How Ludwig got his name and became a God

October 5, 2011
By Anonymous

He wasn’t born royalty or with any title or background of any kind. He was a normal boy with a normal life and no parents to help him. His father worked all the time and his mother was dead. He didn’t even have a name. In school, everyone called him, “Boy,” but no name. His father never named him because he didn’t give a care in the world to name his own son. He stood up for himself when he was picked on because he had no one to do that for him.
When he got older, people respected him but no one knew his name. The term, “Boy” didn’t seem to go away. He was stuck with it. Throughout his high school years, he fought his own battles and got into things that he wouldn’t have gotten into if he didn’t work for it. People thought of him as a warrior. Boys wanted to befriend him, girls wanted him to be the father of their children but he had his mind set on becoming known in all of the country. He wanted the king to notice him. He wanted everyone to notice him.
When people were showing weakness, he would how them protection. The king would here so much of this boy from his people. He would here of him everyday and continued not to know who the people were talking about. He would ask the people but they would say “The Boy.” And nothing eles but that. Because he didn’t have a name, it took the king so much longer to figure who everyone was talking about. When his boy became a teenager, he went to a school of fighting and challenged the instructors. He beat all but one.
Tila was the goddess of strength and strategy. Tila was the one instructor he couldn’t seem to beat at all and that challenged him. The boy would work his hardest and hardest to beat her but she made him look like a fool. Pretty soon he asked her to teach him her ways and became his deity. She taught him all that she knew and he learned well but the boy never beat her. The boy found that she told him, “Never give up because you can achieve greatness when you work hard to get what you want!” but she seemed to be the one person that made her words seemed like a lie.
When he was old enough to enroll in the army, he did. Tila was proud of him but he was still weaker than her. The king found that this “Boy,” talk was driving him crazy. He also heard that he was enrolling for the army so the king enrolled. The king never saw “Boy” in practice. He became skeptical about “Boy” and believed everyone was making believe that he existed. The king wanted to know who “Boy” was but when someone tried to introduce them, “Boy” would disappear or the king was busy. Battle came sooner than everyone thought it would.
Tila was in that battle and always participated in battle to see how her students do whether they die in battle or not. See who could out insane or healthy. See if those she thought were strong are the ones who are strong. The battle was bloody. The king and “Boy” stood in front. Tila stood between them and readied her people to fight or not fight. Before they went to work she tried to introduce them but one of the enemy shot at them, killing the kings brother, and everyone went to battle. Tila guarded the brothers body from any one who planned to behead it.
The boy went to kill the man who killed the kings’ brother. The king did the same. They fought back to back not noticing each other. The king noticed that thins was a man he hadn’t seen before but he didn’t think that it could be the “Boy”. The king swung his sward this way and that and created the fire on his blade. Tila fought over the kings’ brothers’ body and slain anyone who tried to come near it. The “Boy” slit the throats of anyone who got too close to the king. It was then that the king realized that the man he was with was “Boy” but he never got a chance to acknowledge him about it.The king stopped to talk to him but the “Boy” threw him out of the way and killed the man who tried to kill the king.
“Careful there.” Was all he said. There was nothing left. Everyone was dead. Tila, the king, the “Boy”, and a few other men were the last to survive the battle.
“You are ‘Boy’?”
“Yes sir I am!”
“Why do they call you boy?”
“My father never named me, sir” he told him.
“Let that was a mistake, he should have named you Ludwig for the fact that you are a famous warrior and that’s what the name means in German---“ but Ludwig fell to the floor bleeding from behind, Tila killed the man that killed the “Boy”.
They rushed him back to the kingdom and baptized him before it was too late. He was given the name Ludwig and known as the God of Hard work, Battle, and Strategy and that was how he became a god.

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