Can You Sleep?

October 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Dinner should be a time for calm, quiet, and nice conversation with your family about your day. At nine years-old Kent Valley’s house, dinner time is nowhere close to that. With two older brothers, an older sister, and a crazy scientist dad, his house is never near, “normal.” Kent and his mother are the only normal ones in the family.
Kent looks at the clock, it’s 5:30pm and almost time for dinner. He could smell the scrumptious chicken, potatoes, and green beans being cooked to perfection by his mother. He dreamt of a quiet, delicious dinner with his family, but this dinner is far from what he had hoped. Usually it consists of his brothers, sister and dad rambling on about scary stories, problems and new discoveries.
“Knock, knock, knock.” His mother gently pushes open the door open. “Are you hungry yet?” She asked.
“How could I not be hungry?” Kent said.
“Since your so hungry, why don’t you come into the kitchen and have a seat?” Kent jumped up out of his desk chair, ran into the kitchen, and flung his eighty-pound body into a chair. The rest of the Valley family had already sat down and were carrying on about there crazy day.
“Shh,” Kent’s oldest brother Kyle said. The whole family quieted down and matched Kyle’s eyes. “Someone in my class was gone today.”
“Who cares? Everyone is sick once in awhile,” Kent’s sister, Kathy said.
Kelsey Smock Short Story 9/13/11
“No, you’re confused. He wasn’t sick, he was attacked by his sister’s doll!” His mother looked at him disappointingly. His father started taking notes. Kathy didn’t care. Kent was confused and became alarmed. “While he was sleeping, his sister’s doll sunk quietly into his room, climbed up his bed, and attacked him.”
“Stop Kyle!” Their mother insisted. Then she got up, picked up everyone’s plates, put then into the sinks, and walked into the Living Room to read her book. Kyle had no intent on listening to his mother and went on with the story.
“He is now in intensive care at St. Margret’s Hospital.” Kent couldn’t stand anymore of the story. He shifted out of his chair and walked to his room. He put on his pajamas and jumped into his bed. His thoughts were racing and he could not go to sleep. Then he remembered he has his grandma’s doll on his dresser. He glanced up at the doll and his body tensed. The doll was sitting on the top of his dresser slouching and looking straight at Kent. Kent pulled the covers up over his head and closed his eyes. He finally drifted to sleep, but his mind still stayed alert.
“Plop! Swish!” Kent sat straight up with his eyes wide open and his body shaking of fear. He looked up at the dresser, the doll was gone! He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was imagining it, but when he opened his eyes the top of the dresser was still empty. He wanted to scream, but he wanted to make no sound knowing that the doll could be anywhere. So he laid back down and took three deep breaths to help calm himself down. He sat down in complete silence for about ten minutes, then the doll jumps out of nowhere into the middle of Kent’s room. Kent jumped onto the other side of his bed and screamed. His heart was pounding, and he could hardly breath.
“Click!” His mother dashed into the room and turned on the light. She saw Kent shaking on the floor behind his bed. “Sweetie, what is wrong?” Kent could hardly speak, and he was shaking so hard his abs began to hurt. Her loving arms wrapped around his small body and brought him to his feet. Kent’s body began to cease shaking. He explained the whole story to her, so she took the doll of the shelf where it now sat, told him goodnight, turned off the light, and walked out of the room with the doll.Kent crawled into his bed, and fell into a deep sleep. The whole house was now silent.
The doll jumped out of the chair in the living room and crept into Kent’s room. He looked up at Kent’s head peeking out of the covers. The doll’s quick steps made no sound. He climbed up the foot of the bed and stood next to Kent’s feet. The doll finally got what he wanted. “I’ve got you now!”

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