My Parent's Last Breath

October 18, 2011
By Anonymous

My brother and I were watching CSI, and with our feet on the coffee table, shoving popcorn into our mouth. Luckily our parents were upstairs in their bedroom, so they couldn’t see the mess that we were making.
While we were down stairs making a mess the ground started to shake. We saw the pictures clattering against the wall. My brother and I could hear one of mom’s vases shacking slowly moving towards the edge of the table. My brother and I ducked under the coffee table. While we were under the coffee table my brother protected me, by placing his arm over my head.
Finally, after what seemed like hours; actually just seconds, the earthquake came to a stop. The pictures that once hung on the wall were lying in pieces on the ground. My mom’s vase was shattered into a million pieces. There was dust everywhere, you could barley see two inches in front of your face. My mind was blank; I didn’t know what to think. Luckily my brother’s brain seemed to be working as he yelled out “Mom, Dad” and headed up the stairs.
My brother and I are going to check on our parents. When we got upstairs we went to the bedroom and we saw that the TV fell on our mom that had scraped her head and blood was gushing out. The shower rod fell on our dad, I didn’t know what to do, but luckily my brother picked up the phone and called 911. Then were at the hospital, nothing to do but wait to see what the doctor has to say about our parents.
The day before
Although we were waiting for the doctor I will describe my brother is tall and named Mahoney and he is 20 years old, he goes to collage. He has black hair and blue eyes; he also gets straight A’s in all of his classes. My name is Belicia and I have brown hair and green eyes and I am tall like my brother. I am 17 years old and I get straight B’s in all of my classes. When my brother and I get home we do our homework, then we go watch TV.
Mahoney and I are sitting at the hospital waiting for the doctor. Finally the doctor comes up to Mahoney and me saying that our mom past away, but the dad will need to get surgery. After the doctor left I started bawling into tears.
“It’s going to be ok,” Mahoney said.
“How do you know?” I replied.
“I just do.”
The next week came by so fast and I couldn’t stop bawling out into tears because I had lost my mom. I didn’t know what I’ll do if I had ever lost her. In the meanwhile every time I got a chance to check my grades I see that I was failing school.
One day the teacher asked me to stay after class for a little bit, so the teacher can help me. That day I never opened up with the teacher.
So the next day I asked the teacher, “Do you have a second?”
“Sure what’s up?” The teacher says.
“Have you ever lost a family member?”
“Yes I have. Why?”
“Well just last week, Iost my mom.”
“How did you lose your mom?”
“It was during the earthquake.”
“What happened?”
“When the earthquake stopped I went to my parent’s bedroom, and I saw the TV on her.”
“Oh I am very sorry for your lost.”
“Me too.”
“Can I keep talking to you about what happened because it helps me when I talk to you?”
“Thank you.”
“No problem. What happened to your dad?”
“He’s in the hospital.”
“The shower rod fell on him and gave him a concussion.”
“Oh ok. Well I will talk to you another day.”
“Ok bye.”
Then a week later I start getting better in my classes because I am working harder in them. I know that everything is going to be ok. I also know that my brother will never leave me because from this experienced I can tell my family and I can help anybody that has a hard time letting a family member go.

The author's comments:
This piece is what I wrote in the 10th grade.

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