I love you

October 17, 2011
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He swept silently through the starless night. Careful not to be seen. Careful not to be heard.

Thoughts of revenge danced in his thoughts as he cautiously slipped through the unlocked door, and crept across the clean carpet.

Suddenly, he caught sight of his victim and his eyes sparkled with possibilities. Nobody hurt him and got away with it.

He quietly snuck up behind the beautiful young woman and seized her from behind. Slowly, she turned around and screamed out in fear.

Wordlessly, the man of black raised his knife and jammed it into her already broken heart. Pain and recognition flashed in her eyes and she slowly crumpled to the ground.

As the thick red liquid oozed from her wounded chest, he knelt beside her and kissed her cheek one last time.

“I’ll always love you,” He whispered. Then he quietly slipped from the house of empty dreams and walked blindly into the night.

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