The Seven Chairs

October 5, 2011
By victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
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Margaret had A special family. They seemed ordinary, but they had A deep secret. There was her mother Mary, her father James, and her siblings Kathleen, Stephen, Christine, and Patrick. Each family member had their own chair. The only problem was that if you sat in A chair that wasn’t your own, then it would transport you to A different place. Margaret’s chair went to France. Mary’s chair went to china. James’s chair went to Japan. Kathleen’s chair went to Canada. Stephen’s chair went to Germany. Christine’s chair went to Australia. And Patrick's chair went to England.

The only other person who knew about the chair was Vincent, who hated them very much. It is not known why Vincent hated the family so much because nobody would talk about it. Well, Vincent wanted revenge. It may have been that they were so happy together is the reason why Vincent hated them, but for some reason he wanted to break the family up.

So Vincent thought of a plan. While the family was asleep he sneaked inside their house and switched the chairs around. Just for fun he also set up A camera because he was curious about how the chairs disappeared. Now keep in mind that Vincent was probably jealous of their happiness. He had an unhappy childhood. He did pity them for what was about to happen, but not enough to change the chairs back. Besides, he forgot which chair belonged to who.

The next morning everybody went down to breakfast. As soon as they sat down they immediately felt that something was wrong. The chairs started to move. Suddenly the chair that James was sitting on rose in the air. It started shimmering and then it disappeared. The rest of the family didn’t know this, but James went to China. Everyone else realized what was happening and tried to get up but Vincent had put glue on the chairs. In age order each person disappeared. Mary went to France. Kathleen went to Japan. Stephen went to Canada. Christine went to Germany. Patrick went to Australia. And Margaret went to England. They didn’t even have enough time to say goodbye.

When Vincent saw what he had done he felt horrible. He locked himself up in his closet. Soon his neighbors called the police because they thought that Vincent had murdered the family. It was a known fact that Vincent had hated them. By the time the police came Vincent had gone crazy. The police took him to an asylum. Many years later each person sat in their chair for dinner. Suddenly the chair started shaking and disappeared. Each of the family members were back inside their old house. They had a wonderful family reunion and told each other of their adventures. Eventually they figured out that it was Vincent that had switched the chairs. But for some reason they forgave him. The very next day they visited the asylum and told him that they forgave him. Vincent was released from prison and visited his family to make amends. There was only one thing the family didn’t understand. Why did the chairs come back? Nobody knows that but the chairs.

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