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October 25, 2011
By Carli14 SILVER, Batavia, Ohio
Carli14 SILVER, Batavia, Ohio
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December 10

Trish and Lisa; walking towards door

“I can’t believe Tom wanted me to go back to school! I’ve been the manager for years, and now all of a sudden they want me to go back and finish my last semester! This is insane; he probably didn’t even go to college!”
“I know, I know. Just stick with it we only have two weeks left until the end of the semester…”
“Okay you’re shouting again. Calm down, deep breaths… okay better, right?”
“Yeah I am, thank…….. OH COME ON! WHY WON’T YOU OPEN?!”
“Maybe it’s locked? Let’s try another door.”
“This door is never locked, or at least it’s not supposed to be, it’s so that the students can get in and out of the library at any time.”
“I don’t know can we at least go check another door?”
Trish and Lisa, checked all doors
“Why are all these doors locked?”
“I don’t know Trish; let’s go see if anyone else is here, maybe they’ll know.”
Trish, Lisa, and four others; college library
“Okay, so there are six of us here in the library and I’m wondering who of the six of us locked the doors?.”
“That would be the snow m’lady, didn’t any of yous hear the weather reports? It’s a blizzard out ther’ young’uns.”
“I say we all go look and see if this is true, because if we are really locked in here…. Well, it’s gonna be a long night.”
Trish, Lisa, and four others; college library
“Okay since we have established that a. we are trapped in here and b. there’s no one else here. I think this would be a great time to learn each other’s names. I’m Lisa.”
“I’m Trish.”
“Jacob Mallory.”
“Oh! I’m Annie!”
“And you sir?” Lisa asked, always the motherly, concerned one.
“Oh, me? Well my name is Leo Thomas Gregory Malcolm the sixth. I come from a long line of Leo Thomas Gregory Malcolm’s, it’s a family tradition to name your firs son Leo Thomas Gregory Malcolm. But everyone here just calls me Tom. I’m the only janitor here at the college’s library.”
Jacob, the wealthy and privileged, and yet still well mannered, senior, asked, “So, Tom how long do you think we’ll be stuck here?”
“Oh it is most likely gonna be a few hours, if not a day,” replied Tom, the old and wise janitor who seemed to have been at the college for forever.
“Why… why so long?” stammered Annie, the shy, kind, and ditsy freshman.
“The roads are blocked little miss, how do you want them to get to us?”
“Oh…I…I hadn’t thought about it.”
“Ya, know what? I’m gonna go get something eat,” grunted Kevin, the athletic and yet extremely unsocialable sophomore.
Trish, Lisa, Jacob, Annie, Tom; Library
Looking up from her book Annie announced, “Hey what happened to that David guy?! I haven’t seen him, like at all!”
“Okay, okay umm let’s think. Who was the last person to see him?” Lisa asked, concerned.
“I dun know,” grunted Kevin.
“Trish, have you seen him?”
“Well… Tom and I were talking… so neither of us have really been paying attention.”
“He told me he was going to the men’s room. But that was almost an hour ago,” said Jacob.
“Okay, well maybe he got sick or something… Jacob do you think you could go check the restroom for me?” asked Lisa worriedly.
Jacob comes back from looking for David
“I looked everywhere, he’s completely MIA.”
“Where could he have gone?!” cried Annie.
“Annie, please calm down take a few deep breathes. Okay David is gone, or at least from what we know, there’s no way out of here. So he either knows something we don’t or he’s still here.”
“The only ways out are the doors,” Tom replied calmly.
“Okay, so that means…
Loud crashing; part of the air duct falls down
“OHMYGOD!” screamed Annie right before she fainted.
“Well, that was unexpected,” Tom calmly stated.
“Dude, that’s sick,” grunted Kevin.
“DAVID?!” yelled Trish and Lisa, rushing to his side.
“Oh dear Lord, he’s…. he’s cold.” Lisa told everyone faintly.
“Annie dear, are you alright?” whispered Tom.
“KEVIN! Where are you going?!” Trish yelled at Kevin’s receding shadow.
“Bathroom! Gonna barf,” Kevin yelled back through the doorway.
Lisa calling 911
“Hello, what’s you emergency?” the operator at the other end of the line said as she answered.
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” muttered Lisa into the phone.
“Ma’am what’s your emergency?”
“What’s my emergency?! Some dead guy, that wasn’t dead an hour ago, fell out of the air duct! That’s my emergency!” screamed Lisa into the receiver.
“Ma’am, please calm down. I’m having another operator call into the nearby police stations, they should be there in about a half an hour. If you could just…”
“HELLO?! HELLO?! Oh my god. I can’t believe the signal was lost…”
Front hall of library; Trish, Lisa, Tom, Annie
“Lisa, I’m starting to freak out. When we called the police they said they would be here within the next thirty minutes, AND Kevin is still in the bathroom freaking out. And what if something’s wrong with Annie, she hasn’t said a word this entire time… and”
“Trish STOP. Please, I have too many things to worry about without you disrupting my though process. Now, if you’re so worried about Kevin, go check on him. The police will be here as soon as they can, if you can remember, there was a snow storm about 3 hours ago. Annie will be fine; just don’t let her go near the library; take her with you to check on Kevin. Now please go, so I can think this through again,” Lisa told Trish angrily.
“Come on Annie let’s go check on Kevin,” Trish said while helping Annie up off the floor.
Lisa and Tom; Front hall
“Oh my god… It… It couldn’t be. Tom, I think I figured out who killed David!! It all makes sense now!” announced Lisa.
“What? What makes sense? Nothing you are saying is making any sense, Lisa. What do you mean you know who killed David?” Tom warily asked.
“Kevin! He… he killed David! When he left to go get something to eat! Remember?! And then he came back and an hour later David comes crashing through the air duct! It can’t be a coincidence!” Lisa said excitedly.
“LISA! You’re right! He’s been here with us the entire time! Acting like he knew nothing! Even getting sick when he saw the body!” exclaimed Tom.
“OHMYGOD. Trish and Annie. They went to go see if Kevin was all right. What if he tries to hurt them too?!”
“Go get them! Tell them that you think the police are near. While you do that I’ll go get some duct tape to tie Kevin up once you’ll come back out here. But DO NOT tell them about Kevin yet. Okay?” Tom asked not waiting for answer before he sprinted off.
Lisa, Trish, Annie; Kevin hands being tied by Tom
“Tom! What is this? Why are you doing this!” asked Kevin exasperated.
“We know you killed David! Don’t deny it Kevin! It all makes sense now!” Lisa explained.
“Wait! Lisa, you can’t accuse him of that! Do you have any evidence other than what makes sense?” exclaimed Trish.
“You two can’t really think that I killed David? I didn’t even know the kid! Why would I kill him?!” asked Kevin desperate to get across to Lisa and Tom.
“Yes, we do. You’re the only one that could’ve done it. None of us left the library except for you. You killed David and when the police get here they’re going to prove it.” Lisa curtly replied.
Trish, Lisa, Tom, Kevin, Annie, police
Sirens blaring outside
"Oh! Thank God," whispered Annie.
"I'll go talk to the police and tell them what we've discovered," announced Tom.
Trish, Lisa, Kevin, Annie, police; Tom in handcuffs
"TOM! Oh my God! Why is he in handcuffs?!" exclaimed Lisa
"Ma'am please, I'm the leading detective on this case. We believe this is the man that killed your friend," replied one of the officers.
"What do you mean? No, the man that killed David is right over there on the floor," responded Lisa.
Another officer comes from the library and nods to the detective
"Mr. Malcolm here is the murderer. He's been wanted since 1964. He goes to colleges, poses as a janitor and murders one of the students. He's very good at hiding his identity just by being himself. He kills one student every year, never the same time as the last. He's killed almost fifty innocent people, including his parents and two siblings in 1964. You four just saved an uncountable number of lives."

The author's comments:
This is just a fun piece that I really enjoyed writing, and I hope you enjoy it also!

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