Interrogation Room

October 16, 2011
By S.B.Willie SILVER, Glen Rock, New Jersey
S.B.Willie SILVER, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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“I will not negate the truth. Everything I say is completely true and exactly what happened. I walked out the front door of my home on Rom Ave. and walked down to the local Library. I was so totally focused that at first I didn’t see the car coming. Let’s just say that the car hit me alright? I blacked out. When I woke up I didn’t know how much time had passed. Not much I don’t think. I quickly regained my senses and ran for my life. He just, the driver I mean, just sat there staring at me. I think I recall her shaking her head at me. I don’t know. I was dizzy. It could have been just my mind playing tricks on me. I heard a slight ringing in my left ear? No, no, no, it was defiantly my right ear. I brought my finger up to my left, oh I mean right, ear to assess the damage. As I brought my finger back down I noticed nothing but a slight droplet of blood resting on my finger. I sighed and wiped the sweat off my forehead. I kept running until I was about a block away from the library. By this time it was about 2:00 in the afternoon. I opened the library door and casually walked inside. I just looked around at books for a while until I found one I liked. It was the “Odyssey” by, uh, I don’t know I forget, some Roman guy. I remember that because I took Latin when I was in 10th grade. Oh, what good times in middle school. Straight As all the way through! Sorry, sometimes I drone on about the most randomest of things. Anyway, I kept walking about the library, trying not to be to ostentatious. I was next in line to check out my book when I looked out the window and saw two femmes approaching the library. I panicked. My eyes shot around looking for a way out. Ah! That was when my left ear started ringing again. There was something weird about those women. It was a sign! Yeah that’s it, a sign! It was a sign… a sign of… of… warn-…war-…warning! They were warning us! Warning us that, uh, it was… was… almost over! Yeah, yeah that’s the word! Over! So you can see why I was afraid, right? If you were there you would have surely felt it as I did! So the, uh, uh, the woman, yes, yes the woman came in and walked towards me. At first I was hesitant but then I knew this was my chance. Yeah my chance at revenge against the aliens! Yes, yes! The aliens! The women were actually aliens! I knew there was something “off” about them! So the woman was almost next to me when I, ha, ha, ha, tripped into “her”, ha, ha, ha! I laugh at the memory of it! As I “fell” on “her” I dropped the small device into “her” purse! Ha, ha, ha! Oh how genius it was to use my tripping as an excuse to plant the device on that extra terrestrial! Oh, it was fabulous! I politely apologized and she smiled and said that it was all right. My heart was racing! It was so suspenseful! Like, like something you would see in an action movie, ha, ha, ha! I then walked to the other end of the library and set my book, the, uh, what was the name of it again? The, uh, oh yes! It was the Aeneid, correct? Yes, yes, it was! As I was saying, I put it in its correct place on the shelf and, as casually as I walked in, I walked out of the library. I smiled and chuckled to myself as I heard the explosion. I didn’t dare look back, in case somebody were to think I did it myself. Ha! They would’ve never had suspected I had done it if it weren’t for the part that happened next. Well, you see the good people who run the library work fast. By the next morning the library was built once again. I never thought that this was to be possible but it was in fact true, was it not? I saw it myself even! I decided to lay low for a while so no one was to suspect me. But then one day, while on my way to get my daily coffee from Starb-, no, sorry, I mean Dunkin’ Donuts I saw “her”! The alien from the library! I was sure that she had died in the explosion. In fact, if anyone were to die it would be “her”! She was closest to the bomb, don’t forget. Well anyway, I saw “her” in line for a coffee. I was maybe starting to doubt that anyone would believe me that she was about to destroy us when I saw it! Yes, yes! I found something so convincing that everyone would believe me! She, the alien, had a slightly larger stomach, which could only mean one thing! She was growing a little vicious alien inside of “her” so when it hatched she’d be even more powerful! Yes, yes it’s true, remember? Remember when you had found me in it’s home? That’s what it was! Do you believe me now? Do you? Well let me finish before you answer that. So after I had realized what I needed to do, I quietly followed “her” to “her” home where I took my knife and stabbed that alien woman to death! Oh, you should have been there when it happened! You would have been beside yourself if you’d had seen how stealthily I snuck up on “her”! So after I had killed “her” I waited. Thirty long minutes I waited to make sure she would not emerge from the dead like she had done before at the library. Then I slit open “her” stomach and reached in to find a little infant alien inside of “her”! That’s when you broke in and put those metal…metal…handcuffs, handcuffs! Yes that’s what they’re called! Handcuffs! You put those handcuffs over my wrists and brought me here to this…this…room. This dark, dreary, em-… emp-… empty room. So that’s the whole story. Do you believe me now?”

The author's comments:
This is a short story about a guy who is mentally insane…he is in an interrogation room describing his experience with an “alien”. I was inspired to write this by Poe because of his use of pretty mentally insane narrators in short stories such as the Cask of Amontillado and The Tell-Tale Heart.

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on Nov. 23 2011 at 9:34 am
ErinnMarie97 SILVER, Guilford, Indiana
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Not trrying to sound rude, but it's impossible to read your story. You should enter every time someone talks. But other than that, it's a decent story

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