Mr. Linden's Library

October 5, 2011
By victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
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There was once a girl who never followed directions. Her name was Arianna. Arianna hated reading. The only reason she went was because she had to do a report on a dangerous vine. She asked Mr. Linden where books about dangerous vines are. He said there is only one and it can’t be opened. Mr. Linden left and put the book down on his desk. Arianna took it. She heard Mr. Linden coming back so she left.

Back at home she started to work on her book report. Her teacher wouldn’t know if she cheated a bit. Finally, after three hours of working on the report and only coming up with the title, Arianna decided to open the book. After she opened it the book started vibrating. Arianna thought that it was a mild earthquake. Then it started shaking more violently. The book started glowing. Arianna ran to the library to give the book back to Mr. Linden.

When she arrived at the library Mr. Linden would not let her return the book.

“I warned you about the book and now you shall pay!” yelled Mr. Linden.

Arianna ran back to her house. She had to get ready for her aunt’s wedding. By the time she was dressed the book was worse. Arianna opened the book again. Vines started to come out. They wrapped around her neck and started choking her. Arianna was suffocating. When she was dead the vines set her on her bed and started crawling back toward the book. The book closed. The title then changed. It now read these words: She should’ve listened to Mr. Linden.

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