Blind Part One

October 24, 2011
By Darkboo77 BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
Darkboo77 BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
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Let me tell you the story of Alexia Myers, she lived in the small town of Gurgon in Wyoming, wasn't popular, wasn't into girly things, she was a true tom boy. She lived happily in her little cottage of her small town. Now here's when the "fun"

Alexia woke up one morning, yawning after her deep sleep. She was on her way to school. Today was a stormy day, there was fog all over the campus. She slid into the school darkly. She saw her best friend and walked with her across the fields. They saw something move quickly in the drive way. They wondered what it was. But they didn't pay much attention. They continued up the steep steps to the outdoor school. They heard a bush rush, then they started running inside. Something was chasing them, they were almost out of breath, and then they made it too the class room. Since they don't have morning recess on rainy days, they went inside their class. They looked out the window, the thing was gone. They wondered what it was. But it turns out the thing was about to get its first victim

Jessica, a girl in the class, asked to go outside the bathroom. The teacher let her. Alexia and her friend tried to warn Jessica, but she did not believe them one bit. Hours passed, and the teacher nor Jessica had came in. The students were worried, especially the two girls. Then, Jessica came back. She was blind, and looked like she had been mauled.


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