October 22, 2011
By Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
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“Latest News Report Isabella Coll is found dead yesterday at 10:06 pm. Isabella Coll is a 17 year old who was found by her parents in her bed… DEAD!!! This is all we know at the moment, but cops are doing their best to solve this death.

This all started with Isabella waking up in the morning at an early time. It was 5:30 a.m. she woke up and started getting ready for school. She is in 12th grade; she goes to Bayside High school. Isabella has lots of friends in this school. Everyone loves her so much. Her boyfriend, Peter Gonzales also goes to this school that is how they met.

She got out of her house and walked to school with her boyfriend and best friend. They were brother and sister, so they lived together. They arrived to school; they went to their classes and met again at lunch and free periods. She had a lot of friends but what she didn’t know is that one of them hated her. This girl just hated her so much because Isabella had everything she wanted. Friends, house, loving family, boyfriend, good looks, and good grades. She had so much hatred that she would try to do anything to ruin her life, but it never worked. Isabella never noticed what she was trying to do, she just kept walking. This girl who hated her so much was named Andrea but everyone called her “Andy” because she was a tomboy.

Isabella sees her in the halls and says hi and walks away. “Andy” smiles then rolls her eyes, but Isabella never sees her. Other people do but don’t tell her because they are scared of “Andy”. Isabella had been hurt by “Andy” before, but she always thought it was an accident. One time Isabella was going down the stairs and “Andy” pretended to fall and pushed Isabella. They both fell but “Andy” picked herself up so she wouldn’t get so hurt, but Isabella kept falling. She got hurt very bad, she broke her arm and had lots of cuts and bruises. But she survived and eventually recovered. “ Andy” was upset; she thought that Isabella would have died. “Andy” didn’t get in trouble because she made the incident look like an accident.

Isabella thought it was an accident so she forgave her. Lately “Andy” didn’t do anything to Isabella, but she stalked her. It seemed like she was planning something. “Andy” watched her every move from her house, to school, to the bathroom, and back to her house. Isabella did notice “Andy” but she thought it was nothing important... “Andy’ was so obsessed with her, every little thing she found out about Isabella she wrote it down in a notebook. Some people saw this notebook but didn’t say anything because they thought it was creepy, so they didn’t get involved. Isabella never found out anything about this note book until one day…….

It was a beautiful morning. It was Friday, and Isabella was getting ready for school. She was late for school, because her alarm didn’t go off. She got out of her house and found “Andy” walking to school also. They walked together; “ Andy” was starring at her and was trying to figure things out about her. Isabella told her some personal things but weren’t really important. “Andy” still cared and wrote it down in her notebook. “Andy” saw the doors closing for school and started running. Her notebook fell out of her book bag. Isabella picked it up and read it. She was so creeped out. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She dropped the book on the floor and ran. She was so scared; she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t tell anyone and she didn’t talk to “Andy” from then on. Until 2 weeks from what happen, “Andy” changed her class and she went to Isabella class. When she walked in the room Isabella was nervous. The teacher sent “Andy” to where Isabella was sitting. “Andy” sat down looked at her smiled then looked down at her desk. Isabella didn’t do anything.

That afternoon Isabella went to her locker, she found a note. She read it; it said “I’m watching you, so be careful what you do.” Isabella got so scared she put the note in her pocket and showed it to Peter at lunch. He told her “don’t worry it’s probably just a prank.” She said “yeah you’re probably right”. They went and had lunch. She threw the note out and tried to forget about it. She went back to her locker and there was another note. This one said “watch out, I’m going to kill you!!!!!” she was so scared, she kept the note in her locker and didn’t tell anyone... she went home quickly that day, and stayed home. The next day she didn’t go outside at all, she stayed home and had her best friend come to her house. She told her about the notes. Izzy was so scared for her. Isabella also told her about the notebook and Izzy said that it so creepy. Izzy slept over so Isabella wouldn’t be alone. Izzy wasn’t feeling so good. Her head was hurting all of a sudden. She was getting dizzy and she felt really confused. Then all of a sudden Izzy went down to the kitchen took a knife went up to Isabella room again and stabbed her until she was dead then she covered her up and went home. She took the knife wiped the blood on her shirt threw the knife in “Andy’s” garden, went home, and went to sleep like nothing happened. Izzy woke up the next day with blood all over her, she said to herself what did I do yesterday. Izzy was having mental problems lately. She would do things no one would ever do then forget the next day. She changed and went to Isabella’s house. She saw so many cop cars, ambulance, and her parents crying. She went to her parents and asked what happen. They told her, Izzy just started backing away and ran to “Andy’s” house. She couldn’t believe what she did, she felt horrible. She remembered everything now she was the one who sent the notes, and she killed her. Izzy took the knife that she used to kill Isabella with from “Andy’s” garden ran back to Isabella’s house and screamed out “this is the knife I killed my best friend with” everyone turned and looked at her. They arrested her took tests her and found out it was true, she killed Isabella. She got a 10 year life-sentence. She knew she deserved it because of what she did. Even though Isabella was dead she knew Izzy didn’t mean to do that so she forgave her

The crime was solved and in the past now. “ Andy” was happy because of the death. “Andy” gave pills to Izzy that’s why she killed Isabella. After a few years they found the drugs in Izzy’s body and found out who gave them to her. They went to “Andy’s” house and arrested her. She thought it was in the past, but it wasn’t they never stopped searching. So Izzy came out of jail and Andy got a 15 year life-sentence
For drugging someone and making the person kill Isabella. “Andy” regretted what she did, she knew it was wrong. So she just went to jail and did her time.


The author's comments:
I made this in school, and my teacher said it was wondeful.

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on Nov. 16 2011 at 1:34 pm
Broken-Silence SILVER, N/A, New York
8 articles 0 photos 6 comments

can you guys comment what i should write another story on


you would really be helping me

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