. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, but when we began to
walk past the old, abandon mansion, i shuddered. For, something felt wrong, very, very
wrong. Then, breaking the still silence of the night, a scream of a girl. It seemed to have
come from the yard of the mansion. I immidiatly looked up to see a young girl, about 15
years old, lying in the yard like a rock. I quickly ran up to her to make sure she was
alright. But she was not. She lied there in the cold, frosty grass. Her face was white as
a ghoughst and bloode was now spilling out from her neck. On her neck was the place
where someone had stabbed her. I knew who she was, she was my nabiors daughter. I ran up
to their house, and knocked frantically on the door, but no one answered. I pulled out my cell phone, and began to dial nine one one, and put
the phone up to my ear. finally, someone picked up, but no one spoke.
" Hello, " i called despratly, "hello, hello."
but there was no answer. giving up, i hung up, and ran to my other nabiors house, and just
like the last house, no one was there. Now i was desprate. I called the first person on my
contact list. it was amanda. mabey she could help. i impatiently waited while the phone
rang. but again, i got her answering machine.
"hello, amanda, if ur there pick up," i cried into the phone,"it's an emergancy."
I hung up and called my dad's house. and again no answer. after about 15 calls and
dissapointment, i was down to the last person on my contact list, and still no luck. I was
begining to doubt my chances
of someone picking up. But still, i decided to call the last person. When they didn't answer,
i hung up and disapointidly put the phone back in my pocket. It was useless. then, just as i
headed home, i heard a voice.
"I will get you, you are the last one to go," the voice told me.
It was the murderer. and besides him, i was alone. completly alone. alone.

The author's comments:
this is one of my short stories.

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