October 17, 2011
By Creativeowl BRONZE, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Creativeowl BRONZE, Elizabeth City, North Carolina
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It was the happiest day of her life. The back of their car somewhat read “Just Married” in shaving cream which she assumed was done by the groomsmen. Yesterday, she would have been known as Gabrielle Mercer but from today on she would be referred to as Mrs. Simon Clark. Several hours ago she was standing at the alter with the man of her dreams reciting wedding vows and now she was sitting next to him driving to what would be the beginning of her new life.
“What do you think?” Simon asked gesturing towards the house.
“It’s beautiful!” Gabrielle responded while laboriously eyeing every detail of the house making sure not to miss the ocean view outside of two glass doors that were in the front room.
“Do you want to unpack first or what?” Simon asked his wife not realizing that curiosity had gotten the best of her and she was already stepping outside of the doors.
“I want to go swimming.” Gabrielle immediately replied. She was drawn to the ocean and the sight of it invigorated her. She ran back inside, changed into a bathing suit, and ran passed Simon out to the water.
That was the thing about Gabrielle; she seemed to appreciate the smallest things. For example going for a swim and that was what Simon loved most about her. The newlyweds were nothing but a couple of children again, playing and joking around in the ocean, racing each other on the pier, and once in a while stealing kisses. Their love made any one around them want to be in love but from somewhere beyond the waves, hidden, there was one person whose envy and hatred towards them increased every second she spent watching them.
Her name was Lady Meg. She spent the past week watching the young couple rejoice in their love and it made her sick. Lady Meg spent her life luring men to danger which caused her to accidently kill the love of her own life and if she couldn’t have the man of her dreams then she would do everything to take the men of other women. Simon would be her next victim.
For three days straight, Lady Meg gave her all into luring Simon to her by singing the song of the sirens but it was no use. Simon was so in love with Gabrielle that he wasn’t aware of anything but her and even the call of a siren didn’t take his eyes away from her and that made Lady Meg even more upset. Lady Meg finally decided that she would have to lure Simon when he wasn’t with Gabrielle which was tricky since they spent every waking moment together.
It was Friday morning, the waves were just right and Simon decided he was going to take his boat out by himself before Gabrielle got back from the store. Simon was leisurely lying on his boat when he heard a low call. The call made him alert and his eyes searched for the nearby sound. The low call rose and began to sing a tune. It was the most beautiful sound Simon had ever heard and he was captivated by the sweet melodic tune. He carefully diverted his eyes out to sea and not sure about what he was seeing, he took a step forward.
It was a lady. You could barely see her but she was there and Simon was sure that he was the only one that could see her. She had flawless skin and her hair was a light brown that whipped around her angelic face with the wind. She wore a long flowing white dress that thrashed around her ankles. Instantly attracted to her, he took another step forward and ended up falling over board.
A confused Simon immediately came up from under water, captivated by both the tune and the mysterious lady; he swam closer and closer to the sound. He kept swimming until he heard a low rip coming from above.
Simon was taking too long and Gabrielle would be back soon and even her presence would become an interception in her plan. At that moment Lady Meg decide to quicken the process and do things her way. Being a Siren meant you could control the water but when you were as gifted as her, you learned to control the weather as well and that is what she did.
The once clear blue sky turned grey and clouds randomly appeared covering every inch of the sky. The sky ripped open with a piercing sound, lightening hit, thunder crashed and the waves were no longer calm. Simon was being dragged out to sea by the currents receiving a mouthful of salt water in process. Every time he opened his mouth to scream for help, he was suffocated by the presence of ocean water streaming down his throat. Simon tried unsuccessfully to swim back to shore but the more he moved, the more he was pushed out to sea.
Lady Meg eyed the man carefully, watching as he choked up the last bit of salt water he had swallowed from the previous episode. She had managed to drag him out to a deserted island and he was now chained to a coconut tree by the waist.
“Are you done yet?” Lady Meg asked Simon.
“I want Gabrielle.” Simon responded exhaustedly.
“I wouldn’t worry about her. It’s yourself you should be concerned about but come on. Wouldn’t you rather have a girl like me over her?” Lady Meg asked with a smirk.
“I’d rather die.” Simon harshly spat.
Lady Meg circled him twice and slyly replied; “Don’t worry, that wish will come soon.”
“What do you want from me?” Simon asked desperately.
“I want your life. I want you to feel pain and I want that precious Gabrielle of yours to see what it feels like to lose someone she cares about. I want her to see how lonely life is without her other half. I want you to die and to have her suffer because of it. You’re on my land now and we play by my terms. We will start off by writing this dear love of yours a letter. You can’t tell her who I am or where you are. You are to tell her that you never want to see her again. Tell her you found somebody else that makes you happier and that she means absolutely nothing to you.”
“Why would I do that?”
“Gabrielle seems like a gullible person, don’t you think? Tormenting her is going to be fun. I told you, she will experience pain and it’s going to come from the one person she cares about.”
“She knows I wouldn’t do that to her. She’s not going to believe it even if it is in my hand writing.”
“We will just have to see about that, won’t we? For the record, I’m proof reading this letter before delivering it so try anything and I’ll arrange you to be where my husband is right now.”
“Where is your husband?”
Lady Meg smirked and while handing over the writing material for Simon to write his first letter, she leaned in, got close to his ear and coldly whispered; “Dead.”
Simon finished his letter that clearly stated that he was seeing someone else and Lady Meg delivered it to Gabrielle the next day. Lady Meg found Gabrielle standing in the ocean watching hopefully out to sea. After explaining that the mail must have been switched to the wrong house, Lady Meg left, and in hiding; watched as Gabrielle read the letter.

The letter meant nothing to Gabrielle and Simon was right. Gabrielle simply thought that Simon was lost at sea and would return and even though the letter was in his handwriting, she wasn’t going to believe it until he said it to her face. This aggravated Lady Meg and she was done being the nice guy.

Lady Meg unchained Simon from the tree and luckily for her, he was too weak to physically do anything. Before Simon could ask about Gabrielle, Lady Meg raised a dagger above her head and before plunging it into his heart she said these words; “Say hello to my husband for me, will you?”
Days passed and Simon was not back. Gabrielle was beginning to panic and she quickly ran to the mailbox to see if Simon had written her. She opened the mailbox and found an envelope that was covered in seaweed but surprisingly wasn’t wet. She slowly opened the letter and found not Simon’s handwriting but something more horrific. In blood, someone had managed to write: I won.

The author's comments:
This actually started of as a short prompt. My prompt was; " A woman receives a letter in the ocean." I started writing and fell in love with the topic so I expanded the story more.

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