Captured In Her Eyes

October 19, 2011
By Smileface SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
Smileface SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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"There is no failure except in no longer trying."
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On a warm, foggy night, the engagement party of Alicia and Martin was getting crowded at the hotel. Violet and Sophie raced to get to the elevator.
“Wait for us!” yelled Serena, Violet’s mother along with Howard, Violet’s father. “We all have to go together!” Violet and Sophie sighed. They all went up to the 75th floor.
“When are we going to get off of this?” screamed Sophie. Violet laughed.
“Why are you so scared of heights?” giggled Violet.
“Do you see how far up we are?” answered Sophie like it was obvious. Violet laughed. The elevator opened and the decorations were gorgeous! Beautiful centerpieces in each table with bright white candles. Food was served to the guests and the room smelled like apple-cinnamon. The loud noises were drumming through Violet’s ears.
“Your mother and I are going to talk to our friends. We’ll see you in a few.” said Howard.
“Bye, Dad.” said Violet. They didn’t know what to do next until Violet and Sophie heard their stomachs growl and agreed that now would be a good time to grab food before there all gone. They went to the food table and were amazed by what they saw.
“Wow! Look at all this food, I might gain like 80 pounds by the end of this party!” exclaimed Sophie. She was right; the table had food from all over the world. The girls stacked food on their plates and sat in the corner of the room.
“This place is amazing!” shouted Sophie so Violet could hear without the noise.
“Thank you, were so glad to have you!” said a women’s voice. They turned their heads and saw Alicia in a long, elegant, eggshell white dress with lots of fancy jewelry.
“Alicia!” screamed Violet and Sophie.
“Hey girls, I’m so glad you guys can make it! Oh, and right here is Dr. Laura Watson, she’s the psychiatrist that I’ve been seeing because of all the stress I’ve been going through with the wedding arrangements.” A woman came up from behind and she was dressed in a sparkly teal cocktail dress with a pearly necklace.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Violet and this is my best friend Sophie.”
“Nice to meet you both!” said Dr. Laura Watson.
“I better head up stage, but I’ll see you both later.” said Alicia. She walked to the stage with Dr. Watson following behind her.
“Bye!” they both shouted.Violet and Sophie went back to their food. But Violet didn’t feel like eating. She felt somewhat suspicious about tonight. Something bad was going to happen and she knew it. The lights went dim and it was shining on an announcer.
“Ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce to you the lovely couple!” he pointed to the two couples Alicia and Martin. Martin looked somewhat a little taller than Alicia. It was perfect height between the couple. His hair was dark brown and it looked like Justin Bieber’s, but it looked too weird on an adult. He’s wearing a nice black tux with a red tie. A perfect outfit that goes along with Alicia’s dress. They both walked in front of the stage and bowed. There was applause from the audience that took forever, but it was worth it.
“Thank you all for coming tonight! I hope you enjoy the party!” shouted Alicia. Everyone sat down to their seats and enjoyed the delicious food being served. But people these days, want hospitality by host and hostess. Alicia, glad that everything is in order, walked up to Serena.
“Serena! You look amazing!”
“Aw, thanks Alicia, how does it feels getting married.”
“It feels like when you and I were little kids, how we’d always pretend to get married and make a pretend wedding.
“Good times.” Watching, Violet could see the bond her mom and Alicia had, and still do. It reminded her of her boyfriend Jimmy, who has been off somewhere with his career of being a detective. He left since after their first date. He calls her at days when she isn’t busy, but it wasn’t enough to get rid of the pain she’s had inside.
“Thinking of Jimmy, aren’t you?” asked Sophie. Violet, waking up from her daydream, punched Sophie in the shoulder.
“Would you shut your mouth?”
“Ha! You’ve been worried about him since he left, I’d be surprised if he never comes back at all.”
“Shut up Sophie, Jimmy will come back!”
“I’m just kidding, Violet! Hey, let’s go head to the bathroom before we leave.”
“Okay, but I’m warning you, if you say a word about Jimmy and how he’s never going to come back I’ll hurt you.” they both laughed. But Violet’s wasn’t a normal laugh. It was unsure and that going to the bathroom wasn’t a good idea. It didn’t feel right either. But they were already out the double doors and strolling to the bathroom. They opened the door and Alicia was right there checking her reflection in the mirror.
“Hey girls, before you leave, I want you to meet my fiancé Martin. He’s very excited to meet the both of you!” they both agreed. Click-click! The lights on the 75th floor turned black.
“Why are the lights turned off?” asked Sophie. Violet knew this would happen, but she didn’t believe it. Fear was coming out of her. She’s frightened and is afraid of what happens next.
“Hey! I see a flashlight in the cabinets.” shouted Alicia. Violet knew that if something that shines a light in a dark room it was a marker for the killer.
“Alicia! Don’t—” yelled Violet. One by one gunshots were fired and all the girls fell to the floor. The killer, dressed in all black, dropped the empty bullet gun and left.

“Howard! She’s waking up!” screamed Serena relieved.
“Oh, thank goodness!” yelled Howard. “I can’t be here for long though to tell her the details, you should, and I have to get back to solving the case with Martin.”
“What’s going on?” asked Violet waking up as soon as her dad left.
“You suffered from one gun shot from the back and so did Sophie. You had the same thing and took five surgeries. Sophie is over there sleeping. She won’t wake up for at least another hour.”
“What about Alicia, is she going to be alright? Please tell me she’s going to be alright.” Serena’s expression changed into sadness and Violet was about to sob.
“Alicia suffered three gun shots and one of them was right next to her heart. She has a 50/50 chance she’ll be alive.” Tears filled Serena’s eyes. “Oh! Jimmy called earlier and I told him what happened.”
“Jimmy called?” asked Violet by surprise. She hadn’t expected to get a call from Jimmy in a few weeks because of what he’s doing that Violet doesn’t know.
“Yes. He was so worried that you should probably call him back after you take some good rest.”
“Ok, but where’s Martin?”
“Behind you.” said a male voice. They turned their heads in his last night’s tux, eyes swollen, badly.
“Hello, Serena. And you must be Violet, nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too.”
“I’ve been worried, stressed, and frightened by all of this. My true love, Alicia, is suffering from three gunshots. One of them may lead her to die. I won’t let that happen.” explained Martin. “Your father and I, as detectives are on the case as we speak. To that, we saw a flashlight and a small gun with sadly, no fingerprints.”
“Alicia pulled the flashlight from under the cabinets when the lights were purposely off on the 75th floor. I knew it was a marker for the killer like my dad told me. I tried to stop her, but it was too late.”
“We figured it was a marker also, because Alicia’s fingerprints were all over the flashlight.” Violet was listening to every word and not taking her eyes off Martin. “Alicia, did you see the shooter?”
“I, I don’t remember. I’m sorry.”
“Well, if you remember anything please let me and your father know.”
“I will.” he gave a quick smile and left without another word.
“You should get some rest dear.” said Mom.
“I can’t remember who the shooter was, Mom. I just can’t!”
“Maybe you will soon. I’m going to check on Howard, I’ll see you soon.”

An hour-and-a-half later, Sophie was wide awake and Violet told her everything.
“Ohmigod!” yelled Sophie in shock. “Who would do this?”
“I don’t know, but since I was in this hospital, I feel as if someone is watching me.”
“If there is someone watching us, then we need to be careful.”
“Oh! That reminds me, I should call Jimmy.” she grabbed a phone from the table next to her and dialed Jimmy’s number.
“Jimmy, it’s me Violet.”
“Are you ok Violet? I heard what happened and I should’ve called you after you were done resting.” relief was heard in his voice.
“I’m fine just tired.” said Violet. “But where have you been? I’m in this hospital and you’re out somewhere else!”
“I’m sorry; I’ve been busy with my detective career.”
“No! You been busy finding another girlfriend aren’t you!”
“No! Why would you think that?”
“Then come home Jimmy!” shouted Violet in anger.
“Look, I have to go, but I’ll talk to you soon. Bye!” he hung up and Violet slammed the phone shut.
“You deserve a guy better than Jimmy, just sayin’. I can help you.” said Sophie sweetly.
“No way, Jimmy and I are perfect for each other. But thanks for the offer.”
“Knock-knock!” a woman yelled.
“Come in.” the girls shouted.
“Hello girls!” screamed Dr. Laura Watson. “I’m so glad you guys are alright. Howard and Martin have told me you guys don’t remember what happened, so I’m her, as a psychiatrist, help you.”
“Thank you. I hope I can remember what happened soon.” Exclaimed Sophie.
“Let’s get started. I’ll start off with Sophie and then Violet.” Dr. Watson took a sip of water. “Sophie, can you tell me what happened when the lights went out?”
“I got scared, but it reminded me of the high school haunted house I helped out in, me and the other high school girls I hang out with.”
“So you felt scared and were reminded by this story?”
“Yes, but I heard footsteps, like the sound of heels and I knew it had to be Violet so I didn’t do anything.”
“But I wasn’t moving until Alicia put out the flashlight.”
“Then someone must’ve been in there. And the killer has to be a woman!” said Dr. Watson.
“We have to tell this to my dad and Martin.”
“Already did.” Martin said. “Thank you Dr. Watson, we now can take out people from the list.”
“You’re welcome, Martin,” she giggled and couldn’t stop staring at him. Martin, who felt uncomfortable, said bye and left. With Dr. Watson following as if she was a cat chasing after a mouse.
“Did you see that?” asked Violet.
“Yeah, Dr. Watson skipped you and just left us.”
“No not that. Dr. Watson has feelings for Martin. Didn’t you see how she reacted when Martin thanked her? And how she also couldn’t stop looking at him?”
“Yeah, I have noticed, but Martin’s cute and Alicia is lucky to marry him.”
“And, I feel like someone has been watching us since we first woke up. Yesterday, I thought I saw someone was watching us from behind that door window.”
“Now that you’ve mentioned it, the killer who shot the three of us, and us two who are still alive, the killer thinks we know who they are. So they’re probably watching us to get us killed, so that we won’t tell.”
“That all adds up!” They were so excited that they were about to solve this mystery. But before they celebrated, a loud click came from behind the door.
“What was that!” screamed Sophie.
“I don’t know, but we’re going to find out!” They got up and ran out the door. No one was there, but only a ballpoint pen.
“Look! Someone was watching us! But the person must’ve left in a hurry before we could see who it was because they left this ballpoint pen when it fell and that made us wanting to know who it was.”
“We have to tell your dad and Martin.”
“No we can’t, it’ll make things more badly for us and we’ll end up in those coffins!”
“Ooh! I want a pink one!”
“Sophie, you love everything pink.”
“Yes, yes I do.”
Let’s go back to our room.”

The phone rang and it woke up Violet.
“Huh?” questioned Violet waking up. It was two o’clock in the morning. It was Jimmy.
“Jimmy? Why are you calling me at two in the morning? I’m still mad at you.” whispered Violet.
“I thought about the case your dad and Martin are solving.”
“Jimmy, I know you want to be a detective as your career, but leave this to my dad and Martin.”
“Whatever you say, but I know that the killer was after Alicia, and you two were just shot so you wouldn’t see the killer’s face.”
“Go on.”
“There has to be a motive for killing Alicia. I was thinking that the killer wanted to stop the wedding. Who would want to kill someone the night before her wedding?”
“Then it must be a female. Sophie said she heard footsteps that were the sound of heels.”
“How does she know that?”
“It’s Sophie, Jimmy, shoes is what she knows and good at.”
“Did you see who shot all of you?”
“I can’t remember and neither can Sophie. Dr. Watson has been helping us out. She’s a psychiatrist.”
“Was she at the engagement party?”
“Yes and what’s weird is that she got all flirty when Martin came in, in one of the sessions.”
“Then she’s a prime suspect.”
“But she has an alibi; she was in the room the whole time.”
“But what about when the lights went out?”
“There were no fingerprints on the gun.”
“Then she cleaned it with those wet wipe thingy and left the gun in the scene because there were no bullets left.”
“Whatever you say Jimmy.” she hung up and went to the bathroom. She went out and a mysterious person was watching her.”
“Who are you?” she yelled. The mysterious person started running and Violet started running after it. The mysterious person was dressed in all black. It ran like a professional athlete runner. They passed by the dead end sign, the person was trapped.
“Who are you? Show yourself!” the person took out a gun and directly pointed it at Violet. Violet couldn’t do anything. It fired a gun at her, but it missed Violet. She couldn’t believe her eyes and let the person swoosh past her. This was almost the same thing the night at the hotel, engagement party. She’s been trying to remember who shot her, Sophie, and Alicia. She knew who the killer was.

“So the killer is Dr. Watson? I knew it!” screamed Sophie as if she had solved the whole thing.
“Yeah, I finally remember now.” Sophie said.
“Well what’s weird is that I remember now too.”
“I told my dad and Martin about the person last night and there putting security all over the hospital. Not even an ant can crawl in here unseen.”
“Why not tell him who the mysterious person is?”
“Because there isn’t enough evidence concluding that Dr. Watson is the shooter.”
“What about the motive?”
“That’s easy, Martin.”
“So she tried to kill Alicia so she wouldn’t marry Martin?”
“Yes, but I don’t think the detectives or Martin have figured out this far.”
“And they won’t cause you’ll be dead,” said a familiar woman’s voice. They turned their heads and saw Dr. Watson.
“I was going to kill you sooner or later, but I waited too long.” Said Dr.Watson.
“So you did shoot the three of us?” said Violet.
“Yes, yes I did.” said Dr. Watson. “I was the one listening to your conversations and watching the both of you this whole time. I was the one dressed all black just to kill you in sleep.”
“And you tried to kill Alicia because of Martin, didn’t you?”
“That’s correct! Martin and I dated in college until he dumped me.” She said with tears in her eyes. “I loved him! But he didn’t love me. When I found out that Alicia was marrying Martin, she told me everything during the sessions.”
“Why go through all of this, when you know you’re going to jail.”
“I was hoping the detectives would close the case and I’d bring the love between me and Martin back, but that’s if Alicia’s dead, the doctors are still operating on her. I should really practice my aiming or Alicia would’ve been dead.” she laughed, an evil laugh, the one you hear in the movies.
“And now you won’t get to.”
“Look behind you.” Dr. Watson turned around and saw Martin, full with anger.
“So you killed Alicia just for me!” shouted Martin. “I dumped you because you were the worst girlfriend anyone could have!”
“But, I love you Martin!”
“Well I don’t! Alicia is the one for me. You are the worst person anyone could be with. You shot two high school girls and my fiancé. You call that a heart? I call it pity. You are a worthless person and I hope you suffer!”
“You’re under arrest!” said Martin cutting her off. “Anything you say will be against you in court.”
“Bye, bye witch!” yelled Sophie across the room.
“Case closed.” Violet said.

“Mr. Martin!” yelled one of the doctors operating Alicia. “I have very good news! Alicia survived from the gunshots!”
Martin, shocked, began to cry along with others close to Alicia. Serena, Sophie, jumped for joy.
“Can’t wait to see Alicia in her wedding dress!” screamed Sophie. Violet started laughing along with everyone else.

The author's comments:
I hope you guys like it because this is my most favorite fiction I wrote. Please comment if you like it or not, but also your thought about it.

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