October 19, 2011
By kehana409 BRONZE, Durant, Oklahoma
kehana409 BRONZE, Durant, Oklahoma
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when i can be like ttttthhhhiiiiisssss!!!!!!!"

BANG!!” the gunshot screamed as it hit the body while it slid down leaving a bloody trail down the stone cold wall. The shadow that held the gun simply stood there staring into the dilated black eyes of Mr. R.J. Ever, smiled in pleasure as the deed was fulfilled. When Mrs. Amelia J.R. Ever arrived home her beloved 6 year old Deleena Irenta Ever was standing there at the foot of the stairs crying and repeating the word “daddy, daddy, while staring up at the top of the stairs. She ran to the little girl and scooped her up in her arms patting her on the back to help calm the frightened child down. “What’s wrong with daddy?” Amelia asked in a hoarse voice.
“He is on the floor with a hole in his body”, she pointed to her chest, and “I tried to wake him.”
Terror tormented Amelia’s brain as she slowly crept up the stairs and with each step the stairs creaked loudly and slowly just taunting Amelia to keep going. The small child behind her with dried tears on her cheeks followed not saying one peep. “Creek!!!” whined the old wooden door that hung in place of the master bedroom walkway. There laid Mr. R.J. Ever, bloody body, the gun in his hand, hole in the chest, terrified face filled with fear and the bloody trail down the wall. The smell of the body almost made Amelia gag ,but the sadness of her losing her husband made her cry in agony and in pain. A small voice spoke up behind her gentle and even but filled with hatred.
“Mommy, he was going to break up with you.”
The mother turned and looked at the child and asked terrified, “What did you say honey?
The little girl stood there staring at the wooden floor not moving a muscle, “Mommy, where do people go when they do bad things?”

The author's comments:
I had to write a 5 minute mystery in one of my classes at school so.... this is it.

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