Ending the pain

October 17, 2011
By Glory SILVER, Minton, Other
Glory SILVER, Minton, Other
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The screech of pain echoed off the walls as her steel-like hand smashed into his delicate skin.

“Why can’t she just leave him alone?” I whimpered silently as I wallowed myself deeper into the corner “He’s only a child.”

The cries grew louder still as the beating grew harder and the shrieks of anger grew more vicious.

“Why can’t you do anything right?” WHAM!

“You stupid kid!” WHACK!

“Don’t you know anything!” SLAM!
Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of all the pain my baby brother was suffering. I would do anything to stop it.

Suddenly, I heard the gut-wrenching sound of a body hitting concrete, and my brother gave a small whimper before everything went silent.

I leaped from my position and raced down the hallway. There she stood over his bruised, broken and still body.

My heart raced and blood pounded into my head. That vicious, immoral monster! How could she cause us so much pain and feel nothing? How could she beat such an innocent, sweet child and feel nothing?


My thoughts were interrupted by the spine chilling sound of a pistols explosion. Slowly, blood seeped from her chest, her eyes widened with fright, and her still lifeless body crumpled to the ground.

Time stood still as the pistol tumbled from my hand and crashed to the ground.

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